Health is wealth. This is a phrase that is commonly thrown around, but one that people don’t pay much attention to. Although disregarded a lot, it is a statement of fact. There is no denying that good health goes hand in hand with productivity. If you are unwell, chances are, you will probably not achieve much. Ill health does not always have to be in the form of obvious diseases. Sometimes, there are certain factors that cut down on your productivity, often without your being conscious of them.

Take for instance being overweight, or having decreased cognitive function. You may suffer from either of these conditions without needing to visit your GP, but they will still slow you down a great deal.

Luckily however, there are supplements that you can use in order to optimize your health. These supplements can take various forms, such as pills, teas, and even syrups. One of the world’s leading supplements brand is known as Unicity. The brand has earned its place among the best because of the countless benefits that users gain from using it. However, as is the case with most other things, the products made by this company have their shortcomings. Here is all you need to know about Unicity.

About Unicity

Unicity is a supplement-manufacturing company based in Utah, in the United States. It wasn’t always known by this name. In fact, it is the product of the merging of two separate companies. The companies were Enrich International and Rexall Sundown. Enrich International was established in 1972 and specialized in making health supplements from herbs and other natural products. Rexall Sundown, on the other hand, was formed in 1985 and specialized in selling personal care products and vitamins. The two companies came together after the invention of Bios Life, which was a product that took the world by storm.

Unicity was thus created in 2001. Since then, it has helped change the lives of millions for the better. Initially, the company only manufactured health supplements, but is has since expanded to include programs that train people on good health habits. The company has a long list of products, but some of the most noteworthy ones include Unicity Matcha, Bios Life Slim, The Unicity Transformation Program, and Unicity Balance. This is a global company, with outlets in more than 30 countries around the world.

Why Were Unicity Products Needed?

In order to answer this question, it is imperative that you first learn about the various products that the company manufactures. Two of the most popular Unicity products are Matcha and the Unicity Balance product.

Unicity Matcha is an herbal tea whose main effect is to improve your cognitive function. In simpler terms, the tea helps to boost your mental health a great deal. You may be wondering, but what would I need such a product for? Well, this product is particularly helpful to those who often lack the focus and energy to carry out various tasks. If you have noticed that most of your days seem to just drag on and on with little achievement on your part, then this is the product for you. The product also helps to restore harmony between your emotional and physical self. You may be surprised to learn just how important this harmony between soul and body is.

What is more, the product helps to protect your body from the harmful effects of oxidative stress. Simply put, this is a product that will give you razor sharp focus, increase your energy levels, and also protect your cells from oxidative stress.

The other product that is worth mentioning is Unicity Balance. This product is a weight loss supplement that is certainly more effective than most. The science behind its effectiveness is its list of potent ingredients and its even more powerful formula. The supplement helps people lose weight by burning fat and improving energy production.

For one to lose weight, they must burn most of the fat that is stored in the body. This is the basic reasoning behind working out. Unfortunately however, for one to lose weight solely through exercise can be something of an impossible task. It requires one to be dedicated and consistent, and this is more than most people are willing to be. That is why supplements like Unicity Balance are indispensable. The product initiates weight loss by restoring balance between insulin production and glucose releases.

When food is digested, the blood stream experiences a surge in glucose levels. This prompts the release of insulin, which is the hormone that is responsible for the conversion of glucose to glycogen and fats, which are the then stored in the body. With Unicity Balance however, the body produces glucose in small doses, which also results in the production of insulin in small doses. That way, energy is utilized in the body rather than being stored away. This also means that you will have higher energy levels, which in turn means that you will be more active. All this contributes to shedding those extra pounds. Even better is the fact that the supplement helps you maintain the correct levels of cholesterol, which if not managed can prove to be fatal.

Why were these products needed, you ask? Well, the company has been carrying out ground-breaking research in various areas of human health. These natural and herbal products proved to be more than useful in various aspects of physical and emotional well-being. The Unicity Transformation Program, on the other hand, was created to help people who felt the need to improve their health. The program has altered countless lives positively and helped numerous individuals to achieve goals they once deemed unachievable.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Unicity Products?

Proven Success

One of the reasons why Unicity products are immensely popular is because they actually do work. People who are looking for health supplements are often warned of the countless scams and rip offs that have infiltrated the market. Therefore, finding a product that actually delivers on its promise is a rare thing. Unicity products are a rare find for many who are looking for genuine weight loss, anti-aging, and even mental strength boosting products. These products are a result of long hours spent in laboratories studying various herbs and finding out the best formula to create special, effective, and superior quality products.

Natural Ingredients

In the wake of industrialization and modern medicine, humanity forgot all about potent herbs through which Mother Nature provides healing. Mankind is only now realizing the countless benefits that natural medicines have to offer. This is yet another quality that makes Unicity products all the more appealing. Many of the ingredients used in these products are sourced from nature, and processed in such a way as to give users maximum benefit. Take for instance the Matcha herbal tea.

The leaves used in making this tea are ground into a very fine powder, which ensures that virtually all the nutrients present in the leaf are absorbed in the blood stream. Because of the extra emphasis placed on using only natural products when making Unicity products, users can reap the maximum benefits that Mother Nature has to offer.

Boosts Metabolism

Additionally, most of Unicity products help improve the body’s metabolism. It doesn’t matter that you want your body’s metabolism boosted in order to reduce weight, increase your energy levels, or to reverse the symptoms of ageing; you can rest assured that Unicity products will boost the metabolism rate.

Good Reputation

The company has been in existence for nearly two decades now, which is a remarkably long period of time. Over this time, it has built itself a solid reputation as one of the world’s leading supplements brand. As a consumer, you certainly want to purchase products from companies that have a great reputation. For any company, and supplement companies in particular, reputation is everything. The good thing about purchasing products from a reputable seller is that you are assured that they are genuine products. Additionally, a company that has been in existence for a long time is without doubt a company that has proven to be sustainable and reliable. Unicity is one such company.

Various Products

Another benefit of using Unicity products is that you can get supplements for virtually any of your needs. Getting all your supplements from one company is beneficial because it saves you a lot of time and effort, plus you are more likely to see consistent results if you use products from one company.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Unicity Products?


There is no denying the fact that Unicity products are expensive. Many people complain about the pricey nature of these products, which might also explain why many people opt not to use them. While it is understandable why you might not buy the products because they are a bit too expensive, you also ought to ask yourself how much money can really be worth your health. Remember that health is wealth. If you wish to live a long, healthy, and productive life, you certainly must pay a price for it.

You may also be tempted to purchase products that are a bit cheaper than Unicity products. While this makes plenty of economic sense, remember that many questionably cheap supplements are of low quality or they could be total rip offs. It is often said that cheap is expensive, and this is particularly true of health supplements.

Contain Caffeine

Caffeine is a key ingredient in many supplements, particularly those meant to improve mental alertness. A number of Unicity products also contain caffeine, most notably among them the Matcha tea product. Whereas caffeine is a fairly harmless product, it also makes people likely to get addicted to it. This is just one small disadvantage of using Unicity Products.

Unicity Review Summary

Unicity is a rather respectable brand of supplements. The company is based in the USA, although it has outlets in many other countries around the world. You can buy their products from the company website, Amazon, and various other sources. Some of their top products include Unicity Balance, Matcha Tea, and Bios Life Slim drink. The company also has a 12-week transformation program dubbed The Unicity Transformation program. The program is both motivational and also aimed at improving the health of the participants.

There are countless benefits that one can gain from using Unicity products. For one thing, these products provide a reasonable and practical approach towards weight loss. Some of the products are specifically meant to help people lose weight, while there are some that help prevent one from gaining excess weight. Other products help to maintain balance in the body, which is exceedingly important if you are to remain healthy. There are also Unicity products that are solely meant to improve your brain function. These are particularly helpful if you have been having mental alertness problems, regardless of whether they are memory or focus problems. With such a product, you will be able to get through most of your work within no time. The supplements also help give you an energy boost, which means that you tend to be more active.

Although there are various benefits that one can gain from using the products, there are also certain disadvantages associated with Unicity products. One such disadvantage concerns the expensive nature of the products. To purchase these products, you will certainly have to dig deep into your pockets. Another disadvantage of the products is that some contain caffeine, which may prove to be quite addictive.

On the whole however, Unicity products are rather decent products worth your attention. They can transform you and give you more drive to achieve your goals. They can also help keep diseases at bay, and ensure that you are as healthy as can be. If you wish to try the products, do not hesitate to purchase them. You can rest assured that they are genuine products that will deliver. Keep in mind that the manufacturing company has been in existence for a long time now, which is all the proof you need for the authenticity of the products. Try them today and witness the positive impact they will have on you.


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