Top 7 Foods to Fight Hair Loss & Top 4 Foods To Avoid Thinning Hair


Hair loss is a common problem in many people, particularly those who have started aging or those with skin issues. Although this may be common due to the age, there are instances when it becomes too much and something needs to be done about it.

The obvious solution for most people would be to run to the nearest cosmetic shop and order a bottle of hair growth lotion. After a few weeks, there may be a few changes but with time, one realizes that there is no more growth and they are back to square one.

They then resort to a different brand of hair growth oil which usually cost more money. What most people do not know is that these cosmetic products are not durable and do not achieve the results intended.

Best Way To Prevent Hair Loss & Regrow Hair

The best way to go about the prevention of hair loss is the natural way, which involves eating the right foods and keeping the hair healthy. Foods actually play a huge role in growth of hair, something known to very few people.

If you are suffering from rapid hair loss and have tried all sorts of creams and lotions, maybe it is time you took a different approach towards it. Watching what you eat may be the perfect solution you have been looking for.

Below is a list of foods that you must include in your diet to retain your hair and even prevent hair loss. Furthermore, there are some foods that you need to avoid as much as possible as they are common causes of hair loss.

Foods to Eat

1. Foods Rich In Proteins

Just like nails and the skin, proteins are necessary for healthy hair as they build up the hair. Without enough protein, one’s hair is not likely to survive. It is therefore crucial to eat high protein foods if you want to retain your hair. These foods include animal proteins such as egg yolks, chicken, and turkey. Plant proteins such as beans, peas, lentils, and kale are also a good option as they are easily available.

2. Iron Plentiful Foods

The scalp is made up of body cells that require blood in order to function properly. It is iron that supplies the needed blood to these cells so that the cells are alive and hair growth is normal. It goes without say that it is vital to eat foods that are rich in iron such as red meat, animal proteins, and green leafy vegetables like spinach.

3. Foods That Have Fatty Acids

For there to be good hair growth, both the hair shaft and follicles have to be sustained. Omega-3 fatty acids play a huge role in this and it is important to provide the body with these nutrients. One type of food that is known for providing this is fish, so eating plenty of this will prevent hair loss.

4. Foods Rich In Vitamin A & C

For the hair to remain healthy and elastic, an oily ingredient called Sebum has to be released by the scalp. The above vitamins ensure that Sebum is produced and that there is no loss of hair. Common sources of these vitamins are fresh fruits like blueberries and fresh green vegetables like broccoli.

5. Foods Rich In Zinc

There are so many hairstyles that put a lot of pressure on one’s hair and eventually lead to hair loss. To avoid this, the hair needs to be repaired constantly so that the hair loss is not significant. Zinc helps to achieve this and eating foods that contain it ensures that the hair is healthy. Such foods include seafood like oysters and red meat like beef.

6. Magnesium Plentiful Foods

Magnesium is a very important mineral that the body naturally requires to perform its various body processes. However, it has been noted that a deficit in magnesium in the body can lead to inflammation. Hair then starts to fall off as the environment is not conducive for it. To prevent this, one should eat foods that contain magnesium. These foods include lentils, spinach, and brown rice.

7. Foods Rich In Selenium

The body also needs selenoproteins to ensure that the processes of reproduction, synthesis of DNA, and production of energy are efficient. Without this element, immunity as well as these processes is not guaranteed and the body can break down unless it is supplied with selenium. In the same way, hair growth is also inhibited by a lack of selenium. One has to therefore include foods like Brazil nuts, tuna, and shrimp sardines in their diet to enrich the body with selenium.

Foods To Avoid

1. Foods That Have Caffeine And Nicotine

Most people believe that they cannot live without a mug of coffee or a pack of cigarettes. However, it has been noted that these ingredients are known to cause hair loss as they deprive the hair of basic nutrients that are important, such as Vitamin C. They also instigate the hair to be dehydrated, which with time will make hair brittle and dry and fall off easily.

2. Foods Rich In Excess Sugars And Sweeteners

Enough sugar is good for the body but can be dangerous in huge amounts. A lot of processed foods nowadays contain dextrose, fructose, and similar sugars that are known to deny the body of the basic vitamins required for healthy hair. It is paramount to minimize such foods for healthy hair.

3. Soy Protein Shakes

Protein shakes are usually very healthy as they provide the body with a lot of nutrients. Before one gets the final product, which is the soy protein shake, the soy needs to be processed using hexane, which is one of the various petroleum products. Unfortunately, this product is likely to cause hair loss as it does not allow the hair follicles to remain healthy, hence there is more hair loss than growth. Avoiding these shakes will come in handy if one wishes to have lustrous hair.

4. Foods Rich In Cholesterol And Fats

If you love eating foods that are very fatty as they are very tasty and easy to prepare, you may need to rethink your choices. People who eat such foods suffer from hair loss more than people who avoid them. This is because these foods enhance the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) known to damage the hair follicles.

Top Foods Conclusion

Unless you want to continue spending so much money on cosmetic products and still end up bald, observe the above tips that will help you have beautiful and strong hair.

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