Teasane: 28 Day Stress Reducing Tea & Herbal Supplement Stack?


Teasane is a company that offers different formulas that can help consumers balance their digestive system, their skin, and their weight with the use of tea. There are blends for just about every cause for concern, which means consumers have plenty of opportunities to help themselves.

What is Teasane?

Taking care of the body is something that typically comes naturally to people. Eating the right way and getting moderate exercise is enough for general nourishment, but there are plenty of ways that consumers can change themselves to get a little push in a different direction.

While the pharmaceutical industry has managed to develop plenty of supplements, but Teasane is a little different. Since there is not much information on the brand, consumers will need to turn to the products and let them speak for themselves.

Products From Teasane

While there’s little information about the Teasane company, there are plenty of different tea options to choose from. Read on below and see all the different ways that the tea can help consumers.

Wellness Teas

The Wellness teas target certain reactions in the body to help the user have healthy digestion and a balanced physique. While there are many remedies that work towards weight loss and weight maintenance, there are also teas that help consumers to balance their complexion and support the needs of their health. There are no artificial substances, and the company keeps their blends free of common digestive ailments, like dairy and GMO. They are completely vegan.

Here are some of the formulas that consumers seem to like the most:

  • Lose, for weight loss ($18.95)
  • Energize, to give a boost of energy during the day ($18.95)
  • Maintain, to keep their weight and body at the same state it is at ($18.95)
  • Detox, to eliminate the toxins that can cause digestive irritation and weight gain ($18.95)
  • Digestive Health, to prevent irritation in the digestive system ($18.95)

Fine Loose Teas

Loose leaf tea requires a much different preparation, helping the flavors in the tea to become more full-bodied. If the consumer has the right teapot to serve this tea, it is definitely worth it to try. This collection has the more common tea flavors, which include:

  • Matcha ($10.95)
  • White ($10.95)
  • Oolong ($10.95)
  • Green ($10.95)
  • Black ($10.95)
  • Rooibos ($10.95)

28-Day Regimens

The 28-Day regimens use loose leaf tea, and there are different blends to help with different issues in the user’s body. Along with the tea, consumers will have to take a supplement over the next four weeks to further support the changes in the body, making the regimens a two-step part of the day.

Choose from:

  • Beauty Kit ($68.95)
  • Calm Kit ($58.95)
  • Lose Kit ($58.95)
  • Focus Kit ($58.95)

Herbal Extracts

The Herbal Extracts basically condense all the nutritional support that consumers can get from the teas and convert them into a concentrated liquid. These liquids can be added to any drink, though consumers can get a potent dose of support by adding them to a tea.

Choose from:

  • Lose drops ($38.95)
  • Calm drops ($38.95)
  • Detox drops ($38.95)
  • Digestion drops ($38.95)

Complex Capsules

The Complex Capsules are similar to the Herbal Extracts, but in a capsule form for different effects. Most of these options are found within the 28-Day Regimens, but this is the opportunity to purchase it individually.

The available supplements include:

  • Seaweed Complex ($16.95)
  • Spirulina Complex ($16.95)

Total Beauty

The Total Beauty category just has one product – Facial Tea Herbal Face Cream. This face cream uses all the elements from different teas, but they transform the herbs into a topical remedy to balance and infuse the skin. Within the jar, consumers will find a combination of calendula, primrose oil, rosemary, and chamomile.

The small jar of this cream (50ml) is available for $35.00, but buyers can get a jar that is double that size for $70.00.

Contacting the Creators of Teasane

Since there are so many varieties, but so little information available about the actual company, consumers may have questions. The customer service team is available by phone or by email.

Consumers can get ahold of the team on weekdays from 9:00am to 5:00pm EST.

Teasane Conclusion

Teasane has many helpful remedies, even for consumers that do not even like tea. However, the biggest issue that consumers will face is the lack of information about the brand, which can make it harder for potential buyers to trust the brand. Fortunately, the various teas are affordable, and anyone can integrate these simple treatments to make their bodies feel healthier.

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