Búcha – Live Kombucha & Organic Black Fermented Probiotic Tea?


Ever wanted to enjoy an energy drink without having to worry about the effect it would have on your body? Well, Bucha is the drink for you as it offers you healthy living as you enjoy your drink.

This Asian drink is made from all natural stuff, meaning that it does not have additives that may be poisonous to your body. It tracks all the way to Asia although it has since found its way into other continents like Europe where more people are appreciating its benefits.

Also known as the “immortality tea,” Bucha is believed to be one of the best drinks to have in order to live a healthier and longer life in this modern world.

About Bucha

The Bucha drink has had its share of companies interested in making it and dealing in it over the years. It is only recently, in 2015, that it became clear which company would be the holders of that title.

Currently being processed by the American Brewing Company, Bucha has one of the most amazing tastes ever, better than most kombucha drinks being supplied all over the world.

This particular Bucha drink is processed in a different way so that it can maintain its natural feel as much as possible and ensure it tastes fresh.

Unlike other kombucha drinks that pretty much have the same vinegar-like taste, Bucha comes in a variety of flavors that are suitable for anyone. The flavors that are commonly distributed include the following;

  • Raspberry
  • Yuzu Lemon
  • Lemongrass Ginger
  • Blood Orange
  • Elderflower Green
  • Guava Mango
  • Verbena Rose
  • Pomegranate
  • Grapefruit Sage
  • Tea

There are many stores that are authorized distributors of Bucha all around and all these flavors should be available in those stores.

Bucha Benefits

Some of the Bucha Benefits include:

Enhances Immunity

The human body is created in such a way that it naturally has a way of protecting itself against diseases. However, there are instances where you can take something that helps to boost the immune system and make it less vulnerable to diseases.

It is believed that this drink contains Vitamin C which is particularly known to be good for the immune system. So if you know that your immune system is weak, you could probably try to take Bucha drink and notice the difference with your body.


The ingredients that are used to make this drink can help in detoxification as they remove impurities and clean the entire system making the body healthy and pure.

This drink speeds up the detoxification process in the liver helping the body to get rid of toxins at a faster rate than it normally would.

Energy Booster

Great news! This drink gives you a lot of energy. Athletes who do a lot of heavy duty activity prefer this drink to others and notice a big difference when they drink it. As it is all natural, many laws do not consider it unacceptable to use it before a game or a race.

Its natural sugars give you a bit of a sugar rush enabling you to be lively and cheerful, promoting good moods as well.

Aids Digestion

With its antioxidant properties, Bucha drink is known to ease digestion by offsetting the free radicals that are known to complicate the process of digestion and sometimes even cause constipation.

It also makes the body absorb the food faster, so that it can clear the way for the digestion process to take place quickly without any complications.

Weight Loss

Scientists have proven that Bucha drink helps to get rid of fats that have accumulated in excess in the body without playing any role there.

However, there is another theory where some say that the drink gives you a false sense of being satisfied so you actually end up eating less than normal. This helps to curb excess cravings, particularly for foods that make one gain a lot of weight.

Promoting Recovery

It is also believed that if a sick person who is on medication is given the drink, they will recover more quickly. This is because the natural ingredients in the drink help to promote fast healing.

This is also in relation to wounds and pain in the joints, as there will certainly be a big improvement.

Bucha Risks And Side Effects

Although bucha drink has been tested and approved to be suitable for human consumption, there are instances where it would be highly advisable to avoid the drink.

For instance, for women who are expecting or lactating, it would be better to steer away from the drink as it could harm the baby. People with allergies are strongly encouraged to consult first with their doctor before drinking bucha as it may have some serious consequences.

There have been a few complaints from some of its users that the drink makes you experience nausea and some abdominal pain. Anyone with ulcers and other stomach issues have also stated that their conditions may have worsened because of drinking Bucha.

This is reasonable considering the high acid content in the drink. Although the side effects of the drink on one person may be absolutely different from another, it is prudent to stop drinking it if you experience serious side effects.

Also, please note that it is better to start with small amounts to give the body time to adjust before fully indulging in it.

Búcha Conclusion

Bucha is definitely a must have drink that everyone can comfortably enjoy. You can easily get it from your nearby store. Just ensure you get the real Bucha drink as there are people who have previously tried to make fake ones that do not have the same benefits.

It is only the company that processes it that knows how exactly to prepare it. You will definitely enjoy its sweet taste plus the benefits that come with it.

Despite the few drawbacks, there is no doubt that Bucha is a drink that can benefit you, especially if you want to boost the immune system of your body. Just keep in mind the possible risks and side effects as always.

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