Top 5 Natural Tips On How To Grow Thicker Beard Hair For Men


Most men have some type of facial hair, whether it is a full beard, a mustache, or a goatee. Full beards on men are associated with wisdom, manliness, and power. The reason for this is partly due to the fact that you are more likely to see a full beard on men over the age of 30.

And these men are more likely to have their careers and personal lives in order and have the wisdom that comes with being older. However, there are some men that have problems with getting and maintaining that fuller, thicker beard.

How To Grow Thicker Beard Hair

Research shows that the problem lies with what is referred to as the ‘four-week window.’ This window of time is when most men will trim or completely shave off their beards. By shaving their beards before they have allowed it to grow for the full four weeks, they are setting themselves up for failure in achieving that thicker beard.

During the first four weeks of growing a full beard, most men will experience itching on their face. This itching is caused by new hair follicles pushing through the skin, and can also be caused by dry skin. In order to have that thicker, fuller beard, men need to allow their facial hair to grow for the full four weeks before they begin to trim or sculpt the beard into the length or place they want it to be.

During that four weeks, you will also notice patchiness in your beard that will fill in as the weeks go by. Without letting the beard grow uninterrupted the majority of men will never see the full, thick beard that they are looking for. Once you have reached the end of the four-week waiting period, you can accurately evaluate your specific situation and determine how to proceed. As long as you give the beard time to completely grow in you should be able to tell if you can achieve a full beard or not.

After the four week period, you can now begin to trim and sculpt the beard into the shape you want. Make sure to utilize beard oil to help keep the skin under your beard from becoming dry. If it stays dry you will experience patchiness and itchy even after the four week period.

Tips & Tricks To Growing A Fuller Beard

The following tips are for men who have waited the entire four weeks and are ready to move forward with growing and maintaining a fuller, thicker beard.


By exercising on a regular basis, not only will it help you get into better shape and maybe lose some unwanted pounds, it can also help you grow a thicker beard. Exercising releases testosterone in men which allows for healthy hair growth by allowing you to have healthy hair follicles. The extra blood flow coursing through your body during and after a workout can also give your hair more nutrients which help to improve the growth of your facial hair. The blood flow also helps your hair to grow stronger, so you will experience fewer breaks in your hair and you are less likely to lose any beard hair.

Reducing Stress

There is no doubt that you have been told by your medical doctor and many other sources that it is important to reduce any stress in your life. But did you know that in addition to improving your overall health, less stress can actually improve the look of your beard? Stress raises the cortisol level in your body and can bring down your testosterone levels, which can negatively impact your beard growth. It can also stop nutrients from getting to your hair follicles through your blood vessels. Try different types of stress relieving methods and find the one that works best for you.


While both men and women need at least 8 hours of sleep each night, men need it to regenerate their testosterone levels. Simply by getting 8 hours of sleep each night, you are boosting your testosterone levels and increasing your chances of having that fuller, thicker beard. The more time you spend awake at night, the higher your chances are for low testosterone production and the more likely you are to have patchy spots in your beard.


You need to maintain a healthy diet at all times, and eating foods rich in vitamins like vegetables can improve the overall health and look of your body. Try adding eggs, kale, nuts, and fruits to your everyday diet. These foods increase your testosterone levels.


If you are eating a balanced diet and you are still falling short on getting the right number of nutrients in your diet, try adding a supplement. Look for supplements that have Vitamins B, D, and E in them, as these vitamins are best for hair growth. If you can find a supplement with those vitamins plus iron and zinc in it, that is the best one to go with. The more vitamins you have in your body, the healthier your hair will be.

Final Words

The key to having a fuller, thicker beard is to make sure that you are taking care of yourself first. By eating a healthy diet and exercising on a daily basis, you can increase your chances of obtaining the beard that you want. Make sure that you take the time to get through those first four weeks without trimming or shaving your beard. While it might be uncomfortable and you may look like a mountain man, it will be worth it in the end. Obtaining the thick beard that you want is going to take a little work on your part to make it happen. If you are willing to dedicate the time to growing your beard properly and adding in vitamin enriched foods to your diet, then you will be rewarded with a thicker beard.

Remember to keep your face hydrated and moisturized at all times. This will help with the initial growth of your hair and keep your hair follicles healthy while they push new hair through. Keep trucking along through the difficult first four weeks, and remember to keep a healthy lifestyle going once you have your thick beard.

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