Avoke – Nutrient Rich High Protein Avocado Smoothie Bowl?


As people search for new and improved ways to live a healthier lifestyle, the demand for convenient, yet healthy food options, is growing rapidly over time. People lead busy lives, and don’t want to have to commit to waking up an hour earlier in the morning just to prepare a health conscious meal or snack for the day ahead.

Consumers want health-friendly options that also taste good and don’t leave them feeling hungry or unsatisfied. Luckily, a new company has joined the competition as a new, improved way for people to get their nutrients, without sacrificing their desire for appetizing food.

Avoke is a brand new company on the market that will soon launch a line of food products that is meant to satisfy even the pickiest eaters.

What Is Avoke?

Avoke is a company offering prepackaged nutrient-rich smoothie bowls containing probiotics and avocado as the major ingredient. Avoke is the first company to introduce packaged avocado smoothie bowls with high protein content and an eco-friendly spoon to eat it with. They are also the first avocado based food company to include probiotics in their products.

The company has gained popularity from people looking to join the current smoothie and cold-pressed juice craze by purchasing filling, healthy snacks that can satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. The smoothie bowls were created to be a nutrient-rich, yet still tasty option for people who want to enhance their overall health without compromising their taste buds.

Avoke was created by two New York mom’s named Esther and Leah. When Leah found that her son’s health was failing due to severe food allergies, she began blending smoothie bowls for him using avocado, fruits, and vegetables, to create satisfying and nutritious meals that keep him both happy and healthy. After tasting her creations, Leah shared the idea of a start-up avocado smoothie bowl company with Esther and the rest is history.

After receiving a major $25,000 in support from Ganeden, a manufacturer of probiotic ingredients, the sisters have fully developed their line of avocado based food products, and are set to launch in New York City in the fall of 2016.

What Makes Avoke Different?

All of the Avoke Avocado Spoonables are filled with fiber, good fats, healing herbs, raw vegetables and fruits and topped with a crunchy toasted quinoa topping. The lid of their unique half-avocado shaped cup also contains an eco-friendly spoon for customers to eat their smoothie with. This reflects the company’s focus on providing healthy, ecologically conscious products for consumers.

The main priority for Avoke is provide a meal or snack option that will be both extremely healthy and very delicious. All of the avocado spoonables contain probiotics, a feature that definitely sets it apart from similar products on the market. Each product also contains half an avocado and a topping of high-protein toasted quinoa. They also all contain famous “superfoods” such as chia seeds, raw beets, raw kale, and raw ginger, and a complete plant-based source of protein and omega 3’s.

The spoonables are meant to be the ultimate to-go meal option, providing consumers with an easy way to fulfill all their nutrition needs in a quick, enjoyable way. The products all contain very low sugar and obtain most of their flavor and richness from avocado and fresh fruits.

Major Benefits And Advantages

One of the major advantages of consuming Avoke Spoonables is the direct nutritional benefit that is obtained from eating avocado. The founders of Avoke chose to use avocado as the major ingredient in their products specifically due to its nutritious nature and overwhelming health benefits.

Just to start, avocados provide 20 essential nutrients for the body, including eight of the 13 essential vitamins. They are also an excellent source of essential minerals, including potassium and magnesium. In addition, they lack sodium, which contributes to the avocado’s status as a heart-healthy food. Avocados also act as a “nutrient booster”, allowing the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein.

Also, as pointed out in the description of Avoke Spoonables, avocados serve as a great source of both soluble and insoluble dietary fiber, with each 1-ounce serving providing 2.11 and 2.7 grams, respectively. This high fiber content helps to lower blood cholesterol levels and regulate blood sugar, providing major health benefits to anyone who consumes avocado on a regular basis.

Moreover, while many healthy food products often require extensive prep time to both prepare and consume, the Avoke Spoonables are prepackaged, contain a spoon built in to the product, and are thus perfect for eating healthy on the go. This is especially appealing to consumers who want to start living a healthier lifestyle but simply don’t have the time to commit to making nutrient-rich meals.

Avoke Products – Main Ingredients

Avoke offers four different varieties for their spoonables, including both sweet and savory choices. All the products have some ingredients in common, with differences in fruits and vegetables providing the taste difference. Every product has the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 an Avocado
  • 2 full servings of Fruits & Veggies
  • Up to 10 grams of High Fiber
  • A Plant Based Source of Complete Protein & Omega 3’s

The first option is called Berry Mint. This product contains avocados, blueberries, apple juice, raw beets, strawberries, cherries, organic toasted quinoa, lemon juice, mint and chia seeds. The second option is called Greens and Ginger. This product contains avocados, raw pineapple, raw mango, oranges, coconut water, organic toasted quinoa, raw spinach, raw kale, raw ginger and chia seeds.

The third option is called Spicy Carrot. This product contains avocados, raw carrots, raw carrot juice, raw mango, raw pineapple, organic toasted quinoa, raw kale, lemon juice, spice cayenne and chia seeds. The final option is called Coconut Curry. This product contains avocados, raw mangos, coconut water, shredded coconut, organic toasted quinoa, chia seeds, lime juice, basil, lemon grass, thai chili, curry and sea salt.

Avoke Review Summary

It seems that Avoke will be an interesting addition to the healthy food market. With a focus on both convenience and vitamin-rich ingredients, Avoke is likely to be a strong competitor in the industry.

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