6 Natural Minerals That Help You Power Your Brain to the Next Level


In the modern era, scientists and researchers still do not understand the brain 100%. It’s an extremely complicated organ that we haven’t figured out yet. More research will be done and perhaps we will eventually crack the code to the brain.

The brain is the source of your reality. It’s why you are even capable of reading this article. The brain is the most important organ of all time. Everything else is extra. Russian scientists severed a dog head and connected the head to a machine, without the body. The dog was able to live for extended periods of time.

The Importance Of The Brain As An Organ

It’s important to take care of it. Making sure that your brain is nourished should be your number one priority in life. Why? It will determine how fast you learn, how fast you react, how fast you think, how fast you respond, how your emotions will be, how you see the world, and so much more.

It's important that you see why you should take care of your brain. That’s the first step to take to get a healthier life.

Here are the following vitamins and minerals that you should add more into your life.

Folic Acid

This acid can be found in a wide range of foods such as spinach, lentils, and asparagus. Most of this vitamin is stored within your liver. When people experience liver damage, this is when people experience deficiencies in this vitamin. This acid plays an important role in the creation and formation of amino acids, and the creation of brain tissue.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted on animals and people that had deficiencies in the vitamin. What happened was that these people, were more likely to experience issues with their brain. Troubles with their memory, increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and plenty of more. People who were able to get more folic acid, were able to reverse this completely. The risks are reduced and people have better brains overall.

Ascorbic Acid (Otherwise known as Vitamin C)

Most of this vitamin can be found in your brain. It’s located within the pituitary gland. You can tell that it’s important to have vitamin C in your life. You can find a lot of them in fruits such as, apples, bananas, oranges, and so forth. Vitamin C plays a role in the creation of a chemical called dopamine and protects your brain from stress.

Dopamine is the foundation of how you function. It’s the reward mechanism in your brain. It’s why you do the things you do. Protecting your brain from stress is important as well. The downside to this vitamin is that it can’t be stored. That is why it’s critical to have a daily intake of this vitamin. Eat a lot of fruits daily and you will be fine.


One group of vitamins that are critical for the health of your brain, is the vitamin B group. Thiamin is a part of that group and is found in your brain. There’s a lot of them thiamine in your brain.

Vitamins from the B group are considered to be particularly important for good brain health. Thiamin is one of the many B vitamins that is found abundantly in the brain and nerve tissue. Deficiencies in this vitamin, has been shown to make people suffer from memory loss and other related issues with the brain. If you want to keep your memory in good shape, you want to have more thiamine in your life. Foods rich in thiamine are: beef, liver, nuts, oranges, and eggs.


Calcium is the most important mineral out there for the healthiness of your brain. The job that it does is to make sure the different neurons in your brain are able to form connections and communicate. Pretty important job to do. Most people do not encounter issues with calcium deficiency.

The reason is that there’s a huge amount of this substance in your body. It’s in your bones. The only reason why you might encounter calcium deficiencies is due to genetics and the side effects of certain prescription medication.

Some health problems that you might encounter if you have a deficiency are: bone cancer, hypocalcemia, low blood pressure, osteopenia, and plenty of more.


Scientists are currently unsure of how much of a role that zinc plays on brain health. There hasn’t been enough research to see the effects of zinc on the brain. However, we do understand what happens if there is a deficiency of zinc. The deficiency of zinc has been associated with different neurological diseases, and people who have Alzheimer’s disease. People also had an increased risk of developing psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, and plenty of more.

Foods that are rich in zinc are beef and shrimp. Sunflower seeds are another type of food that you can eat to get zinc exposure. Having exposure to zinc isn’t that hard to do, if you have the will and desire to do so.


Magnesium is a mineral that assists in the process of converting B vitamins into something that can be used by the body. It increases potency and effectiveness. It’s useless to consume vitamins, without magnesium in the process. Magnesium is the reason why vitamins work in the first place. Studies have shown that if you gave rats magnesium, their long-term memory would improve as well as short term memory.

You don’t want too much magnesium though. There needs to be an ideal balance of calcium and magnesium in your body. If there isn’t a proper balance, you increase the risk of developing neurological diseases and psychological disorders. It isn’t something you want. This is the case if you have a deficiency in calcium or magnesium.


A lot of people aren’t aware enough of how important their brain health is. There are a different number of vitamins/minerals that you should pay attention to. By doing this you will pave the way to a healthier brain.

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