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The NOKIA Company creates devices to help improve our daily lives. You probably know of Nokia through the phone production line, but this is a company that does more than just phones. The Company is powered by research and innovation to produce new products that serve communications, large enterprises, government, and consumers. They do all their work in the Nokia Bell Labs. Nokia is truly a global company with over 160 nationalities in their workforce and a presence in over 100 countries.

The newest emerging realities in digital health are now shaping life and transforming how people live their lives. This is a company that has been in the technology market for over 150 years, where it has consistently reinvented itself to serve its consumers with up to date gadgets. What Nokia simply does is empower people so that they can do what they want in life.

For this article, we will discuss their products in the health sector and more specifically the Nokia Body digital weighing scale that can help keep your health in check.

Nokia Body Smart Scale For A Smarter You

Nokia has made it easier for people to keep track of their bio-parameters. The new Nokia Body scale is your new partner in tracking your weight and other body parameters and remaining accountable. Weighing you in is just the first step as the company goes a step further to provide you with solutions that are easy and effective for weight management. Each weighing session will provide you with instant feedback through weight trend and BMI screens. There is a further automatic sync to a free app on your smartphone to help you track your progress anytime and anywhere.

The Nokia Body weighing scale is a high-quality scale with several features that benefit the user is many ways. It is a whole family scale with capabilities to measures up to 8 people and automatically recognizes them. It then goes ahead to sync all the collected data directly to the Health Mate app, where individuals can then follow and track their progress over time.

This is one of the best ways to track your child’s growth by simply allowing them to step on the scale. You can even hold your child in your arms and step on the scale with them, and it will detect the weight difference, giving you the exact weight of your child. This is a safe option to measure your child’s weight and know their growth progress.

The scale also works well for pregnant mothers who can activate the pregnancy mode and track the pregnancy weight gain every moment they step on the scale. The scale is quite efficient, allowing people to know their BMI and where they stand. It does the BMI calculations on its own based on the last eight weigh-ins. You can stay on track with your weight goals by setting a weight goal on your Health Mate App. The data on the scale will then be automatically synced into the app using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Benefits Of Nokia’s Digital Scale

  • The scale has some of the highest precision counts giving you an accurate measure of your true weight. You can get precision counts of 0.2 pounds, which is quite good.
  • The Health Mate App pairs with over 100 other fitness apps in the industry, which make it quite versatile to support all your goals. The scale can greatly help people plan for the day by viewing the local weather and preparing their day accordingly.
  • The scale is family friendly and can track and record weight for up to 8 people, including children.
  • Through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the scale automatically syncs with your Health Mate App. This simply takes away the task of manually filling in data into the app.
  • The apps work well and enable users to track their weight wherever they go with easy.

With the advanced cardio scale, users can easily measure advanced features like body composition and heart rate metrics, all which sync into your app and help you keep track of your health.

Other products apart from the Nokia Body digital scale that are produced by the company for the purpose of tracking your health include the Nokia BPM+, which makes it quite easier to track your heart. The device is pretty simple and can help you know your blood pressure at any time of the day. It then automatically syncs the pressure directly to your health mate app. The app will then give you an instant feedback based on the recommended blood pressure, warning you in the case the pressure is too high or too low. This is one of the best ways to manage hypertension with the device, getting thumbs up from doctors across the globe.

Are These Digital Scales Required?

These products are the way to go with most people looking for ways to keep track of their health without having to make endless visits to the doctor. The digital scale is a great way to discover problems with your heart or body early in advance and seek appropriate help.

With the app, people can easily achieve their weight goals fast as they can track their progress and get the motivation they need. When you discover you’ve lost a certain amount of weight, you will be motivated to see your next reading the next time you weight.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are no side effects with using the Nokia Body, which have been proven to be safe even around children. They are family friendly and work well, automatically recognizing whoever stepped on the scale.

Nokia Body Summary

The Nokia Body can help people track their health and fitness level with ease, realizing of any anomalies early in advance before they worsen. The digital scale is revolutionary in the health industry and one that has been positively received by consumers worldwide. The scales measure weight to the highest precision and transfers the data to an app on your phone, helping you have all your health records with you at all times.

This is a great way to reach your set out weight loss goals by simply following the progress on your app.


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