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Higia EVA

Higia EVA – Smart Auto-Exploration Breast Cancer Bra Technology?

Breast cancer is an extremely common health condition that affects more than one in eight women in the United States, with more than 250,000...
Dr Oz Ultimate Detox Month

Dr Oz Ultimate Detox Month – Tummy Tox Constipation Cleanse?

There are many issues that can arise on a daily basis that leave you feeling uncomfortable, bloated, and in pain. One such problem, which...
NFL’s Roger Goodell "Addictive Medical Marijuana, Addictive, No Benefits"

NFL’s Roger Goodell “Addictive Medical Marijuana, Addictive, No Benefits”?

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell took a strong stance against marijuana on ESPN Radio earlier today. Goodell described marijuana as “addictive” and claimed “it may...

LuxeFIT – Healthy Overseas Adventure Travel Lifestyle & Fitness?

LuxeFit is a travel company that combines “luxury travel” with “fitness” for a healthy, adventurous vacation. Find out how LuxeFit works today in our...
Phage Therapy Treatment

Phage Therapy Treatment – Drug-Resistant Bacterial Infection Aid?

The biggest global threat to human health isn’t found in pollution, war, or food shortages, but instead is caused by one of the most...
Microbiome Medical Summit

Microbiome Medical Summit – Healthy Gut Wellness Live Stream?

In order to maintain a healthy body, it’s necessary to pay attention to the status of a wide variety of bodily functions. Ensuring you’re providing...

Reefill – Bottled Filtered Tap Water Network With Local Refill App?

The disposable water bottle market is of the most environmentally damaging industries in the world. Every year in the United States alone more than...
smart bandages

Smart Bandages – Healthy Wearable Healing Feedback Monitors?

Just like we have smartphones and smart TVs, we now have smart bandages. Smart bandages are already changing the way we heal the human body....
Project Baseline

Project Baseline – Verily’s Sleep-Mood-Diet-Immunity Health Study?

Project Baseline is an ambitious health study created by Google and its parent company, Alphabet. Find out everything you need to know about Project...
Green Flower

Green Flower – Learn About Cannabis Health Summit Live Stream?

The legislative changes that have occurred over the last decade regarding the manufacture, distribution, and sale of cannabis extract products have provided individuals across...