Numa Essential Oils – Dr Axe’s Organic Therapeutic Starter Kit?


Numa Essential Oils includes five different extracts to give you varying physical benefits, as well as mental. Each one has its own role, and is 100% organic.

What is Numa Essential Oils?

When you end up with a cold or allergies that are severe, you probably end up at the doctor’s office. If your illness is significant enough, then you might walk out with a prescription or possibly a vaccination. However, doctors are all too quick to prescribe something to let you get out of their office quickly. Unfortunately, pumping your body with drugs is not the best choice. That’s why Dr. Axe offers you the Numa Essential Oils.

The Dr Axe's Numa Essential Oils features several vials that allow you to treat some of your most common ailments. Essential oils are able to be applied topically or used as aromatherapy, depending on the type. This particular collection is safe to be used in both ways, and can help by:

Essential oils have been used for centuries in other cultures, helping to heal and treat patients of a variety of illnesses. Cultures have found ways to extract these useful ingredients to help with so many more ailments than the ones listed above. However, in this package, you will find five of the most common essential oils, which you can learn more about below.

About the Brand: Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe uses NUMA-brand essential oils to get the response they desire. Every single oil used is organic, and they are certified to be used as a method of therapy. The plant that the oils are sourced from come from all around the world, including Europe and several countries in the Middle East.

However, most importantly, you will only get pure essential oils in this kit. The company avoids the use of fillers or other non-essential ingredients, since it can weaken the effects of the oils. The only time you need to weaken the effect is when the directions explicitly say so.

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How the Numa Essential Oils Works

Each oil has a different purpose in helping to give you a balanced life. This particular kit contains five different 15mL bottles of essential oils, which include:

  • Peppermint
  • Tea tree
  • Frankincense
  • Lavender
  • Lemon

All of them can help you in interesting ways, so here’s a little more about each one of them.


The peppermint essential oil is a very familiar scent, but you may not be aware of all of the ways it can actually help. Specifically, consumers that use the peppermint option typically help to give you an energized and revitalized mood. It also provides a cooling sensation on the skin, which is why it is frequently used by masseuses.

This is one of the essential oils available that you can diffuse as well, which means that anyone in the room can receive the invigorating advantages of peppermint.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree Oil, also known as Melaleuca oil, is one of the mandatory products to include in your regimen, even if you are only just starting to use essential oils. It can be used for plenty of different reasons, which is what makes it so versatile. It’s already included in many products you already use, like facial cleansers, shampoos, and even laundry detergents.

It is also able to help with the treatment of wounds, healing infections that are related to acne, lice, or even athletes foot. It’s not commonly used in aromatherapy, since much of its benefit comes from physical contact between the oil and the affected skin. Follow the included instructions to determine how much you need to use.


Frankincense is another one of the most common essential oils, which is predominantly used as aromatherapy, rather than a topical treatment. This oil is known for its health benefits, and has been used for centuries. Whether you use it to get rid of unwanted aromas in your home, or reduce inflammation, this essential oil has you covered.

When you let it fill your home, you are greeted with an earthy and warm scent, creating a welcoming environment for anyone who enters.


You’re probably familiar with the distinct scent of lavender already, but you may be surprised to learn all the way it can help you improve your life. The most common way that consumers use this essential oil is to help calm themselves. The scent alone is enough to trigger certain chemicals in your brain, which help you to feel less stressed overall. Some people even put lavender oil in their baths to help relax their entire body, while receiving the aromatherapy uses as well.

While lavender can be used both topically and aromatically, you should dilute it with either coconut oil or a similarly neutral essential oil. Lavender can be somewhat severe on your skin, so the dilution allows you to apply it without irritation.


If you’ve never used essential oils, you may be surprised to find that lemon offers a great number of helpful features as well. It predominantly offers a cleansing effect, which makes it great for washing just about any surface safely. Even if you just need a refreshing aroma in your home, you can use this essential oil in a diffuser.

Using the Numa Essential Oils

When you order the kit, you will receive special instructions for using each of the essential oils. These oils are meant to be used externally only, and should not be consumed. In fact, the company states that you should follow the recommendations of a medical professional.

Pricing for the Numa Essential Oils

To make this entire kit yours, your total cost is $97.00, which has been marked down from $129.34. However, the purchasing options are a little unique with the Dr. Axe brand. While you are able to make a one-time purchase for the kit, you also are able to subscribe for regular shipments.

With the subscription option, you will save 5% off the lowest price (which is $97.00 right now) and you will determine the frequency of your shipments. You can choose a monthly plan, or you can space it out a few months at a time.

Contacting Numa Essential Oils: Dr. Axe

If you have questions about the collection of essential oils, or about one of the other products available through Dr. Axe, then you can get ahold of their customer service team. The team is reachable over Live Chat or an email to [email protected].

Numa Essential Oils Conclusion

The Numa Essential Oils is the perfect addition to any household. You don’t need to go to the doctor at every instance of discomfort; you can treat many of the issues you face in your day by turning to one of these oils. However, this set isn’t all inclusive. If you like the results you get from these five options, then check out the other oils that Dr. Axe has to offer.

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