Tria Beauty – Healthy Anti-Aging Skincare & Laser Hair Removal?


No matter what people say, our human body is a wonder. We are the ultimate creations existing on earth. We are capable of doing so much for ourselves and for others, and that’s what makes life beautiful.

It is important for us to maintain ourselves mentally and physically. If we are happy on the inside, it will be a noticed immediately on the outside, but that all depends on us.

Many people today are so insecure of how they look, be it their weight or the marks on their face. Such issues might not have any significance to one person, but someone who really values such things may feel less confident about himself or herself.

What many people forget is the fact that every problem has a solution. Did you gain weight? Well, start eating well and working out and you will see a difference. You need to identify the problem, in order to get rid of it.

Our face is really important to maintain, as it is the first thing people run into. Keeping people aside, the first thing you wake up everyday to the mirror is your face. The day starts with how you feel about yourself and how you see yourself.

Many people spend ridiculous amounts on products to get rid of any type of blemish on their faces. What if you were told that it wouldn’t cost you as much to tackle your facial needs, would you consider it? Would you believe it if you were told that there exists a company that focuses largely on facial problems? TRIA Beauty is known for its impeccable solutions needed for facial curing.

Growth of Tria Beauty

Tria Beauty (formerly known as SpectraGenics) came into place in 2003. The company was lead by Peter Wyles, who has had prior experience and knowledge in this field.

Their main goal was to transform their LightSheer product a user-friendly product right into your palms. LightSheer was originally a laser hair removal treatment that was only done by physicians in a clinic. Today, they made it possible for you to use it right at home.

In 2004, they opened up their first office in California. The following year, Tria sold its first product in Japan.

Over the years, FDA has clinically tested them; well-known laser experts gave their products thumbs up, and Tria managed to expand their product lines. Their product lines consist of: laser hair removal, anti-aging, and acne and blemishes.

Are Tria Beauty Products Affordable?

Their laser hair removal products price ranges between $300 and $500, their anti aging products (depending on serum and laser) range from as low as $35 to $500, and their acne and blemishes products range from $270 to $300.

Before some of you decide to close this window because of the price, do you know how much it costs to do it at a clinic? Just to do the sides of your face, your chin and your neck, it comes up to, depending on a cheap or expensive clinic, $185 to $200 per session. Yes, almost $200 for one session.

So if you decide Tria Beauty is too expensive, well you will be at a loss by the time you purchase your third or forth session. $500 may seem like a large sum to pay in one shot, but it is the only payment you will be making.

Laser is known as the best way to reduce hair growth as it works to eliminate hair follicles, which is the start of hair growth. This would be an amazing and money saving investment to make for fast and anticipated results.

Let’s take a quick look at what Tria Beauty has in store for our problems; here are some laser related products they have:

  • TRIA HAIR REMOVAL LASER 4X: The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X is a laser hair removal, which targets to completely eliminate hair follicles that permanently end hair growth.
    The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X unfortunately is not suitable for all skin tones and hair colors. The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X only works on brown or black body hair. This is because lighter hair colors will not absorb of the laser, which inactivates the beginning of the hair follicles.
    Those with dark skin tones cannot use it as well because they have a higher risk of skin injury. This is because the Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X emits high levels of melanin in the skin, those with darker skin tones are more likely to get burnt skin.
  • AGE-DEFYING LASER: The Age-Defying Laser reduces an aging look through the remittance of a natural collagen renewal process, providing more elasticity to the skin. According to customers’ reviews, almost 76 per cent of users reported reduced fine facial lines and wrinkles, 95 per cent experienced smoother skin and 83 per cent claimed that it was just as effective and even more effective than professional treatments. It is guaranteed to provide basic results as early as two weeks into its use (
  • ACNE CLEARING BLUE LIGHT: The Acne Clearing Blue Light helps to eliminate bacteria that live beneath the skin (what is responsible for acne), helps prevent future breakouts, and helps with blemishes. The blue light technology is very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin as well. Overall, you will have acne free, smooth and blemishes free skin. This product also requires a blue light cartridge, which consists of non-UB therapeutic blue light. It is recommended to be used once a day daily. Results will take some time to be achieved.

Tria Beauty also has soothing creams to help which helps fasten the aftermath of the laser. If you are still unsure as whether or not to purchase any of their products, check out:

You can also speak directly with a Tria Beauty member to see what works for each individual’s needs. Overall, Tria products are affordable compared to clinical treatments, and have proven to produce exceptional results. Tria Beauty, for healthy skin for a much confident you!

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