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ICON Meals is an innovative meal program that provides nutritious meals that help consumers eat healthy in a busy lifestyle. ICON Meals offers customized meals, snacks, and pantry staples that are packed with nutrition and taste great. Please read below for more information about ICON Meals.

What is Icon Meals?

ICON Meals is a website offering nutritious meals and snacks to help support people who are working to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle. ICON Meals offers ready-made meals that are high in nutrition and natural ingredients. Users can simply choose their meals online and have them shipped to their home or pick them up in the Dallas, Texas area.

How Does It Work?

Icon Meals are simple and easy to start incorporating into any lifestyle. Consumers have the option of choosing from signature or custom meals options. Once meals have been chosen, consumers then choose how often they want their meals and if they will pick them up or have them shipped. Meals are ready to simply reheat and enjoy.

Ordering details and specifics can be found online at www.iconmeals.com.

You can also combine Signature Meals with Custom Meals and have them ready for pickup, delivery or to be shipped twice a week.


In addition to custom meals, delicious snacks, and a’ la carte options, ICON meals offer s weekly menu that includes specialized meals that will add variety to the consumer’s diet.

-Custom Meals:

With multiple protein, carb and veggie selections you individualize and complete your own plan. We provide fresh options, with a healthy variety to choose from, while acting as your own Culinary Chef catering to your busy schedule, your individual health goals and your bottom line.

Consumers who chose custom meals have the option to choose their protein, serving size, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

-Proteins by the Pound:

Chicken, cod, tilapia, ground turkey, ground beef, steak, salmon, and ground bison.

-A’ la Carte Sides:

All of the carbohydrates and vegetables offered through the custom meals are available for purchase individually.


ICON Meals offers a variety of tasty snacks including cookies, protein brownies, and protein powder popcorn. Cookies are available in chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and double chocolate. Consumers can buy cookies by individual flavors or variety packs.

Protein Powder Popcorn is available in five delicious flavors including dark chocolate sea salt, vanilla peanut butter, banana split (banana, strawberry, chocolate, vanilla), espresso, and freedom popcorn (strawberry, blueberry, vanilla).

P28 Foods:

This line of food products includes pantry staples that are high in protein, essential amino acids, fiber, and whey isolates.

Pancake mix, spreads, wraps, bagels, and bread loaves are all available. Spreads are available in five delicious flavors including peanut butter plus white chocolate, almond, banana raisin, and ICON Meal’s signature flavor. Gingerbread is available seasonally.

Meal Components

In addition to snacks and A’ La Carte options, ICON Meals offers customized meal options for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Each custom breakfast offers the option for proteins and carbohydrates.

-Proteins: Scrambled whole eggs, scrambled egg whites, hard boiled eggs, or no eggs.

-Additional Proteins: Turkey bacon, ground beef, ground bison, ground turkey, and grilled chicken.

-Carbohydrate: Plain oatmeal, diced hash browns, and protein pancakes. Consumers can also choose to make their meal carb-free.


Each custom meal comes with a choice of protein, carb, and vegetable.

-Proteins: Chicken, cod, tilapia, ground turkey, beef, steak, salmon, bison, and vegan patty.

Consumers can choose their protein size available in incremental sizes from 3 ounce to twelve ounces.

-Carbohydrates: Carb-free, plain white rice, cilantro lime rice (brown or white), saffron rice, brown rice, plain white potato, herb roasted white potato, plain sweet potato, sweet potato mash, whole wheat pasta, and quinoa.

-Vegetables: Green beans, broccoli, spinach, and asparagus. Consumers can also get their meal without vegetables.

ICON Meals Pricing

ICON meals are available in a huge variety of options.

-Custom Meals:


All ICON Meals custom breakfast options cost $5.00.

Consumers can choose their proteins and carbohydrates. Consumers can choose to add up to twelve eggs to their meal for an additional $0.75 per egg.


The base price of all ICON Custom meals is $7.00.

Consumers who want to add asparagus or quinoa will add $0.50 to their meal cost. All custom meals are available with 3 or 4 ounce proteins (chicken, cod, tilapia, vegan patty or ground turkey) for the same price. Consumers who want to choose beef, steak, or salmon can do so for an additional $1.00 per meal for a 3 or 4 oz. serving. Bison is also available for an additional $2.00. All proteins are available in 3oz-12oz size options and the price increases by a dollar per ounce.

-Proteins by the Pound:

$9.00 per pound (chicken, cod, extra lean ground turkey), $11.00 per pound (tilapia, extra lean ground beef), $14.00 per pound (steak, salmon), and $15.00 per pound of ground bison.

-A’ la Carte Sides:

Priced based on portion size and product.



Six cookie boxes are available for purchase for $15.00. (chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate or variety pack)


Six brownies per box are $15.00 per box.

-Protein Powder Popcorn:

Each bag of protein powder popcorn contains four cups of popcorn and cost $8.00. Consumers can also choose a variety pack which includes four packs of popcorn for $28.00. A four pack of Freedom Popcorn is available for $25.00.

-P28 Foods:

Pancake mix (out of stock), spreads (out of stock), wraps ($6.49-out of stock), bagels ($6.99-out of stock), and bread ($6.99-out of stock).

ICON Meals are available for both delivery and also local pickup. Shipping is available to the 48 contiguous states. Shipping is also available to certain parts of Alaska and Hawaii but consumers living in those states should contact ICON Meals prior to purchase to ensure delivery options. Shipping is $25-$50 per box. Each box holds up to 21 meals. Consumers living near Dallas can save on shipping and pay only $12 per box.

ICON Meals is based in Texas and offers four pickup locations in Little Elm, Plano, Frisco, and Dallas. Small businesses or gyms who are interested in becoming a pickup location can contact ICON Meals to get on board.

Who Makes ICON Meals?

ICON Meals was born out of a growing frustration of not being able to find fresh, healthy prepared meals that were not over loaded with sodium, and sugars. ICON Meals offers great tasting, fresh, healthy meals at an affordable price.

All of the meals are created and prepared by professional culinary chefs with years of culinary training and experience. ICON Meals and snacks are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, unhealthy fats, sugars and sodium. ICON meals contain all natural ingredients and no added preservatives.

Whether consumers are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or stay in shape, ICON Meals can help!

ICON Meals is based in Texas.

Should You Purchase ICON Meals?

ICON Meals offers the consumer an easy solution to help them eat healthy and nutritious. Consumers simply order their meals through the ICON Meals website and either pick them up near Dallas or have them shipped to their home. ICON Meals arrive ready to heat and eat. Additionally, ICON Foods offers cookies, popcorn, wraps, bread, and spreads that are packed full of amino acids and protein to help support consumers in making healthy lifestyle choices.

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