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Dr. Axe Review – Is Right He For You?

A common mantra among fitness experts is that you need to refrain from consuming many calories and simply exercise to lose weight. Unfortunately, this saying ultimately falls short. For weight loss results, food does not need to be your enemy. In reality, all you really need to do is to tweak your diet so that you are consuming healthier foods and substances. The bad news is that not many brands are able to provide you with all of the food and health resources that you need to adopt a healthy and productive diet.

One brand that is working to change the industry is Dr. Axe Food Medicine.  You can already garner from the name of the brand, the goal is to provide you with foods that not only sustain you, but act as “medicine” for all of your ailments.

What is Dr. Axe Food Medicine?

Dr. Axe Food Medicine is an up and coming brand based upon the premise that food is the best medicine, whether it be for weight loss, to improve your heart health, or otherwise. With the wide array of foods offered by the brand, you can get a good sense of exactly what you need to put into your body to see positive health results.

The brand offers you the healthiest, leanest, and most body positive foods in the industry that truly lend themselves to a better wellbeing. With Dr. Axe’s array of foods, you can forget about needing to starve yourself or restricting your diet. The foods here are wholesome and delicious either on their own or in endless recipes. Regardless of what you choose, you are bound to be happy with the results and so will your body because without all of the processed foods, you can allow it to truly thrive.

About Dr. Josh Axe

Dr. Josh Axe is a Certified Nutrition Specialist (C.N.S.), a licensed chiropractor, and a natural medicine expert. His qualifications, experience in the field, and groundbreaking brand has caused him to become one of the most sought-after speakers in the industry. He has been featured by Whole Foods and Nissan and he also is the author of The Real Food Diet Cookbook.

The Real Food Diet, which is what Dr. Axe’s program is called, is ideal for anyone who is looking to lose weight, improve their metabolism, reduce their dependency on medications, balance their hormones, sleep better, and to simply regain control of their health. The program advocates for a healthier style of living by altering the way you eat.

If you want to learn more about Dr Axe, you can head over to his website here: https://draxe.com/about-dr-josh-axe/

A Health Resource

Unlike other brands that simply offering you health products, Dr. Axe Food Medicine actually goes a step further and also features extensive information about its products, how to incorporate them into your diet, and the causes of common health problems. By simply accessing the brand’s website, you can get look into areas such as gut health, heart health, muscle pain, how to control blood sugar, how to maintain normal blood sugar, which DHEA supplement is best for your health (if any), and the like.

Essentially, Dr. Axe’s brand is not more than just a resource for excellent health products, it is also a wonderful way to receive pertinent and useful information relating to your health and how to improve it.

Product Lines

Now that you know a bit about Dr. Axe’s brand and its purpose, next is an overview of a few of the best products that Dr. Axe offers. This is not to say that Dr. Axe does not offer any other great products, these are simply the most popular ones that you may want to give a try first:

Green Superfood

Green Superfoods is a is a nutrition dense green formula that is made out of the world’s most powerful superfoods. Made out of organic and raw ingredients, the product ensures that you are getting nothing but superb quality. One serving contains 5 servings of organic vegetables and can be used to replace your daily intake of caffeine because it provides you with the same energy buzz plus other benefits.

A few of the main benefits that can be derived from this product include better metabolism, detoxification, boosting your digestive health, and providing you with the powerful energy buzz that you need to get through your day. The product is also rich in antioxidants, which is beneficial for all aspects of your health.

Healing Protein

The Healing Protein is ideal for individuals who have an established workout routine and are looking for an organic, nutritious, and effective product that can help repair muscles, suppress your appetite, and control blood glucose levels so that your body may process fat efficiently.

Unlike other proteins on the market, this particular product does not contain any proteins, there are 20 grams of protein per serving, and it is made with non-GMO whey protein. There is also no gluten, hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. Essentially, with this product, you are getting nothing but the upmost quality.

We have reviews on many of Dr Axe's health supplements in which you can find here:

The Real Food Diet Cookbook

The Real Food Diet Cookbook is your resource to create foods you love when you are busy or simply want to feel and look better. The book provides you with hundreds of delicious and healthful recipes that you can create using Dr. Axe’s food products.

According to the premise of the book, eating right does not mean that you need to restrict yourself, you just need to be creative, know how to cook, and choose the right foods. With this product, you can get everything you need to achieve positive health and a strong self.

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Dr. Axe’s Food is Medicine website has gained a great deal of popularity in the natural health & wellness industry. Loyal followers enjoy the multitude of products available, the reasonable prices, and the quality guarantee. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason for a product, the brand allows you to return it within 30-days, no questions asked.

It is safe to say in a short amount of time relatively speaking that Doctor Josh Axe has effectively rivaled the efforts of Doctor Mehmet Oz as well as other pioneering veterans like Joseph Mercola, Gabriel Cousens and Andrew Weil. Dr. Axe's online presence has been a blitz to the top rivaling the top health and wellness websites on the planet by going modern and adapting to the internet-based economy by creating quality articles and topics on today's latest and newest health research.

To browse through Dr. Axe’s selection, simply visit the brand’s website and check out what it has to offer. For the best of the best, you may want to start out with the most popular products first, you’ll love them.

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