P28 High Protein Spreads – Healthy Nutritious Food Products?


Making sure that you are getting enough of the right nutrition throughout the day can sometimes be a real challenge.

It is even more of a struggle if you are working hard on a specific fitness goal.

If you watch what you eat because you are looking to lose a few pounds, if you need more energy to make sure you can work out at the gym after work or if you follow a strict diet for any other reason, being able to have a convenient source of protein to help satisfy a craving can end up being a real waist-line saver.

Sure, there are other quick ways to get a snack if you are feeling low on energy, but many of them can be extremely unhealthy.

How many times have you ended up going through a drive through to order something fast and ended up regretting it because it was heavy or greasy and it ended up slowing you down?

About P28 High Protein Spreads

For this exact reason, P28 High Protein Spreads has come out with a way to get a quick and tasty snack to help you perform at your best during the day. Take a look below to learn more about how these spreads can keep you on the right track.

Body Fuel On The Go

The P28 High Protein Spreads solution to hunger is to use a high protein spread. Think of them as a pumped-up peanut or almond butter.

Choose any flavor you would like in place of the plain peanut butter that you usually gravitate to win you need a pick me up. Breakfast foods like toast, wraps, or bagels can all use a big dose of delicious protein to help keep you feel fuller, longer.

If you like celery or carrots with peanut butter for a snack, or if you like spreading peanut butter on apples or crackers for a quick bite, choose P28 instead! Each spread is made from all-natural ingredients and is created to pack in 14 grams of protein in each 2 TBSP. serving.

9 Great Flavors To Choose From

The same old same routine can get to be really boring, even when it comes to regular peanut or almond butters.

It can even be pretty easy to get tired of protein shakes because no matter what flavor they are supposed to be it almost seems that they all taste the same, and that can get old really fast.

Besides, if you are in the mood to be satisfied by some real food a chalky, thick, protein shake won’t really do the trick. Instead of doing the old shake thing, you can stock up on a few different flavors of P28 and take a break from the ordinary.

Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t love a traditional tasting peanut butter? Unless you are allergic, the good old fashioned peanut butter flavor can invoke a sense of childhood nostalgia in almost anyone.

Here, this classic gets revamped by starting with dry roasted peanuts and adding whey protein into the mix to give you a high quality protein snack that tastes great.

Signature Blend

This original blend starts off with a peanut butter base, but it doesn’t stop there! A perfect storm of almonds, cranberries, peanuts, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and honey are added to give this blend a punch of anti-oxidants and Omega-3s.

Almond Butter

Here almond butter gets a little boost too! This formula is identical to the peanut butter, but it is made with almonds instead.

Almonds are allergen free and packed with magnesium and Vitamin E to help give you an extra dose of nutrients along with the perfect amount of protein.

White Chocolate

The addition of decadent white chocolate and real vanilla makes this peanut and whey protein based spread a real treat.

For a healthy treat, spread some on a low-fat graham cracker or on a fresh apple for a tasty guilt-free midday snack that is packed with 14 grams of protein.

Caramel Turtle

For a delicious twist, this indulgent spread is made with a cashew base. From there deliciously creamy caramel is combined with a rich milk chocolate cream resulting in a delightfully sweet way to get in that extra protein.

Great for using as a dip for fresh bananas or banana chips for a quick snack or healthy dessert.

Apple Crisp

Is there anything more comforting or nostalgic than a warm apple crisp fresh from the oven? While you can’t put Grandma’s perfect recipe in a jar, P28 can get pretty close.

This spread starts off with the peanut butter blend as the base and adds in the perfect amount of apple pie spices along with raisins, crunchy granola, and the flavor of fresh picked apples.

Banana Raisin

Take a break from the ordinary with this peanut butter spread. For this blend bananas and raisins are the stars that makes this protein spread one that you won’t want to miss. Use this flavorful spread just like you would regular peanut butter to put on fresh spin on your snack routine.


This seasonal flavor starts off with the P28 peanut butter blend and adds in flavors that will have you feeling ready for the holidays in no time.

A masterful blend of molasses, ginger, and vanilla makes this spread the perfect winter treat. Enjoy on toast or a protein packed bagel for the perfect accompaniment to your morning cup of joe.

Pumpkin Spice

When the Autumn season strikes it is time for all things pumpkin spice, and the P28 spreads are no exception to the rule.

This dry roasted peanut spread combines pumpkin, nutmeg, and ginger to give you the flavor you crave while keeping you from eating unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

P28 High Protein Spreads Review Summary

It is important to be able to have a snack on hand at home, at the office, or while you are on the go that will keep you from making unhealthy choices. It is time to make these all-natural protein spreads from P28 a part of your healthy snack arsenal.

Keep a jar of your favorite flavors at your desk at work and in your pantry at home to make sure you are prepared.

They taste great on their own or paired with protein breads, bagels, crackers, fruits and veggies for a healthy snack that will keep you going strong. Try some today and get ready to be wowed! Protein has never tasted so good!


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