Leaky Gut Repair – Dr. Axe’s Autoimmune Disease Fixer Formula?


For many people, having to deal chronic diseases can cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Though treatment options vary, most solutions only offer temporary relief. Currently, approximately 60 million Americans suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

The symptoms are very uncomfortable and can include severe stomach pain, bloating, gas, cramping, and inconsistent bowel movements.

A complicated condition, physicians must make sure that the symptoms are being caused by IBS before moving forward with treatment options.

Although the exact cause of IBS is not exclusively known, many medical experts believe that the cause for IBS stems from the brains inability to communicate with the intestinal tract. For those who have IBS, the miscommunication can cause abnormal muscle contractions and spasms, often attributed to the stomach pain from IBS.

Additionally, harmful bacteria growing in the small intestines has also been associated with the symptoms of IBS.

For those who suffer from the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), the most common treatment solutions usually include behavioral therapy, dietary changes, or prescriptions medications.

Although most people do not realize the complexity of the digestive system, the gut is responsible for ensuring that the body has the proper nourishment – housing more than 80% of the body’s immune cells.

As mentioned previously, IBS can result from unhealthy bacteria growing in the small intestines. It can also be a result of the lack of healthy bacteria and probiotics, parasites, inflammation, heavy metal toxicity, and zinc deficiency.

Although the cause for IBS is still unknown, there are a number of other diseases that can subsequently appear after the symptoms of IBS begin to affect the body.

Another disease, known as leaky gut syndrome also possesses the same symptoms of IBS. Unlike IBS and Crohn’s disease, there is little known about leaky gut syndrome and it is very hard to diagnose.

Assumed to be a result of an unhealthy diet, toxic bacterial imbalances, and high stress levels, leaky gut syndrome is known to cause severe symptoms because of the suggestion that there is hyper permeability or intestinal permeability.Because of this, the areas that line the intestines, usually firm and strong, become compromised.

The lining is made to prevent unhealthy bacteria, food particles, dangerous toxins, and GMO’s from passing through. However, the intestinal permeability allows these harmful substances to pass through the secure lining and move throughout the body from the bloodstream, causing dangerous symptoms.

Because the toxins are released into the blood stream, the term “leaky gut” is used to describe the path in which the bacteria are leaked into the body, attacking the organs.

Leaky gut can be the cause of IBS, asthma, allergies, bodily inflammation, arthritis, weight gain, slowing down the metabolism, skin health, and other autoimmune diseases. Unknown too many but affecting hundreds of thousands of people, leaky gut syndrome is the answer behind a number of “mystery” symptoms.

Axe Naturals has developed the Leaky Gut Repair Formula, created to treat leaky gut syndrome and repair the digestive lining.

Using natural ingredients, the dietary supplements is a safe alternative for those who have food allergies, gas, bloating, joint problems, and unhealthy bowel functions.

About Leaky Gut Repair Formula

As mentioned previously, the Leaky Gut Repair Formula supplement is a natural treatment option for healing the intestinal walls and eliminating bacteria. By removing the harmful bacteria and replenishing the body with vital nutrients and vitamins, the supplement supports overall health and a high functioning immune system.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, the supplement is recommended to be used up to three times a day for the initial treatment. After the initial healing process, it is recommended that individuals take the supplement once a day to prevent damage to the healed gut.

Made in the form of a supplement powder, the Leaky Gut Repair Formula is lightly flavored and easily dissolved in water.

For easy consumption, it is recommended that individuals combine one scoop of the supplement powder with a cup of water. The supplement can also be added to a smoothie alongside Axe Naturals Collagen Powder in order to create a healthy meal.

You can learn more about Dr Josh Axe here:

About Dr. Josh Axe

Ingredients in Leaky Gut Repair Formula

Made with the highest quality ingredients, the Leaky Gut Repair Formula combines active ingredients designed to support gut health and overall wellness. A list of the active ingredients found in Leaky Gut Repair Formula and their functions within the formula can be found below.

L-Glutamine: A popular amino acid that is responsible for a variety of bodily functions, it provided the nutrients needed for healing the intestinal walls and the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

Known to “power” and “fuel” the cells, it allows the cell lining of the small intestines to be repaired.

Especially helpful in healing a leaky gut, L-Glutamine is an anti-inflammatory and works to support the new growth of the intestinal lining and protects the cell walls from toxins and bacteria.

Protecting the gut from further damage, L-Glutamine is also responsible from preventing further unhealthy bacteria from entering the bloodstream. Once the L-Glutamine heals the intestines, it improves the symptoms of IBS and reduces diarrhea by balancing the production of mucus.

Licorice Root: Another powerful ingredient, licorice root is essential in helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

An adaptogenic herb that is known to help balance cortisol levels (the stress hormone), licorice root can ease the emotional stress caused by leaky gut syndrome. It also balances and supports healthy productions of acid in the stomach.

Licorice root is known to help the body naturally function in order to maintain the mucosal lining of the areas in the duodenum and the stomach. By healing the gut and eliminating the risk of ulcers, licorice root is responsible for soothing inflamed and irritated tissue along the stomach lining.

N-Acetyl-Glucosamine (NAG): NAG is responsible for keeping the stomach lining strong and think. When the body does not produce an adequate amount of NAG, it causes the intestinal walls to become thin, allowing toxins and food particles to flow into the bloodstream.

NAG promotes the mucosa’s protective glycoprotein cover in the intestines. NAG is also needed for the body to produce glycoproteins, glycolipids, and mucopolysaccharides – vital compound found in the tissues and mucous membranes in the gut. Without adequate levels of NAG, the intestinal walls become weak.

Quercetin: Used to support a healthy gut barrier function, this ingredient seals the gut and supports the production of joint proteins to ensure that the gut is sealed correctly. Quercetin reduces the production of histamine, a commonly known property related to food sensitivities and intolerance.

By preventing the release of histamine, Quercetin stabilizes the cells and prevents leaky gut.

Slippery Elm: Essential to the Leaky Gut Repair Formula, it contains mucilage, a substance that when combined with water, becomes thick and gel-like. Slippery Elm coats the areas of the intestines and soothes the stomach, mouth, and throat. It calms the inflamed and damaged gut lining using antioxidants that treat the symptoms associated with inflammatory bowel conditions.

MSM: Used to treat arthritis, allergies, and joint pain, it improves the health of the gut and reduces the occurrence of intestinal permeability.

Zinc: Known to be effective in tightening the areas surrounding the junctions of the intestines, zinc provides nutrients to the gut. Essential for supporting healing and growth, zinc encourages cell growth and works as an anti-inflammatory to stabilize the membranes of the important cell of the gut.

Purchasing Leaky Gut Repair Formula

Leaky Gut Repair is available for purchase on its website (www.Store.DrRaxe.com). Standard shipping and handling rates apply unless the 3-Pack is ordered, in which case shipping is free. The purchasing options for Leaky Gut Repair are below:

  • 1 Bottle of Leaky Gut Repair (5.46 oz) – $39.97
  • Leaky Gut Repair 3-Pack – $109.00
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  1. I was buying the natural leaky gut repair & I don’t know why I’m unable to buy it now, but it had made a big difference in my gut. Do to the ingredients in the leaky gut repair capsules I can not do those. If there’s anyway for me to continue to get the natural leaky gut I would appreciate it very much. I feel I need it, it made my life much better. Thank u & God Bless. Elizabeth Williams

  2. Maybe you have another issue. Have you seen a GI doc? The Leaky Gut Repair has definitely worked for me. I know this because I was doing great while I was on it (2 months), and after being off for a couple weeks the symptoms came back.

  3. Reading this, wouldn’t you think that by purchasing the Leaky Gut Repair, taking as directed, and modifying personal habits in other areas, would be the Road to Repaired Leaky Gut? Shouldn’t Leaky Gut be healed from this formula that in the meaning of it’s own name, indicates that if I buy this, and keep buying it, and a few other things, probiotics, bone broth, the little list that is on other Axe sites, that my intestinal issues will likely get much better? I’m sure this one product doesn’t amaze every single user, but has anyone been amazed? Nothing is helping me, and I’ve been trying to get help for 8 months. I was hopeful about the Axe products, but looking at the whole presentation and their marketing efforts, it doesn’t add up. I’m hoping someone will correct me, and point out the thing(s) that I seem to have overlooked. How many different products, just a guess, do people need to buy? Too many to count? Or just this and 2 others, and the random supplements combined with exercise and diet modification? I’d like to know if anyone has had a breakthrough in their symptoms due to Leaky Gut Repair, and if so, for how long have they been using it, and how long will they continue? I’m so afraid of being told this is just putting a finger on ONE leak in the “dike”, and there are countless other life changes and Axe purchases necessary to find out if it could possible be of assistance. I have been trying for so long, and everything for me is so far a dead end – unless there is something I’m not understanding about the Dr. Axe Repair Kit. I just need help.

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