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Blue Apron Review – Should You Try It?

Despite the ways technology has been improving and simplifying everyday life, most people still struggle to balance their lives. A big part of the problem of imbalance is due to how all-consuming work has become for the newest generation of the workforce. With many of them working more than the generations before them and also taking their work home, via their phones and computers, the small things that were taken for granted by the previous workforces in the country are now a thing of the past.

The hustle and bustle of today’s world hasn’t just caused a decrease in the amount of free time spent at home, but it has also caused a change in the way people eat. While several decades ago, meals were mostly made at home, now they’re picked up or delivered, with very little thought put into how healthy they are or what effects they could have on the body. Access to this quick and cheap food is a huge contributing factor to the obesity epidemic that is effecting so many Americans today.

Blue Apron is a company that is hoping to change how people think about their meals. However, Blue Apron understands the convenience of food that is delivered directly to the door. Unlike other delivery companies, Blue Apron delivers all the ingredients users need to make their own delicious, healthy, and gourmet meals right at home.

Blue Apron is helping the busy people of today regain control of their meals. By offering so many amazing recipe options, convenient delivery, and step by step instructions, Blue Apron is truly bringing meals back where they belong, in the kitchen.

About Blue Apron

Blue Apron is a food delivery service that works to provide its members with fresh ingredients and easy to follow, step by step recipes. By providing members of Blue Apron with everything they need to make delicious, nutritious meals, the company is hoping to foster a culture of smart eating, focusing on the benefits of cooking at home. Over the years, Blue Apron has become a leader in the industry, inspiring other companies to follow a similar format. However, Blue Apron still remains at the forefront of the meal delivery service, staying firmly committed to its standards and beliefs that fresh foods and home cooked meals are the way of the future.

Blue Apron provides new menu items every week, allowing members to pick what they want delivered to their homes. The constant change of these menus allows members to try new things and learn new dishes. As the seasons change, Blue Apron uses the produce available at the time, so members are getting the freshest ingredients at the best prices every week. And, because Blue Apron only sends users exactly what they need for each meal, there is no waste.

The name Blue Apron comes from the idea that people are constantly learning new things when it comes to cooking. Chefs who study the art of cooking across the world wear blue aprons as they learn and Blue Apron tries to keep this sense of learning alive in its ingredients and with its members. As mentioned above, every week offers new menus, so members are constantly learning new cooking techniques and trying foods that use unique ingredients from all over the world.

Unlike so many other food subscription service available, Blue Apron allows members to decide on a week by week basis if they want to renew or if they want to skip. Keeping the subscription process flexible, Blue Apron is able to fit into any lifestyle, whether people need it every week or only want a Blue Apron package a few times a year. And, with free delivery, Blue Apron offers one of the best selections, made with the best ingredients, for the price.

Benefits of Blue Apron

There are so many amazing benefits that come with using Blue Apron. The whole goal of Blue Apron is to provide healthy, but convenient, meal options for members. Providing this service is one of the biggest benefits offered by Blue Apron.

Blue Apron provides its members with new and original recipes every single week. Not only are these new recipes exciting and based on the foods available that season, but they are also created by an expert culinary team and group of guest chefs. Not only does this give Blue Apron the support of professionals behind each and every recipe, but the support the company has allows them to never repeat a recipe in a year. The varying recipes provided by Blue Apron are also between 500-800 calories per serving, making them perfect for those trying to regain control of their diets.

In addition to providing unique and delicious recipes every week, Blue Apron also uses the freshest of ingredients. Their specialty ingredients are promised to be fresher than those in the supermarket, making them better tasting and better for the body. The meats used in the Blue Apron recipes are raised on antibiotic-free and hormone-free diets, making them extremely safe for consumption. And, the ingredients come pre-measured for each recipe, so there is no waste at all after the meals are cooked.

Blue Apron is extremely convenient. First, it offers free nationwide delivery on all its packages. Second, members can pick which day they want their meals delivered on, so the delivery fits seamlessly into their schedules. And, because the ingredients arrive in a refrigerated box, they’ll stay fresh even if members can’t pick them up immediately.

Perhaps the most convenient things about Blue Apron is its extremely flexible payment options. Unlike other delivery services that have surprise charges and complicated subscription plans, Blue Apron is extremely straightforward. Users can pick how many meals they want in a week and decide which times they want those meals delivered. Then, they pay for those meals. If they don’t like the meals for the next week or don’t want to have anything delivered for a bit, they simple don’t order. They won’t be charged for meals they don’t want and they only have to pay for what they order, when they order it. This makes Blue Apron one of the most versatile subscription food delivery programs available today.

Blue Apron Purchasing Options

There are two main purchasing options available for those who want to use Blue Apron. The first is the 2-person plan. With this plan, users will get three meals that will serve two people for each meal. The second option is the family plan, which offers meals for four people. With this option, members can decide if they want to receive two meals a week or four meals a week.

The prices for the plans described above can be found below.

2-Person Plan

  • Recipes per Week – 3
  • Servings per Recipe – 2
  • Price per Serving – $9.99
  • Total Price – $59.94

Family Plan 1

  • Recipes per Week – 2
  • Servings per Recipe – 4
  • Price per Serving – $8.74
  • Total Price – $69.92

Family Plan 2

  • Recipes per Week – 4
  • Servings per Recipe – 4
  • Price per Serving – $8.74
  • Total Price – $139.84

As mentioned above, the shipping for these meal plans is always free and the refrigerated boxes that Blue Apron ships its ingredients in are able to keep ingredients fresh. Also, members are able to skip any week they want without any penalties and they are able to cancel at any time, with no charges or fees.

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