NuYugen: Herbal CBD Cannabinoid Blend MLM Products?


There is a lot of attention circulating around hemp and other Cannabidiol (CBD) products. The cause for the focus may be because we are starting to see the medicinal purposes for such products. After such a long time being regulated as a drug, a new light is being shown on products that contain CBD chemicals. Companies are even starting to gain traction on the stock market with the new laws that are legalizing the uses.

One company that is gaining traction for its products that contain Cannabidiol is NuYugen. NuYugen is a multi-level marketing company that is selling products that are said to alleviate stress and calms the body. The question is though, is the products worth buying?

About NuYugen

NuYugen's website doesn't offer any information about who runs and operates the site. In fact, the site leaves you with more questions than answers as the welcome page suggests that the member gets in touch with the person who referred to them as the site hasn't launched yet.

With a little research, you will find that the CEO of NuYugen is Richard Sharp. NuYugen is Mr. Sharp's first attempt at managing an MLM company. His credentials for running such a company aren't clear. The only further information given about Mr. Sharp is that he was the editor for a magazine that focuses on hemp news and CBD related topics.

Now according to NuYugen's Facebook profile, a Jeanette Sousa and Robin Blanc Mascari are listed as the “team members.” When looking further into the Facebook team members, only Robin Blanc Mascari is noted for managing NuYugen.

As for any further information on the company, only time will tell. Once the site is actually launched, perhaps more information will be given.

The Products

According to the information found on Facebook about NuYugen products, the company is in the ‘health and wellness' niche. One of the main products sold through NuYugen is Soulera. Soulera is marketed as an anti-stress supplement that contains a plethora of herbs. Some of the herbs listed on the 10 oz bottle are Chaga, Chinese Licorice, Hawthorn, and Mountain Ash. A 10 oz bottle of Soulera will run you about $49.99 without CBD. Soulera with CBD will run you $89.99.

Right now, there are only three products that are marketed, Soulera, Lera Blend and Lera CBD. The Lera products don't offer any information about what the ingredients are, nor will you find what their purpose is other than to have more than one product sold by NuYugen.

NuYugen Opportunity

As an affiliate, you can earn 20% commissions on each sale. But if you are signing up, you may be wanting to strive for residual income. That is where the structure and multi-level marketing comes in.

There are nine levels at which an affiliate can strive to reach. Everyone starts as an “Affiliate.” Once you reach 90 Personal Volume a month with 250 Group Volume, you can be leveled up as a “Consultant.”

The next seven levels all require an affiliate to have 90 personal volume a month but are only leveled up if their group volume reaches a certain percentage. Level three is the “Director” who needs 700 group volume. Level four is the “Executive” which you need to generate 2000 group volume. Next is the “Bronze” level that requires 5,000 group volume. “Silver” level requires 10,000 group volume, while “Gold” affiliates need 25,000 group volume. The “Platinum” level has affiliates making 50,000 group volume while the “Diamond” requires a group volume of 100,000.

Each affiliate once they have built their down the line receives residual income depending on the level at which the product was sold. For example, if you are in the “Directors” level, you are looking at earning 9% from your level 1 and a drop in 1% for each remaining levels. Level 2 will make you 8%, level 3 you will get 7%.

Bonuses are also rewarded for the affiliates who earn the most for the company. Such bonuses include “lifestyle” bonuses, leadership bonuses, and rank achievement bonuses.

To become an affiliate, there is a yearly fee of $39.

The Verdict on NuYugen

While there is nothing wrong with selling CBD products, it would help if NuYugen would be more open about who is in charge. As of this posting, the website is only accessible to affiliates which means you have to sign up from another member.

When looking at the compensation plan that is in place, making the monthly personal volume would be accessible. All you would need to do is purchase one blend bottle of Soulera, and you would make the quota. Of course, that is what it seems the company wants you to do considering each level requires 90 PV to maintain the current level each month.

As for the bonuses that are granted to qualifying affiliates, it seems a bit over the top to offer lifestyle bonuses. Of course, for those super sellers, this would be a good incentive to keep sales up each month.

Now for the marketing plan that NuYugen has in place, well, marketing a product as a “Stress reliever” seems a bit over the top. Stress is different for everyone. Of course, CBD and other related products have been tested to relieve such issues. The question is, does Soulera or other products by NuYugen. The only way to find out is to purchase a bottle and try it.

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