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Essential oils are classified as “essential” in the sense that they possess the core of a desired plant's medicinal and primary innate qualities. Apart from that, these oils also work to retain the central characteristics of the plants fragrance so that the oil can easily be associated with its root source. However, with so much lack of information amongst consumers these days, it is important to understand that ‘Essential Oils’ are not the same as EFA’s (fatty essential acids) or EAA’s (essential Amino Acids). Instead, they are pure natural extracts that are highly biocompatible with all human bodies and can be easily absorbed by one’s system.

From an extraction point of view, these oils are usually obtained via a carefully devised procedure that includes the use of Distillation. When the central medical nutrients are converted into steam, they are harnessed and hence converted into liquids. Other potent means of obtaining such oils include the use of ‘expression, solvent extraction, absolute oil extraction, resin tapping, and cold pressing’.

Lastly, from a usage perspective, essential oils are widely used in perfumes, cosmetics, soaps and other products which work towards enhancing the overall vitality and quality of our skin and other important organs. Also, many people like infusing certain oils into their chosen food items and thus use them for flavoring certain foods and beverages.

About Dr. Josh Axe’s Essential Oil Webinar

Dr. Josh Axe’s Essential Oil Webinar is a ‘Free’ online seminar that covers the basics of Essential oils, and how they can be used to enhance the quality of one’s daily life. Dr Axe also looks at other commercial aspects of certain oils, educating people about the potential to make a decent living out of preparing natural oil extracts from the comfort of one’s home. As mentioned earlier, these oils are completely natural and thus are safe for long term use.

Dr. Josh Axe’s Essential Oil Webinar Features

Some of the key features of this program include:

Wide Coverage:

In terms of the data being covered, Dr Axe looks at 5 essential oils that have been widely used in the recent years. Also, he will be looking at 2 bonus oils that are rarely talked about in commercial circles, as they are highly potent and have been kept on the down low by large pharmaceuticals and manufacturing giants.

Scientific Backing:

All of the oils and medical data that will be supplied during the course of the sessions will be fully backed by science and published clinical literature. Thus, users can be sure that all of the information that they are receiving will be of the highest quality.

Common Problem Identification:

Many a times people end up making basic mistakes which can completely alter the potency and overall efficacy of the essential oil at hand. These mistakes are common, and many users seem to repeat them. Hence, Dr Axe clearly demarcates these issues, and how not to repeat them.

Industry Secrets:

Tthis is one of the core components of this program. The author aims to demystify the common issues of secrecy that seem to plague the consumer market these days. Through a series of carefully designed steps, users will be able to see industry secrets on how to manufacture high quality ‘essential oils’ easily and conveniently.

Career Advice:

While unfathomable a couple of decades ago, oil extraction processes have become a serious source of revenue these days. Many people have a passion for this path of naturopathy and thus would benefit greatly from the advice being presented at this seminar. Josh covers the basics of how to make this inner passion into a full fledged career (while maintaining certain quality and compositional standards at all times).

About Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe is a best-selling author of many health and fitness guides/ books such as ‘Eat Dirt and Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine’. Apart from his writing career, he has also maintained a steady media presence by appearing on a variety of famous talk shows and news outlets such as ‘The Dr. Oz Show, CBS, NBC’. He also hosts his own PBS Special that primarily focuses on digestive wellness and optimizing the food habits of modern working individuals.

One of the reasons which have attributed towards Dr Axe’s immense success is the fact that he combines the old with the new. Coming from a fully scientific background, he makes use of traditional methods Ayurveda and combines them with modern holistic techniques which help to alleviate common issues in the most natural ways possible (aka without the use of antibiotics and other chemically derived drugs).

You can learn more about Dr. Axe here: https://draxe.com/about-dr-josh-axe/

We have reviewed several of Dr Axe's high quality products over the years. You can see them here:

How to Register For Dr. Axe’s Essential Oil Webinar

As mentioned before, the course is absolutely free of charge and can be availed of by registering on the official seminar page. (https://live.draxe.com/webinar/eoi)

Since there are limited seats, it is advisable that users register as soon as possible so that they do not miss out on this opportunity.


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