Chlorogenic Acid Uses, Health Benefits, Side Effects & Interactions


Chlorogenic acid was found by scientists in the 1930s and is considered to be a natural supplement when used with certain ingredients. The highest concentration of Chlorogenic acid is found in green coffee beans and the extract from these coffee beans.

What You Should Know About Chlorogenic Acid

You can find more than 50% Chlorogenic acid in the beans in their natural state, but if you roast the beans they lose the majority of the Chlorogenic acid.

Chlorogenic Acid Uses

People take green coffee for the health benefits that Chlorogenic acid is thought to provide. The most common ailments it can help with are obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, though it has been used for other minor issues.

In the case of high blood pressure, chlorogenic acid is thought to reduce the blood pressure at a slower rate. It can also aid people who are already on blood pressure medication by helping the medication to maintain the blood pressure level. If you are looking at the weight loss side of Chlorogenic acid, it is thought to help boost your metabolism and keep your blood sugar at a normal level. Helping to regulate your blood sugar can also keep diabetics from experiencing large amounts of blood sugar spikes.

While more research needs to be done on the effects that Chlorogenic acid in green coffee has on certain medical conditions, there are some that show significant promise. In studies where people consumed green coffee simply for the Chlorogenic acid, they have seen some positive effects in the areas of obesity, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, and Type 2 diabetes. The results that the studies showed are on a person by person basis and there were no studies performed in which the overall group saw significant results.

However, that does not mean that it will not work for you. In order to be able to know if chlorogenic acid will work for you, you simply need to try it. This may seem like a simple solution, and that’s because it is. Unless you try taking green coffee on a regular basis, you will not be able to know if the chlorogenic acid will help you.


In the U.S., there are millions of people who are overweight and even more become obese every year. For the people who are trying to lose weight and do not want to result to surgery as an option, chlorogenic acid could provide them with the answer they seek.

Research has shown that if you take a green coffee extract known as Svetol, which contains some of the highest forms of chlorogenic acid, five times a day for up to 12 weeks, you can lose more weight than someone who is only drinking regular coffee every day. You can even combine the Svetol with another coffee product called Coffee Slender to increase your chances of losing weight.

However, as with any other type of diet or diet supplement, you will need to change your eating habits and exercise at least three times a week in order to see significant results.

High Blood Pressure

If you are someone who has extremely high blood pressure, then taking chlorogenic acid may not help you. Studies have shown that taking up to 140mg a day of chlorogenic acid for 12 weeks can decrease blood pressure for people with mild to moderate high blood pressure.

This means that if you are suffering from mild high blood pressure and you do not want to be on medication for it, you can try taking a green coffee extract with the highest amount of chlorogenic acid to help control your blood pressure. Early research studies have shown that the chlorogenic acid can decrease both your Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure numbers.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Little research has been done on the effect that chlorogenic acid has on patients with Alzheimer’s disease. It is thought to be able to help the patients maintain their mental state and remember activities they are trying to perform. In order to have a definitive answer, more research will have to be completed.

Type 2 Diabetes

In people with Type 2 Diabetes, chlorogenic acid can help to regulate their blood sugar levels and their metabolisms. Most people with diabetes have issues with losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight. Research studies have shown that chlorogenic acid can help to process blood sugar in a way that helps to prevent and reduce the number of blood sugar spikes. It can also help to boost your metabolism which can help someone with diabetes maintain a healthy weight or help them to lose weight.

Chlorogenic Acid Side Effects

If you choose to take green coffee or green coffee extract for its chlorogenic acid benefits, there are a few side effects that you need to be aware of. In most forms, green coffee can be consumed multiple times a day up to around 500mg total. Like with other supplements, you should not exceed the recommended amount or the amount of time suggested to take it. For example, with the green coffee, you should not take it longer than 12 weeks.

Because green coffee contains caffeine, you may experience side effects that come with caffeine. There are some green coffee beans on the market that contain as much caffeine as normal coffee, so you should be aware that it can cause nausea, upset stomach, restlessness, and insomnia. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should stay away from chlorogenic acid and green coffee until you have been cleared by your doctor. There is not enough evidence to show whether it is safe for pregnant women or not.

Chlorogenic Acid Interactions

Green coffee can also interact with medication used to treat anxiety or depression, so you should use caution when taking it or avoid it completely. If you are unsure of the effects that chlorogenic acid will have on you, consult with your medical doctor. They will be able to better assess your situation and determine if you are healthy enough to consume chlorogenic acid in any form.

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