Smart Nootropic Caffeine Chewing Energy Gum – Real Brain Benefits?


The caffeinated gum market has been on the rise for the past few years, with nootropic gums finding their ways to popularity among these consumer products. Most consumer companies are beginning to utilize the growth of nootropics by producing a wide range of consumer products in the form of drinks and candy.

With the modern workplace strains, more and more people are looking for ways to improve productivity at work. One of the best ways to do that is chew a nootropic gum that is known to offer smart energies. While nootropic gums might not be a new technology, its growth is quite rapid, and it might soon turn out to be the most enduring.

Have you ever heard of Nootropic gums?

This article will discuss everything to do with nootropics and whether these products work well just like other nootropics. We will also discuss why people prefer the nootropic gum over the regular nootropic stack and why people might choose to use a caffeine gum over a cup of coffee.

Are Nootropics safe?

Stay with me as I help you understand everything you need to know about these gums.

What Is Nootropic Gum?

Nootropics gums are simply chewable gums that have added nutrients with the main aim of improving your cognitive energy. The main nutrient here is the caffeine, which is used to boost people’s energy levels. They are a great variety of products with manufacturers looking for ways to make you spend your money.

The exact composition might vary from one brand to another, but they all help improve your cognitive performances. They are just like regular gum with the only difference being the addition of nutrients. These products are convenient as you can have them with you anywhere you go. Almost all of them are made in a way that they taste good and are easy on the palate.

Most of the companies that produce these gums will have various claims on what they can do. Some of the benefits of these smart energy gums include:

You now know what nootropic gums are and the benefits they offer. The main question that remains is why not go for a cup of coffee if you need a caffeine boost?

Why Do People Use Nootropic Gums?

Chewing these gums has become a great way for people to improve their mental functioning at work and be focused for longer. There are several reasons people prefer them as compared to a cup coffee, which in most cases delivers similar results, at least in term of energy. Here is why a nootropic gum is the preferred choice:

The Sheer Convenience

These caffeine gums are quite convenient, especially on a busy day where you don’t have time for a break. When in a high-pressure meeting during the day, one might not have the time to rush for a cup of coffee, making these gums the ideal choice for the energy boost.

There other instances where you might be engaged with a client for 2 hours consecutively and these gums will come to your aid. There might be no time to run to your coffee maker.

When in such situations, a stick of gum in your pocket is a much easier way for you to get the cognitive performance required without wasting time at work. For obvious reasons, you don’t want to walk out of a meeting simply because you’re feeling dizzy and tired. Instead, go out and impress your new clients by being alert and sharp by chewing gum.

These gums are also convenient to sports where people need to perform at their best. Whatever sport you participate in, there is a time when your energy levels will hit rock bottom, especially towards the end of the game. What one requires here is a chewable gum to get you to the final whistle.

In sports, energy and focus are quite important, and these are things you don’t want to miss when there is plenty of time left on the clock. The smart gums are quite convenient here as you cannot run out of the pitch to have a drink and get back.

The smart energy gum can easily be stored in your pocket, where you can easily access it at any time during the game. This would see you re-energized and reinvigorated and ready for the rest of the training session or game where you’re able to give your best. All this is quite possible without having to down an energy drink.

Even with nootropic supplements in a capsule form, there are just so many reasons why the smart energy gums are a better option here. Just imagine having pills in front of your clients. These might be suspicious, with your clients having all kinds of imaginations as to what you’ve just taken and the reasons for doing it.

The caffeinated gums will give you the right energy boost without loading you with a lot of sugars that will make you feel sick afterward. Caffeine is known to aid performances and help in fat loss, which is an added benefit.

The smart energy gum is unquestionably a better option in these two situations as compared to a cup of coffee or some capsulated supplements that make people read suspicion.

However, this does not mean nootropics are the best option when looking for lasting cognitive performances and genuine deep sleep. These nootropics gums might not deliver that but instead, work as a short term solution to your problems.

Limitations Of Nootropic Gums

Nootropic gums have come into the market as one of the best alternatives to the traditional brain boosting supplements. They are a great choice and offer benefits that are similar to normal nootropic stacks. However, the reason as to why they are loved is the convenience factor. Once we take that out of the way, the nootropic gums will become weaker and a short term way for remaining focused as compared to a proper nootropic supplement.

Here are some of the limitations of the nootropics gum:

First, the nootropic gum doesn’t accommodate the wide range of ingredients found is some of the best and most comprehensive nootropics. They are small, and their physical size cannot allow for that.

These gums are not good for daily use. They cannot be easily standardized and regimented into a habit but instead considered to best for once in a while. You can take supplemented capsules for the sake of the ingredients inside, but you can’t take these gums for the same reason daily.

Nootropic gums can turn out to be inconvenient if you’re looking for a long lasting solution. They are not optimal for long-term use.

To make deep changes, you need to invest in the long-term.

To make profound changes in your brain system, it is good to invest in long-term investments. One of the best ways to remain sharply focused and with a great mentality is by optimizing your diet as compared to taking boosters like caffeine. A good example is including bacopa monnieri in your diet, which has been shown to help you perform better on memory and retention.

It is a reliable option, but results can only be expected after 6-12 weeks of use. However, once it starts to have results, they are long lasting and get stronger with time.

Another good example is Lion’s Mane Mushroom that is known to promote the production of the nerve growth factor that directly promotes brain nerve cell growth. By doing this, the brain maintains its physical structure, allowing users to capitalize on higher levels of cognitive performances and adapt to it. This way, people get used to adapting to their new workload instead of looking for short-term measures. In simple words, your brain gets stronger with a higher level of stimulus.

These are results that cannot be achieved by the daily use of a nootropic gum.

What Should You Look For In A Good Smart Gum?

The nootropic gum supplements will vary from brand to brand depending on what they are meant to achieve. Here are some of the things the products must achieve to be considered a good smart gum:

  • Caffeine
  • Theanine
  • Ginkgo biloba
  • Vinpocetine
  • Cholinergic
  • Rhodiola Rosea

Not all these ingredients are necessary, but a good smart gum must contain some or all of them. They are also what we call the ideal caffeine dose that must be considered if we are to call them the high-quality caffeine gum. The ideal dose is usually between 30-50mg of caffeine. This amount is usually less than what is found in coffee but enough to deliver the desired results. Furthermore, getting caffeine into your body through your saliva is much faster than allowing it to digest in your stomach.

Is The Caffeine Gum Safe?

Safety concerns when it comes to the use of caffeine are a must, but these come regarding the amount consumed. You must try and avoid overusing these gums. Excess use of caffeine can lead to insomnia, anxiety, jitteriness, confusion, light-headedness, and lack of focus.

Is The Nootropic Gum Right For You?

The answer to this depends on your particular needs. The major benefit these gums offer is convenience, which regular nootropics doesn’t offer. They are a great option to get an energy pickup, but not ideal for long term use. If you need long-term cognitive function, you need a premium quality nootropic supplement.

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