Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner – Natural White Noise Machine?


White noise machines are among one of the most effective way to mask certain noises in the night to help you relax, and sleep well.

There may be noise coming from inside or outside your home that can make her it harder to relax and fall asleep.

The most common ways to deal with this noise is to try and stop the noise – which isn’t always a viable option, especially if it’s a television, or perhaps a partner working a third shift getting home from work.

You could consider wearing ear plugs, which I hindsight may seem like the answer, but you want to be mindful that this may not always be the safest option, and it’s not good for your ears, and ear drums for regular use.

Lastly, you could mask the noise by creating sound. Similarly, when some people sleep with a fan year-round, they become accustomed to the noise and it helps them relax. The same effect can happen with a product like the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner, White Noise Machine.

About Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner Benefits

  • Unable to sleep due to noise beyond your control
  • Shift worker, having you sleep during the day, or a partner on nights as mentioned above
  • If calm noise itself helps you relax
  • Babies and children can also benefit from this machine – babies are familiar with noise while they sleep from being in the womb

Product Features

  1. Adjustable tone and volume – some customers require more noise than others
  2. Not made by electronic noise – rather it’s soothing, moving air sounds
  3. Noise machine can also assist with helping concentration or confidential conversations

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is described as ‘sound therapy’ that naturally creates calming sounds to help restless sleepers, in babies’ rooms, shift work employees, and much more. This product comes in a compact design and weighs approximately 1.5 pounds which should make it easy for travelling or moving around if need be within your home.

The amp levels are described as minimal on the website, much less than that of a box fan that is most commonly used as a white noise alternative.

White Noise While You Sleep

White noise while you sleep, in simple terms, is a type of sound that is used to mask other noises in the background that may prevent you from falling asleep, or staying asleep. This type of white noise has been proven to promote a healthy sleep overall.

White Noise While You Work

There are some studies that suggest white noise while working, can help you focus, be more creative and increase productivity. Having said that however, this will vary from person to person. White noise can be incredibly beneficial to one, and detrimental to another.

AS far as the productivity results go, what was important to note is that the white noise was that of a consistent one. Same decibels, same tempo, etc. This was important that no varying noises happened, because that in fact would break the concentration.

Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner Review Summary

There are two different settings on this machine. One for loud and the other for soft. Unfortunately, one is not able to control the sound otherwise, but considering its low price of $22.99, it’s a great value.

The only other feature this machine seems to be missing is a timer, or auto shut off. This could be a beneficial feature that are seen in some competing products.

Having said that though, given the Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner price, design and availability, it could be a great option to facilitate that white noise in your home or office.

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