XR Nutrition Fruit & Veggie Essentials: Green Superfood Juice?


Fruit & Veggie Essentials is a supplement that helps consumers to get their daily needed vitamins, but with extra probiotics that can help consumers digest food better and support their immune system. The treatment is available as a one-time purchase, but consumers can also order a subscription to make sure that that keep up the supply of the product each month.

What Is Fruit & Veggie Essentials

Nourishing the body seems like a simple concept, but plenty of people get so busy that it is hard to get the daily allotment of fruits and vegetables that they need. In fact, too many adults do not even get one serving a day. Families with children tend to have the greatest difficulty, since so many people have so many different tastes. Kids tend to be the pickiest out of every family member, so there must be a mutual solution for the family to be healthy. The use of Fruit & Veggie Essentials is friendly for all members of the household.

Fruit & Veggie Essentials gives consumers all the different sources of nourishment that they need to fuel their body in the way that they would with raw produce. Specifically, eating the right amount of fruits and vegetables, like in this supplement, will:

  • Provide users with antioxidants
  • Protect the body from free radicals
  • Increase the function of the immune system
  • Promote better digestion
  • Help with the natural growth of the body
  • Support healthy development for children

Everything in the supplement has been freeze-dried to get nutrients for the user, using a process that preserves the natural nutrients and reduces the amount of toxins in the body.

How Fruit & Veggie Essentials Works

The reason that this product is so helpful is because it is the combination of both 8 servings of fruits and of vegetables. To create this blend, consumers will get probiotics that have been sourced from 39 different forms of produce, which consumers will get with a single serving of the supplement.

Along with the rich probiotics involved, consumers will be able to nourish their immune system and help with the anti-aging effects that consumers need. The difference with this formula is that consumers can give their product to their children within smoothies and other treats that they can use to get their daily nutrition. This formula is one of the only ones on the market that combines a blend of probiotics to ensure that the individual gets all the support need.

Using Fruit & Veggie Essentials Green Superfood Juice

To get the support of the Fruit & Veggie Essentials supplement, consumers can use one level scoop to mix into any liquid. However, since this treatment is not exclusive to just a regular drink. Instead, consumers will have the choice to include it in a smoothie, yogurt, cereal, or even baked goods.

Pricing For Fruit & Veggie Essentials

The total cost of a 30-serving canister is $59.95. However, if consumers want to maintain the use of this product, they can also sign up for the EZ Refill program, which is a subscription offer that sends a new supply each month. This program is available for any purchase that consumers can make on the website.

If this remedy does not work for the user, they have up to 30 days to initiate a return for a full refund.

Contacting The Creators Of Fruit & Veggie Essentials

With so much support for consumers, it is easy to see why the use of Fruit & Veggie Essentials is crucial to the health of users. To reach the customer service team, consumers can either call or send an email.

XR Nutrition Fruit & Veggie Essentials Conclusion

Fruit & Veggie Essentials is meant for all ages, offering anti-aging effects for older consumers and support for brain and body development for young children. Adding this supplement to a variety of different recipes can make it easy for everyone in the family to get the desired servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

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