Bone Broth Protein Greens – Dr Axe’s Alkalizing & Cleansing Drink?


With the fast pace and busy schedules of modern life, many adults don’t get the amount of nutrition they need to function as healthy individuals. Fast food, frozen meals and ready made snacks all infiltrate our diets, replacing nutritionally balanced and nourishing food, causing a variety of health effects.

Many systemic illnesses such as heart disease, neurodegenerative disorders, digestive issues and even cosmetic appearance issues find their cause in a lack of critical macronutrients in the diet. It’s essential that a healthy adult eat at least a minimum of 5 to 13 servings of vegetables, but finding the time to source, cook and maintain a regular diet of healthy foods is becoming more and more difficult between professional and family commitments.

Dietary Supplements and Nutritional Health Boosters

Many people turn to dietary supplements to boost their health, adding either vitamin complex pills or powders to the diet, or combinations of popular “superfoods’ to their dietary intake. Finding a supplement that actually works and promotes greater health, however, is difficult and confusing.

There are thousands of different conflicting sources of information that direct consumers to purchase potentially ineffective and possibly even damaging vitamin supplements with no scientific or dietician-endorsed reasoning behind their ingredient lists. Many supplements contain inert fillers that are added to formulas solely to increase the visual size of nutrient powders and pills, offering no health benefits whatsoever and building up in the body to contribute to digestive issues like constipation and IBS.

Other supplements contain potentially damaging chemical additives and preservatives that do more harm than good, or are made from low grade and stale raw materials that have lost almost all of their nutritional value by the time they reach the consumer.

Many people choose to take an array of different pills, gel caps and powders every day in an attempt to gain the most nutritional value possible, but this can often do more harm than good, as many supplements contain identical vitamin complexes in addition to niche nutrients and cause overdosing, leading to liver damage and even toxic shock syndrome. When seeking a dietary supplement that is effective and safe, there are a number of different indicators that help you find out whether a solution is the best option for your health.

How to Find the Best Natural Protein and Nutrient Supplement for You

Firstly, when selecting a dietary aid or nutritional supplement, it’s pivotal to select a natural solution sourced from organic ingredients. Synthetic or chemical vitamins and nutrient analogues deliver no positive health effect to the body and in some cases worsen existing conditions. The more simple and natural the ingredients in a vitamin or nutrient supplement, the more effective it is.

Bioavailability, or the ease of which the body can break down a nutrient, plays a huge role in the effectiveness of a dietary aid. Many supplements provide minerals and vitamins in covalently bonded oxide forms that can’t actually be broken down by the digestive system, meaning consumers waste precious time and money on completely ineffective supplements that function only as an expensive placebo.

The best way to return your body to homeostasis and encourage increased health, vitality, and vigor is to find a supplement that is sourced from leafy green botanicals, superfoods, or rich protein sources. These three elements provide the body with all of the critical nutrients it needs to boost the immune system, flush out unwanted pathogens and toxins, and reduce overall fatigue and illness, leaving the body functioning and peak natural health. Promoting homeostasis not only makes you feel better, but provides a cosmetic enhancement that leaves skin and hair lustrous and glowing.

The Axe Wellness Bone Broth Protein Greens Solution

Bone Broth Protein Greens, created by Axe Wellness, a leading manufacturer of high quality nutritional supplements, is a breakthrough in dietary and macronutrient technology. Doing away with ineffective chemical formulas and synthetic vitamin complexes, Bone Broth Protein Greens detoxifies and cleanses the body to enhance natural weight loss, improved immune function, more efficient metabolism, deeper and more restful sleep, and better overall cognitive function.

Using an amazing all natural formula derived from raw, organic ingredients, this groundbreaking dietary supplement provides a combination of all natural, homemade bone broth and raw organic leafy greens in an easy to store and prepare supplement that meets all of your macronutrient needs while tasting great.

How Does Bone Broth Protein Greens Formula Enhance Your Health?

The all natural, raw organic ingredients used in the creation of Bone Broth Protein Greens contain an array of potent and powerful superfoods that are easily broken down by the body to provide a rich source of many health enhancing elements. Offering the body real, not synthesized, food sourced collagen, Bone Broth Protein Greens helps reverse the effects of age on the skin and promote brighter, fresher and more youthful skin tone in addition to reducing the effects of arthritis and joint pain.

Glucosamine, chondroitin and Hyaluronic acid support detoxification and healthy digestive action, while critical nutrients such as Amino acids, calcium, magnesium and potassium all in highly bioavailable forms are used by the body to repair and renew cells and tissue, resulting in a healthier liver, higher energy levels, higher oxygenation levels in the body, and a normalization of blood pressure leading to reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. Bone Broth Protein Greens provides a natural and super effective boost to the body, helping you become healthier faster with a long lasting and dramatic boost to health and overall bodily function.

Axe Wellness Bone Broth Protein Greens Pricing & Availability

Axe Wellness Bone Broth Protein Greens is available from the Axe Wellness website [] and is priced at $48.95 USD for a one month supply, far cheaper than sourcing, purchasing and cooking all of the potent ingredients yourself. Covered by a 60 day 100% money back satisfaction guarantee, Axe Wellness provides a completely risk free way for you to experienced the powerful effects of this organic supplement yourself.

If you’re looking for a completely natural and organic way to boost your health and feel great, Axe Wellness Bone Broth Protein Greens is the right solution for you.

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