Best 9 Hair Restoration Nutrients & Top 4 Hair Growth Vitamin Supplements


Hair appearance has a significant impact on how people carry themselves around. The appearance of hair determines people's self-perception and physical appearance. Individuals who experience hair loss, medically known as alopecia, are usually left devastated.

The situation is worsened when there is nothing that can be done about the hair falling. However, researchers have revealed that there are vitamins and nutrients that can be taken to help in restoring lost hair. The vitamins that are recommended for use include vitamin C, vitamin E, and the B-complex vitamins.

These vitamins have been found to be essential for healthy hair growth. Studies have shown that hair requires a regular intake of vitamins and other nutrients to provide it with the shiny and healthy appearance. A well-balanced diet that comprises vitamins and nutrients is essential for long, thick, and fast-growing hair.

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Most men and women have been reported to suffer from hair thinning and hair loss to some degree. An average woman is capable of losing between 100 and 150 hairs in a single day. It is a wish of every individual to possess thick and shiny hair.

The great desire among individuals to have beautiful and youthful hair has prompted beauty companies to formulate products that can help people to attain their desires. There are many hair products available in the market that promise a faster hair restoration process.

However, it is always advisable to carry out some personal research before deciding on whether or not to purchase a particular product for your hair. In this article, you come across some of the best vitamins and nutrients that can help in the restoration of lost hair.

You will also be provided with the top products that contain the vitamins and nutrients that are essential for hair growth.

Nutrients And Vitamins For Hair Restoration

1. Vitamin A

Studies have shown that vitamin A is an essential vitamin in the process of hair growth. The vitamin is needed by the hair cells to initiate the growth process. Besides the hair cells, Vitamin A is also required by other cells in the body for their growth.

The mode of action of vitamin A in hair growth involves stimulating the skin to produce sebum in large amounts. Sebum is an important substance that is oily in nature. It moisturizes the scalp and helps in keeping hair healthy. Individuals who are vitamin A deficient present with hair loss, among other symptoms.

However, experts caution people against taking the vitamin beyond the recommended dose. Excessive intake of vitamin A may lead to various side effects. Interestingly, studies suggest that an overdose of vitamin A may lead to hair loss.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays various hormonal roles in the body. Vitamin D is involved in various biological activities, including calcium homeostasis, cell growth differentiation, and regulation of the immune system. According to scientific evidence, patients who have vitamin D deficiency present with alopecia areata.

Another population that is at risk of getting the hair disorder includes those with vitamin D-receptor mutation and those having rickets that is resistant to vitamin D. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease.

A cross-sectional study that was carried out among patients with alopecia areata and vitiligo found out that those participants who had alopecia areata had reduced serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin vitamin D compared to the participants who had vitiligo and those who were the control group.

It was concluded that patients who have alopecia areata should be screened for a possible vitamin D deficiency. Those found with the deficiency of the vitamin should be put on a supplement.

3. Vitamin C

According to researchers, oxidative stress has a significant role in the aging process. The reactive oxygen species, also known as free radicles, are involved in the direct damage of structure of the cell membrane, including lipids, proteins, and DNA. Vitamin C has been shown to be one of the best vitamins to help to degrade the free radicles in the body.

The antioxidant activity of vitamin C enables it to fight the oxidative stress that may lead to gray hair and loss of hair. Experts recommend the intake of a diet rich in oranges, Brussels sprouts, grapefruit, and strawberry to provide the body with sufficient amounts of the antioxidant vitamin.

The recommended dose of vitamin C supplement ranges from 500 to 1000mg depending on many factors. The supplement should be taken twice daily.

4. The B complex vitamins

The complex of b vitamins includes biotin and pantothenic acid. These two vitamins have been used as an alternative remedy for individuals experiencing hair thinning and hair loss. Studies have shown that some activities may be detrimental to the health of hair.

Such activities include blow-drying, exposure to the sun, and over shampooing. These events may lead to hair loss by damaging the hair shingles. However, studies have shown that the consumption of a diet that is rich in the B-complex vitamins helps in the rebuilding the damaged hair shingles.

Biotin deficiency presents with hair loss as one of the most common symptoms. Biotin deficiency can be as a result of various factors, including pregnancy and cigarette smoking. During pregnancy, biotin deficiency is common because of the cells of the developing fetus which need biotin in the synthesis of essential carboxylase.

5. Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays a role as an antioxidant in the body. It shares functions with vitamin C. Both vitamins are involved in the removal of free radicals from the body. A study found out that individuals who supplement themselves with vitamin E experienced a 34.5 percent increase in the growth of hair. Foods that are good sources of vitamin E include almonds, spinach, avocados, and seeds.

6. Iron

Iron is one of the essential nutrients that is required for healthy hair regrowth. Studies have shown that deficiency in iron may lead to various conditions such as alopecia areata, diffuse hair loss, and androgenic alopecia, among other conditions. Scientists at the Tehran University of Medical Sciences carried out a study with the objective of finding out how iron deficiency is related to various types of hair loss.

The study involved 30 women who had documented telogen hair loss. The study also included 30 other women who did not have any hair loss problem. The results of the study showed that out of the nine women who had iron deficiency anemia, eight of them also had telogen hair loss.

The study concluded that women who are deficient in iron are at a high risk of getting a hair loss condition. It is advisable to add iron-rich foods to everyday diet to prevent the possibility of getting iron deficiency anemia. Foods that are rich in iron include beef steak, collard greens, navy beans, and egg yolks, among others.

7. Zinc

Since the ancient times, zinc has been known to benefits the hair follicle health. As a result, zinc is used in the management of the different types of hair loss, including alopecia areata and telogen hair loss. The nutrient is an essential cofactor for various enzymes that are involved in the hair growth process.

Studies have also shown that zinc can help to block hair follicle regression. It accelerates the recovery process of the hair follicle. Researchers suggest that individuals who present with alopecia areata are likely to have a zinc deficiency. An oral intake of zinc sulfate suspension can help in the prevention of the hair loss disorder.

Scientists who carried out a 2009 study that is published in the Annals of Dermatology recommend zinc supplementation for an individual having alopecia areata. The supplementation can also serve as an adjunct therapy in cases where a person is using traditional medication methods.

8. Fish Oil

According to experts, omega-3 fatty acids take part in nourishing the skin as well as the hair. It has also been shown to increase hair thickening as well as minimizing inflammatory responses on the skin.

Fish oil is rich in omega-3 fats, and this is why the oil is crucial for hair growth. Omega-3 rich foods include tuna, mackerel, salmon, and egg yolks. Besides enhancing healthy hair growth, omega-3 oil also reduces inflammation that may lead to hair loss problems.

9. Protein

Hair is almost entirely made of proteins. An adequate daily intake of proteins is recommended for an efficient hair growth process. According to studies that were performed on animals in the laboratory, researchers found out that a protein deficiency may impair hair growth, which may lead to hair falling out. However, protein deficiency is rarely encountered in Western Countries.

Is It Safe To Take Hair Supplements?

Food is the best source of vitamins and nutrients that are essential for hair growth. However, getting the food sources can be difficult for some individuals. There are plenty of hair restoration products in the market.

One should always be cautious whenever they are purchasing these supplements in the market. According to experts, supplements work best for individuals who are already deficient. Discussed below is a list of the top products that contain nutrients and vitamins that have been discussed above.

i. Hair Growth Vitamins Supplement

The hair growth booster is a product of Zenwise Labs. The hair product provides its users with an excellent hair loss protection and is formulated with various ingredients. The ingredients work to revitalize the skin and nourish hair. Both men and women who have vitamin deficiency can be strengthened using the product to avoid hair loss problems.

The supplement is also formulated with biotin. As already mentioned above, biotin plays many roles in ensuring healthy hair growth. It is allergen-free, and it is safe to individuals who are prone to allergic reactions. The supplement has a rating of 3.8 out of a possible five stars. Its price on Amazon is $23.72.

ii. Hair Growth Essentials Pills Supplement

Vie Naturelle produces this hair product. It is recommended for both males and females who experience hair loss. The supplement is formulated with more than 29 ingredients that work together to ensure healthy hair growth. It provides natural and safe hair growth. The ingredients found in the hair product provide rapid and efficient results.

The inclusion of high-quality vitamins and other nutrients provides users with moisturized skin and healthy nails in addition to growing youthful-looking hair. Nutrients that are present in the supplement include iron, zinc, niacin, and calcium.

The vitamins found in the supplement include biotin, vitamin E, and the B-complex vitamins. Hair Growth Essentials Pills Supplement has an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of a possible five stars on Amazon. Its selling price is $23.70.

iii. Black Bottle Hair Growth Support Vitamins

Kroning Signature Black Bottle manufactures this supplement. It is the best option for active men who experience hair loss. Some of the results of using the supplement include the prevention of hair loss and promotion of healthy hair growth.

The supplement has been formulated with the best ingredients that were selected by experts. Most of the ingredients contained in the supplement have been clinically proven. The ingredients included in the supplement include biotin, saw palmetto, soluble keratin, and a multi-vitamin hybrid.

The most important vitamins for hair growth are vitamins C and E. The vitamins play an important role in ensuring healthy hair growth. The supplement has an overall rating of 3.0 stars out of a possible five stars. Its selling price on Amazon is $12.63.

iv. Vitamins For Hair Growth

The producers of this supplement are Leading Edge Looks. The supplement is rich in vitamins that can help in keeping both hair and skin healthy. It works by preventing hair loss, encouraging hair regrowth, and promoting hair thickness and volume.

The supplement is formulated together with biotin, which is vitamin B7. It also has vitamin C and other nutrients such as zinc, iron, and calcium. The hair product has an overall rating of 4.0 stars out of a possible five stars. Its selling price on Amazon is $29.47.

Final Thoughts On Hair Growth Vitamins

Poor nutrition is one of the major contributing factors to hair loss. It is advisable to consume foods that are rich in vitamins and nutrients that are essential for hair growth.

The most important vitamins for hair growth include vitamin D, vitamin C, and the B-complex vitamins. Nutrients such as zinc, calcium, and iron must be contained in the diet to ensure a healthy hair growth.

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