Melaleuca – Quality Vitamins & Supplements MLM Wellness Company?


Wellness has been the center of attention for many companies recently. Our not so optimal lifestyles, which have been impacted by our lack of movement and fast food, is producing health issues and decreasing our wellbeing slowly.

Some of us have noticed this problem and have begun working hard to try and restore our health, but doing so without the help of products which are designed to make this task easier can be somewhat of a challenge.

Melaleuca is among these companies which strives to offer the best products possible in order to help you improve you overall wellbeing. They have been around since 1985 and have always had a mission of enhancing peoples’ lives by helping them reach their wellbeing goals, this is what drives this company to continue making fantastic products that we all can benefit from.

What Is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca calls themselves the largest online wellness shopping club in North America, with over one million shoppers every month, $1.75 billion sales annually, and with a monthly reorder rate of 96%.

These numbers are certainly impressive and may very well be the reason why Melaleuca is such a successful company, but all of these excellent results can be attributed to one thing: their products. Melaleuca has over 400 different products and all of them are aimed to help you improve your wellness.

One of the reasons why products that are manufactured by Melaleuca are frequently repurchased and continue fueling the success of the company is because of their strict standards and quality.

Melaleuca believes in the quality of the product rather than the quantity of it, and they create items which are valuable because of the high standards that are put into them during their production. It is these standards that are responsible for the superior quality that comes alongside any of the products sold by Melaleuca.

Additionally, Melaleuca also ensures that all of their products are not only safe for use in all homes but also safe for the environment. Producing quality items which are safe to use and don’t harm the environment is one of the best ways to ensure that your company is super successful and will continue producing excellent sales numbers while delivering exactly what the customer wants.

Besides the products that have already been created and manufactured, Melaleuca is constantly researching new ideas and patents to ensure that their customers have access to the best that science has to offer. The pursuit of new and innovative ideas ensures that the company is keeping up with the changing environment and is able to accommodate the people as our needs change. This outlook creates stability and security in the future.

Keeping up with the ongoing changes in the environment is vital to producing exactly what we need to ensure our wellbeing is at its optimal. Furthermore, keeping a keen eye on scientific discoveries and development also ensures that your customers are benefiting from the most advanced health products.

Melaleuca is a club type company; this means that in order to enjoy their quality products you will have to register on their website. All of their products can be purchased online. Those of you who are interested in distributing Melaleuca products and selling them to other individuals can do so by creating an online account.

Melaleuca gives you the tools and information needed to help you manage your business, which can be accomplished through the Business Center. You will also gain access to motivational and informational training audios and videos designed to improve your knowledge about the products Melaleuca has to offer, as well as help you motivate others to improve their wellbeing.

It’s no mystery that Melaleuca has some of the best wellbeing products on the market, but what exactly do they have to offer? Well, this is exactly why we are here!

We will go through each category of products that Melaleuca has available in their online store and talk about some of the items you can find in each of these categories and why they are superior to other similar products made by other companies. Let’s jump into it!

Melaleuca Nutrition

One of the key aspects of every person’s wellbeing is their nutrition. What we eat and the nutrients we absorb from the food found in our diet greatly shape our overall health.

Sometimes our diet isn’t capable of delivering the right amounts of vital vitamins and minerals needed for our body to stay healthy. Melaleuca knows that many people often don’t get the right nutrients they need from the food they eat and thus they offer some of the best nutritional products we have seen on the market.

The Peak Performance line of products which is offered by Melaleuca is the perfect example of what you can expect from this company. The Peak Performance family of products consists of a few different pack types.

Each of these products is custom tailored for specific situations. Peak Performance is able to deliver specifically targeted nutrition designed to improve your heart health, metabolic health and cellular health. These supplements offer highly potent nutrients needed by your body to ensure your energy levels are at their peak and your wellbeing is optimal.

Protection against free radicals and damage they can cause to your body is also something that is offered by the Peak Performance line of products. Insulin response and blood flow are often overlooked by other manufacturers who make complete nutritional supplements, luckily Melaleuca thought of adding ingredients designed to improve your blood flow and correct your insulin response.

Unlike other products that are often somewhat difficult to absorb by your body, Peak Performance is designed with nutrient absorption in mind. Lastly, these supplements also offer complete joint and muscle recovery after exercise and even full body recovery support.

Peak Performance is just one of the nutritional supplements that Melaleuca has to offer, there are many other Vitamins and Supplements that you can find on their website. Besides theses supplements you can also find Food & Weight Loss products as well as Hot Beverages. The Food and Weight Loss products offered by Melaleuca are designed to help you lose weight as effortlessly as possible while offering energy needed to keep working out and going to the gym.

They also have a variety of sports nutrition products which are meant to help your body retain muscle while offering the best ingredients to help your muscles recover post workout and help your stay energized throughout your workouts. The hot beverages which are offered by Melaleuca are coffee, tea, and specialty items like apple cider and cocoa. All of the hot beverage items are premium made and are some of the highest quality products we have seen.

Melaleuca Medicine Cabinet

We all have a medicine cabinet in our home because no matter how healthy you are eventually even people with optimal wellbeing get sick. Most people have typical items in their medical cabinet designed to help those pesky headaches go away, disinfect possible wounds or lacerations, help with digestion, etc. But how many of the products in your medicine cabinet are 100% harmless to your body?

We often overlook the ingredients that are present in some of the most commonly used medical products. Some of these ingredients are potentially harmful, so while the main product is able to help you with the current health issue at the same time that product might be causing other potentially dangerous problems to occur.

One of the items that should be in every medical cabinet, and vehicle, is the first aid kit. Melaleuca knows the importance of a first aid kit and that is exactly why their first aid kits are in another league when compared to others. The Melaleuca First Aid Kit contains 18 pieces, 6 of which are Melaleuca original items with the addition of a full assortment of first aid accessories.

The pack contains the following items:

T36-C5 Melaleuca Oil

This item is designed to treat minor cuts, scrapes, burns, and bug bites. The oil penetrates and cleans very effectively and helps your body jump start the healing process.

Melagel Topical Gel

This is used to treat minor cuts and scratches with the help of ingredients such as Melaleuca Oil, various healing butters, and sealing waxes.

Triple Antibiotic Ointment

This is designed to kill 99.9% of bacteria that causes infection while delivering conditioning power with the help of Melaleuca Oil.

Counteract IB

This is a well formulated ibuprofen based product designed to reduce fever and swelling while offering the highest amount of pain relief.

Flexible Fabric Bandages

This will stay on the designated area no matter how much movement is introduced, while protecting the fresh cuts and scrapes.

Ace Style Wrap

This is used to hold treatments and bandages in place and also to support injuries or sprains (comes with a Velcro fastener).

Clear Defense Wipes

These are made with germ killing alcohol and supported by Melaleuca Oil to help the healing process while killing 99.9% of harmful bacteria.

Dermacort Anti-itch Cream

This is designed with a single purpose, to relieve harsh and painful itching with the added benefit of soothing the skin.

Gauze Pads

These are perfect for scrapes and cuts that need to be cleared of fluid to keep the wound clear.

Medical Tape

This is perfectly designed to keep all your bandages in place.

Stainless Steel Tweezers

These are perfect for removing debris and splinters from wounds due to their slanted-tip.

Instant Cold Pack

This is essential for reducing swelling and easing discomfort when an injury occurs in a location where access to ice is limited.

Roll Gauze

This is perfect for treating large scrapes or areas that need to remove fluids and protect the area from outside debris.

Butterfly Bandages

These are an absolute necessity for deep wounds. They hold the skin firmly without sticking to the wound itself.

Gel Bead Pack

This is a multipurpose item that can be either heated up to relieve muscle aches or frozen to help reduce swelling and pain.

In combination all of these items make a very impressive first aid kit which any adventurer should keep handy. In addition to the above items, you can find one of the most important items that should be present in all first aid kits but is frequently omitted: First Aid Product Essentials Guide. This guide offers knowledge on handling first aid situations and tips you will need to ensure you get the most out of your Melaleuca products.

There are a few other products that Melaleuca has listed in their medical cabinet category. Expect to see items that can help with the cold, allergies, the flu, fever, acne, dry skin, and even heartburn. All of these products are made from top quality ingredients with formulas designed to improve your wellbeing as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Melaleuca Beauty

One thing that many people often forget is that beauty products are often related to your wellbeing. Think about it, all the creams and ointments that you use topically often contain ingredients that can penetrate your skin and enter your body. If the wrong ingredients are incorporated in these beauty products then you might develop health problems that can even become chronic.

Using formulas and ingredients that are harmless to the human body is exactly what Melaleuca is all about. They offer beauty products that cover the following categories: skin care, makeup, luxury hair care, and perfumes & colognes. Let’s take a look at one of their most popular products in the beauty section.

One of the most popular products that is a favorite by many customers is the Sei Bella Brilliance Lip Gloss or the Sei Bella Brilliance Plump Lip Gloss. The formula used in both of these lip gloss items is perfectly designed to soothe and moisturize your lips throughout the whole day.

Unlike many other lip gloss items, Sei Bella Brilliance won’t fade away after a few hours of wearing it and will continue producing not only and amazing look for your lips but also protecting them from the elements. Both of these products are relatively inexpensive, about $15 dollars at the moment, and are often reduced in price by Melaleuca because of their popularity.

Another popular item that many customers have been enjoying from the beauty section of Melaleuca’s online catalog is the Style Perfection Special. This package actually contains four different items. The Sei Bella Amplifying Mousse is the perfect product to ensure that your hair appears fuller, bouncier and thicker while offering remarkable control. The second item is the Sei Bella Soft Hold Styling Cream which adds a soft satin shine to your hair while offering touchable frizz control.

Sei Bella Defining Gel offers a bit more control than the other items and allows you to sculpt your hair to a precise style while delivering a high gloss shine. Lastly, the Sei Bella Classic Hold Finish Spray offers natural control for soft touchable hair and, unlike other sprays, doesn’t produce flakes or make your hair sticky. All four of these items give you complete control over your hair for whichever style you decide is your favorite of the day.

The beauty products which are offered by Melaleuca are truly unique and made with quality at the forefront. They deliver exceptional results which are incomparable to products which are manufactured by other companies. Melaleuca truly cherishes the value they put into all of their products, and beauty isn’t an exception.

Melaleuca Bath & Body

Imagine relaxing in a comfortable bath with the perfect water temperature, enjoying your evening alone with your favorite book and being completely unaware of all the harmful ingredients that are slowly entering your body and creating a case for potential health conditions to occur. If you use generic bath and body items, chances are there are numerous amounts of products that contain these toxic elements that you should never be exposed to.

At Melaleuca, your health and wellness is the priority. That’s exactly why you will never find any harmful or even questionable ingredients listed in any of their products.

The Sun Valley Personal Special bundle is one of Maleleuca’s most sold items in the bath and body section. It contains five items: two Sun Valley Body Washes, two Sun Valley Body Lotions, and Sun Valley foaming hand soap.

The Sun Valley Body Wash comes in three different varieties: Caribbean Coast, Weekend Chic, and Pear Raspberry. Each of these fantastic body washes contains just the right amount of Vitamin E, aloe, and Shea Butter to ensure your body is left clean and smooth throughout the day as well as fragranced with the aroma of the chose variety.

The Sun Valley Lotions have a few different and some of the same varieties as the body wash: Caribbean Coast, Moonlit Lily, Pear Raspberry, Weekend Chic, and Sparkling Peach. Just like the body wash, the Sun Valley Lotion contains two familiar ingredients, Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

However, this lotion also contains other vital ingredients like Vitamin B3 and B5, in combination with the previously mentioned ingredients. This lotion is one of the best products out there if you are looking to ensure that your skin is well moisturized throughout the day and fragrant with tantalizing aroma of your choice.

The last item in the bundle, the Sun Valley Hand Soap, is made with natural and harmless ingredients which foam quickly when used on your hands. This unique hand soap comes in many different varieties: Sparkling Peach, Caribbean Coast, Grapefruit Splash, Blackberry Kiss, Honey Almond, Sweet Lavender, Mint & Herb, and the brand new Shimmering Rose.

No matter which fragrance scented hand soap you choose, the cleaning power will remain unmatched while your hands will be treated by super silky and smooth soap that will leave you wanting to wash your hands more frequently.

Melaleuca Essential Oils

Not so long ago, many scientists established that aromatherapy can greatly improve your wellbeing. Although essential oils have been used for an extremely long time, even noted frequently in the Bible, only recently have we truly realized the multitude of benefits that they offer when used topically and in the air.

Melaleuca also offers some essential oils that they believe are truly powerful and should be used in everyone’s household to improve their wellbeing. Among these oils is the well known essential oil of Clary Sage. This herb has been used for thousands of year as a remedy for numerous health related issues. It should come with no surprise that the essential oil of the Clary Sage herb is also very powerful.

Melaleuca delivers the PURE Clary Sage 100% Essential Oil that can be used to improve fragrance around your home as well as offer benefits of a healthier looking skin if used in combination with your favorite moisturizer simply by adding a single drop of the oil to it. Adding this essential oil to carrier oils and using it for massages will deliver a relaxing and uplifting fragrance that can do wonders for your body and mind.

Melaleuca Conclusion

Melaleuca certainly has plenty of products that you can benefit from. We have looked at the ingredients in most of these items and can gladly state that they are indeed harmless if used correctly. Melaleuca truly values quality over quantity and know that this is what delivers value to their company and the main reason why more and more customers are shopping at their online store.

As always, before using any type of supplements, medications, nutrients, or other special products that contain unique ingredients, we strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor and discuss your intentions.

Even though extremely rare, it is possible that the combinations of ingredients found in some products we have listed could cause adverse reactions due to allergies or other underlying health conditions. If your health changes for any reason after using or consuming any of Melaleuca products, consult with your doctor.

Melaleuca is a reputable company with an excellent selection of products that are safe and harmless to the environment. They offer you the ability not only to use their products but also to create a business around distributing their product.

Not many companies are willing to share their unique products with others, and we think Melaleuca has made the right choice by keeping their customers at the top of their priority list.

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