XR Nutrition: Plant Based Supplements For Optimal Health?


Getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals all boils down to what you eat and the supplements that you take. Our diet has been deteriorating slowly in the recent years to a point where we no longer get everything that our body needs to function properly from the foods we consume.

Think about it, when was the last time you actually had a meal that consisted of 1/3rd veggies? And even though we do part take in consumption of fruits, those often have an increased amount of fructose in them which can lead to health problems if their consumption isn’t moderated well.

XR Nutrition is attempting to fix these issues by going back to the basics and producing supplements which are directly derived from veggies and fruits. They believe that plant-based products with whole foods as the source of their ingredients is the way to get your body to its optimal health.

About XR Nutrition

XR Nutrition is located in Midvale, UT. They operate during regular business hours Monday through Friday. The company is oriented towards educating people about their health and offering supplements which are designed with basic veggies and fruits in mind.

Majority of their products are blends of ingredients rather than isolated ingredients which are frequently processed and thrown into a mix and offered as a solution for your health needs.

They approach supplementation from a whole foods angle, meaning that their supplements consist of ingredients which work together in a similar way as they would in veggies and fruits. This is a unique approach to getting the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that our body needs to function properly and healthy.

Nature has already produced foods in an optimal form of veggies and fruits that contain everything our body needs to be healthy. So XR Nutrition decided to apply the same idea to their supplements. If something works then why try to change it?

Products by XR Nutrition

The product lineup for XR Nutrition is pretty impressive and immense. They offer a total of 25 different supplements which are individually designed to target specific functions are health needs that you might have. Each product is made with wholesome ingredients and is carefully blended to offer the most natural solution for your symptoms.

Their website offers EZ refills which can be determined by your blood conditions, your lifestyle, and your health goals. They even have an option where you can select symptoms that you have and they will show you the most beneficial supplements that they offer which can help you eradicate these symptoms.

Here are some of their products and a short description of what each supplement is designed for and some of the key ingredients found in them.

Adrenal Balance

Adrenal Balance is a supplement designed to help you improve the function of your adrenal health. The key ingredients used are Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Manganese, and Chromium.

Adrenal health directly contributes to hormonal balances. If you are suffering from adrenal problems chances are that your hormones are not balanced properly and this can lead to many other issues. Taking this supplement will help you get your adrenal health on track.

Antioxidant Pro

As the name suggests, this supplement is all about giving you all the antioxidants you need to help you fight free radicals and the damage that they might inflict on your body. Key players are vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and selenium. Vitamin C alone is already a very powerful antioxidant, adding vitamins A and E into the mix ensure that you antioxidant fighting arsenal is broad and effective.


Your brain is responsible for maintaining proper function of all of your body organs. Ensuring that you have the right nutrients needed by your body and brain whenever the need for them arises is the focal point of this supplement.

The list of key ingredients is as follows: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, and Chromium. These nutrients are most helpful when our body faced with stress either due to mental functions or physical activities. Using the B vitamins and other supporting nutrients ensures that our reserves are high at all times.

Digestion Cleanse

This supplement is designed to help you cleanse your digestive system while giving you access to probiotics and whole food nutrients needed to rejuvenate the microbiome of your gut to a healthy level.

The ingredients used are protected by a proprietary enzyme and whole-foods blends, so we don’t know the quantities of each ingredient used but we know that some of the key ingredients are barberry root, beet fiber, ginger root, licorice root extract, lipase, peptidase, and lactase. Even though we aren’t sure how much of each ingredient is present, the blend seems to be very coherent and appropriate.

Enzyme Essentials

If you need help digesting, metabolizing, and absorbing nutrients then this supplement which is packed with vital enzymes is the perfect choice for you. It contains various enzymes which can help you achieve this goal by supporting minerals like zinc, copper, and manganese.

Fat & Sugar Enzymes

Some enzymes are better at specific tasks. This supplement is filled with enzymes which target your ability to break down fats, starches, carbs, and sugars. If you have high cholesterol then this is a good place to start. Turmeric and garlic are just some of the ingredients used alongside supporting minerals like zinc and copper.

Fruit & Veggie Essentials

This is a superior blend of 39 vegetables and fruits which are 100% organic. It offers a ridiculous amount of antioxidants and gives you the ability to fight free radicals with ease. Each scoop offers up to 8 serving of daily recommended veggies and fruit intake.

Inflammation Relief

Inflammation is often the key reason for many conditions which can end up turning into chronic problems. Inflammation Relief is packed with enzymes which are blended together to offer relief from allergy-related symptoms, improve protein digestion, provide exceptional pain management, improve your recovery time, and even improve your circulation.

Valerian root extract, acerola fruit extract, cat’s claw bark extract, and cayenne are just some of the ingredients used in the blend which are well-known for their ability to reduce inflammation.

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XR Nutrition Conclusion

While it seems like XR Nutrition knows exactly what they are doing, there are a few points that we need to put an emphasis on. One of our biggest red flags is that many of their supplement ingredient amounts are hidden behind their claimed “proprietary blend.” So even though we can tell which ingredients are being used, we can’t see how much of each specific ingredient is in the blend.

The problem with this is that if the amount of a specific ingredient used is far too low then the effect of the blend isn’t as potent as it can be. We believe that there is no reason why any supplement company should justify labeling any of their blends as proprietary, transparency is more important in our opinion.

The second issue that we have is the pricing of some of these supplements. We know that quality products are sometimes more expensive than others, but these supplements start at $21.95 and go up as high as $59.95 for some of them. To be honest this is pretty expensive, especially when you take into consideration that XR Nutrition frequently wants you to purchase multiple supplements to treat most symptoms.

In the end, this company seems to know what the right ingredients are and which supplements they belong in but we find it rather difficult to swallow the high prices of their products.


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