Top 5 Vitamins for Hair Growth – Best Natural Hair Thinning Remedies?


Many people want to have a mane of long, lush hair. The prospect of having Rapunzel’s locks of hair is in fact very appealing to many people. Unfortunately, growing long hair is not as easy as many would like it to be. For one thing, proper maintenance of hair can be a cumbersome task.

There is a lot of time, energy, and resources that go into properly maintaining long hair. Secondly, genetics can also play a significant role in delaying the growth of your hair. However, it is important to know that there are many other factors that affect the rate at which your hair grows.

You will be surprised to learn that even the most seemingly irrelevant factors affect the growth of hair. For instance, your health plays a huge role in determining how fast and thick your hair will grow. Other factors that affect growth of hair include diet, stress level, lifestyle, and medication. The next time you want to exclusively blame genetics for the slow progress that your hair is making, remember there are so many other things that determine the rate at which your hair will grow.

Because there are so many of these factors that determine hair growth rate, it means that you actually can do something to make your hair grow faster. One of the best ways to make hair grow fast and healthy is to use dietary supplements that are known to promote growth of hair.

Using these supplements is not only convenient, but they have been proven to work. If you commit to taking these supplements, it will only be a matter of time before you have a mane of hair to show off to the entire world.  Following, we discuss 5 best vitamins for hair growth.

5 Vitamins That Promote Growth of Hair

1. Zinc

Zinc is one of the most important nutrients in the human body. It serves a number of purposes in the body, one of which is promoting the growth of hair. Having insufficient amounts of zinc in your body is one of the most common causes of hair loss for many people.

You see, zinc is indispensable in the body’s immune system. If you have inadequate zinc levels, your immune system is highly likely to be compromised and you will most likely suffer a number of immunity disorders. One of the ways that poor immunity manifests itself is by gradual thinning and loss of hair.

Zinc is also one of the most potent antioxidants in the body. As an antioxidant, it helps to protect some of the vital organs in the body such as the liver and the heart. Additionally, the nutrient is also extremely important for your skin. It helps in the fast healing of wounds. It is also known to possess some anti-aging properties, which explains why it is a common ingredient in many anti-aging products.

You will be surprised to learn that zinc deficiency is a condition that many people suffer from. It is so common because many people have poor dieting habits.

The current obsession that many people have with nutritionally empty but otherwise very tasty fast foods certainly contributes a lot to their deficiency in zinc. Also, there are people who suffer from inadequate amounts of zinc in their bodies because of other illnesses, some of the most notable ones being sickle cell anemia, liver disease, and renal disease.

Zinc has a lot to offer your hair and scalp. If you increase your daily intake of this very essential mineral, it will certainly begin to show in your hair. Consider using zinc supplements in order to improve the rate at which your hair grows.

2. Silica

Silica is a little-known nutrient that can work wonders for your hair. Few people know about this potent mineral, but more people need to hear about it. Many people rarely think of silica as a mineral, let alone thinking of it as a nutrient that can contribute to growth of hair. The good news is that many manufacturers of hair products know just how powerful this nutrient is, and they include it in the making of many of their products.

Silica is obtained from a plant that is known as Horsetail. This plant is known for helping treat many inflammations, as well as having antioxidant properties. Inflammatory illnesses are known to slow down the growth rate of hair. However, it is the silica in the horsetail plant that carries many benefits for your hair. It promotes the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are crucial to the growth of hair.

Silica also contributes to the growth of healthy long nails. It is also good for the general health of your skin. Even better is the fact that the mineral contributes to the health and strength of your bones in addition to helping treat a number of joint problems. It goes without saying that silica is an extremely important nutrient in the body. The best way to consume the nutrient is by using a complex formula of the supplement.

3. Biotin

Biotin is one of the most crucial minerals. So important is it to the growth of hair that it is referred to as Vitamin H, which stands for Vitamin Hair. However, the mineral is actually a type of protein that serves many functions in the body.

Some of these include contributing to the healthy growth of cells, the production of fatty acids, and the metabolism of fats. The nutrient is also indispensable in the transport of Carbon (IV) Oxide and in regulating blood sugar levels. It is evidently a crucial element in many body processes and this is the reason why it is a very important mineral.

For those who want to grow longer hair, this mineral is an absolute necessity. It is referred to by many as a wonder working mineral as far as hair growth is concerned. It gives your hair strength and helps it grow to great lengths. It is for this reason that Biotin is often a key ingredient in many hair products.

Research shows that lack of this mineral leads to hair loss. Scientific studies conducted on lab rats showed that when the levels of biotin in the rats were low, it resulted in the loss of hair. The same case applies to human beings. By using this supplement, you stand to gain a lot and have absolutely nothing lose.

4. Omega-3 Fats

Omega-3 is synonymous with good health. According to credible research studies conducted, it is regarded by many as a fountain of health. It has myriad health benefits and countless medicinal uses. For one thing, the fats are of great importance to your immune system, as well as for supporting your metabolism.

Additionally, the supplement can also help you in your weight loss efforts. The case is not any different for your hair; this mineral can greatly boost the health of your hair. The mineral reduces inflammation, which is one of the leading causes of hair thinning and loss.

These fats are naturally found in the human body, but there is always the need to increase your intake of these essential fats. There are three main types of these fats, namely DHA, ALA, and EPA. Some rich sources of these fats include nuts and fish.

Including plenty of these in your meals can go a long way in improving the health and appearance of your hair. However, you can also simply take supplements to achieve the same effect.

5. MSM

MSM stands for methylsulfonymethane. In simpler terms, it is essential plant-based sulfur that is helpful to the growth of your hair. In order to consume enough of this nutrient, it is imperative that you eat more plant-based foods. In fact, most of the vitamins that are beneficial to hair can be found in plant foods.

Although the use of MSM is not accredited by the government, scientists have been relentless in the bid to establish all the health benefits that can be obtained by using the supplement. In addition to boosting the health and growth of your hair, the nutrient is also very important for your bones.

When taken with Glucosamine, the mineral can greatly help fight joint pains and many other bone problems. Lack of sulfur can lead to diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Most people swear by this supplement when it comes to boosting the growth of hair and nails. The supplement helps to improve the growth and appearance of your hair by increasing the growth phase of the follicle cycle.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Long Hair?

One must concede that taking care of hair is a tiresome task. Sometimes, you simply might not have the patience that it takes to see your hair grow to full length.

When it seems like there is no point in taking such great care of your hair, you need to remind yourself what you stand to gain after all the hard work. Here are some benefits of having long, luxurious, and glossy hair:

1. For Your Appearance

The greatest motivation that most people have to grow their hair is for the sole purpose of improving their appearance. There is no denying the fact that long hair is attractive in every sense of the word.

Sure, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but any number of beholders will agree that long hair is indeed very beautiful. It is for this reason that many celebrities and high profile individuals actually put in all the work that goes in to maintaining long hair. Having long and beautiful hair is actually a source of pride for many people.

It can also be a boost for your self-esteem, as you will always appreciate your appearance, which will translate to a higher self-perception. It is often said that a woman’s crown is her hair, which why you really should take good care of yours.

2. Gives An Impression Of Health

When you have thinning hair, people tend to think that you are sick. Often, this is usually the case. Loss of hair points to a number of diseases, most of which are deficiency diseases. On the contrary, having glossy and thick hair implies that you are healthy.

Because you can easily increase your intake of the key minerals and nutrients by taking the supplements discussed above, you have every reason to have healthy hair that is attractive and shining.

3. It Is Easy To Style It

Additionally, when it comes to wearing long hair, you are literally spoiled for choice. You can accessorize it in any way you wish and wear it in any number of styles.

If you have flaws on your face that you want to hide, you can easily do so with long hair. You can try as many looks as you wish with long hair, which is not a luxury that those with short hair can afford.

Hair Growth Vitamins Conclusion

If you ever feel tired of caring for your hair, take a moment to remind yourself why you have kept it long for all this time. There is no denying the fact that it is impossible to grow long hair overnight. It takes a lot of work and commitment on your part.

However, by using certain supplements, you can lower your work a great deal. Try the supplements we suggested and you will certainly feel the difference. Also, be sure to include more healthy foods in your diet.

Try to eat more plant-based foods as they are heavily laden with many nutrients that are critical for the health of your hair.

Remember, there are so many factors that determine how fast your hair will grow. Although there are some that are admittedly beyond your control, there are many others that you can easily control.

For instance, try reducing the stress in your life and cut out the habits that derail your efforts to have lengthy and bouncy hair. All in all, having beautiful hair is worth every single minute you put into it.

Do not let anything stand in the way of getting long healthy hair, especially not when you have supplements that can greatly aid you in your efforts.

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