XR Nutrition Pure Iron: Immune System & Energy Level Enhancer?


Many people want to take an iron supplement but find that many formulas lead to digestive issues like bloating and gas.

XR Nutrition has developed a plant-based formula that offers the same high dose of iron but uses plants to ensure easy absorbability into the bloodstream without complications. Pure Iron is a good option for people with digestive issues or allergies.

What Is XR Nutrition Pure Iron?

Anyone can become iron deficient due to diet or health conditions. Women of reproductive age are especially susceptible to having low iron levels leading to a decline in energy levels, difficulty focusing, and even anemia.

Pure Iron by XR Nutrition offers consumers a plant based iron supplement that is derived from plants and combined with enzymes for easy digestion. Iron supplementation can help the body maintain proper oxygen levels in red blood cells leading to proper energy levels and better health.

How Pure Iron Immune System & Energy Level Enhancer Works

People who have low levels of iron may see common symptoms like headaches, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, and menstrual problems. The reason for these symptoms is the role iron plays within the body.

Most iron is held in the red blood cells which are responsible for transporting oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues throughout the body. If blood is not rich in iron and oxygen certain systems may struggle to operate correctly. If people start to have extremely low levels of iron they may actually become anemic. Luckily, the body can store excess iron making supplementation a good way to boost health.

Adult users should take three capsules per day with food. Because the iron is sourced from plants users should not experience digestive issues like cramping, bloating or gas. Pure Iron is also suitable for children; however dosing is different for children under the age of twelve.

XR Nutrition Pure Iron Ingredients

What makes this product different from other iron supplements is that the source of iron is plant based. Each three-tablet serving contain over three hundred times the daily-recommended levels of iron along with Folate and vitamin B12.

Two additional ingredient blends offer nutritional and digestive support. The proprietary whole food blend combines asparagus root, Ashwagandha, nutritional yeast, and cayenne fruit which work together to increase the absorption rates of iron while enhancing energy levels.

The proprietary enzyme blends works to gently support the body in fully absorbing iron into the bloodstream helping boost energy levels and overall health.

None of the ingredients contained in Pure Iron are sourced from common allergens like soy, gluten, or dairy.

XR Nutrition Pure Iron Pricing

Pure Iron is available for purchase online through the XR Nutrition website at xrnutrition.com, each bottle contains ninety capsules and costs $27.95.

XR Nutrition appears to offer an auto-refill program but the tab online does not work.

XR Nutrition Pure Iron Conclusion

Iron supplements are notorious for causing constipation, gas, and bloating but XR Nutrition believes that this will not happen while taking Pure Iron. Consumers who are vegetarian, vegan, or who have allergies will appreciate the simple formula offered by Pure Iron.


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