A full, thick beard is one of the key identifiers of manhood, commanding respect and attention from both men and women alike. Despite a brief lull in popularity during the early 2000’s, when the carefully manicured “metro” look was à la mode, the beard has come back in full force and now defines the resurgence of masculinity and masculine features as desirable traits.

Not all men, however, are capable of growing or maintaining a thick, even beard. Some men grow only patchy, irregular facial hair or can’t develop a significant amount of facial hair at all. It’s no secret that men, and society at large, are becoming less virile and manly. In fact, it’s been conclusively proven that the overall testosterone levels of the population have significantly dropped over the last 30 years. This can be attributed to a wide range of influences, but is mainly caused by hormone-disrupting chemicals in plastics, food, and municipal drinking water.

There are a number of solutions that can be used to boost the growth of facial hair in men that are experiencing difficulty in developing a full beard, but these options are typically “snake oil” solutions that either don’t work, are prohibitively expensive, or cause deleterious and potentially dangerous side effects that are better to avoid than experiment with. Until recently, there have been no realistic options for men that struggle to develop thick facial hair.

Fortunately, a new treatment provided by The Better Beard Club is providing men with the opportunity to elevate their natural facial hair growth and develop thicker, fuller beards without the need for dangerous chemicals or costly transplant surgery. Beard Boost is a natural, clinically proven facial hair growth boosting formula that is able to promote fast, thick, and even beard growth.

In this article, we’ll break down the Better Beard Club Beard Boost formula and examine the clinical evidence that supports it to help you decide whether it’s the right beard health booster for you.

What is Better Beard Club Beard Boost?

Better Beard Club Beard Boost is a new health product that fills a huge gap in the market- natural beard growth promoters. Promising users to ability to fill in patchy beard growth and deliver thicker beards, the Beard Boost formula claims to increase facial hair development, reduce graying, maximize beard growth, and promote overall healthier skin and hair.

The Better Beard Club claim that their product is three times more effective than other beard enhancing products available on the market, using only clinically-proven ingredients that are supported by a large body of scientific evidence that demonstrates their effectiveness in stimulating hair follicle and beard growth in the facial region.

Beard Boost presents an attractive alternative to men that suffer from diminished, patchy, or slow-growing facial hair. Until now, the only truly effective option for increasing beard growth is expensive, painful, and time consuming medical hair transplant surgery that can cost more than $7,000 USD. Despite the high cost of these treatments, they generally fail to appear natural and are prone to infections and becoming patchy.

Hair growth boosting chemicals like Rogaine, or minoxidil, aren’t designed to be used on the face and are prone to causing unwanted and dangerous side effects such as chest pain, blurred vision, fainting, and paradoxically, hair loss. The Better Beard Club Beard Boost formula uses no pharmaceutical ingredients and is able to promote the natural growth of facial hair without disrupting the natural balance of the body.

How is the Beard Boost formula able to deliver on the promises the Better Beard Club makes, though? To find out, let’s take a look at the Beard Boost formula to find out how it works and whether the ingredients are supported by scientific evidence:

The Beard Boost Formula

The Beard Boost formula consists of four ingredients that have all been clinically proven to boost hair growth in the body, or support the hormonal mechanisms that induce beard growth. We’ll proceed to break down the ingredients one by one:

The first ingredient in the Beard Boost formula is biotin. The body uses biotin, which is commonly found in foods such as egg whites, to create keratin, which is the building block the body uses to create hair. Biotin supplementation has been proven in multiple clinical trials to improve hair growth and thicken thinning hair, promoting healthier, more evenly distributed hair growth[1][2].

The second ingredient in the Beard Boost formula is vitamin E, which, when applied directly to hair-growing areas, has been demonstrated to increase hair density and hair strand thickness[3]. Following vitamin E, Beard Boost contains niacin, which is also known as vitamin B3. Vitamin B3 has been shown to boost hair production in a similar fashion to biotin[4], but also has an interesting effect on the production of testosterone.

Niacin has been shown to increase the rate at which the body is able to metabolize key dietary elements into free testosterone[5], which, in turn, increases the rate at which the body develops beard hair- as well as boosting muscle mass and endurance. Finally, the Beard Boost formula contains Vitamin A, which has a number of benefits that can assist with the growth of facial hair.

Vitamin A is able to clear away the toxins and oils that damage skin and inhibit beard growth, cleaning the skin and encouraging new hair follicle growth[6], which results in fuller, healthier facial hair. Overall, all of the ingredients in the Beard Boost formula are able to support the growth of beard hair through a number of different synergistic mechanisms, and are backed by a large amount of peer-reviewed clinical science.

Better Beard Club Beard Boost The Verdict

Better Beard Club Beard Boost is certainly a unique and novel product, and fills a serious gap in the market. Backed by clinical evidence, the Beard Boost formula is extremely promising and is able to support the claims it makes with scientific proof. If you’re looking for a product that will support better, thicker, healthier beard growth, Beard Boost is the ideal solution.

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