Hippeas – Flavored Organic Chickpea Puffs Healthy For You?


With everyone you know trying to be more healthy and educating themselves about things like nutrition, fats, gluten and those pesky GMO it can be hard to find a convenient snack that satisfies your diet and your tastebuds. After all, who doesn’t want a yummy, crunchy snack to help them get through a less-than-exciting day at the office or classroom. What ever it is that your do, you need a healthy snack option to help curb your hunger when you are on-the-go. With Hippeas the search for an organic, vegan, crunchy snack that actually tastes good is over.

About Hippeas

Chickpeas that is! Hippeas are made from the finest chickpeas around and were developed into a fun snack food form. Many of us want to feel like the food we eat is thoughtfully sourced and at least somewhat healthy, and this little crunchy puff delivers all of that and then some. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that the they come in brightly colored bags that totally appeal to your more hippie-like sensibilities. Once you try some you are going to be on a constant search of that fun little yellow bag that is full of delicious little treasures.

Great Taste And Good For You!

With a bunch of different flavors to choose from, it is easy to find a Hippeas variety that satisfies almost any craving that you have. Take a look at the current options:

  • Far Out Fajita
  • Sriracha Sunrise
  • Vegan White Cheddar
  • Pepper Power
  • Happenin’ Hickory
  • Maple Haze

No matter which flavor becomes your favorite, each one is guaranteed to be organic, vegan, gluten free, and full of stuff to make you happy. Certified to be non-GMO, contains no tarns-fats or msg, and is even Kosher certified. Now you can enjoy a snack that is certified to be healthy and free of all the bad stuff.

And The Planet Too!

So, get this! Research has found that the chickpea plant actually releases nitrogen back into the soil during the growing process. This is basically a natural form of composting that makes the soil more rich, which means that any future chickpea plants will be easy to grow in that particular patch of soil.

If for some reason chickpeas aren’t being grown in that location, the soil will still be full of nitrogen and other nutrients that support sustainable farming practices. All in all, growing massive amounts of chickpeas is super great for the planet which is just another reason to love this perfect little snack food option.

Peas And Love

Aside from all the healthy and positive benefits that this snack food naturally has, Hippeas has taken their efforts one gigantic step further. As a company, they support Farm Africa which is a charity that works in Sub-Saharan Africa to help their hard working farmers find a way to end poverty in their local communities.

By teaching them how to be more productive, efficient and resourceful this charity is giving back to the people of Africa in a way that is sustainable. Knowledge is power, right?

Hippeas Review Summary

When it comes to making a choice in snack foods it is best to make a choice that is not only good for your tummy, but also good for the environment. Supporting a company that supports other people is a great idea too, and one that should make your feel better about your impact as a human in today’s world.

The crunch, the flavor, the vegan-ness is enough to make you crave more and more, but Hippeas likes to think that its the good vibes that they jam pack into every bag. Try some today and see for yourself, your karma will thank you!


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