Boltt Sports – Smart Heart Rate & Fitness Motion Tracker Wearable?


Athletes and coaches will definitely want to have Boltt on their radar for their up and coming sports technology products.

Boltt Technologies has developed an App designed to be used with or without their accessories to help people have better metrics to design their training around. Please read below to learn more about Boltt Technologies and their full product line.

What Is Boltt?

An innovative sports technology company, Boltt manufacturers smart shoes, fitness trackers, and sensors that work with the paired app to give athletes and their coaches valuable metrics to help make informed training decisions.

All of the Boltt products are not yet available which means consumers can save money by pre-ordering now.

Boltt App Details

Consumers will appreciate the five faceted approach to health and fitness available through the Boltt App. Boltt Health functions as an activity and sleep tracker that gives users real time data pertaining to their daily movement, sleep patterns, and nutritional intake.

The Boltt Fitness component makes it easy for users to set individualized fitness goals and watch each step of the way as they start to creep towards achieving them. The App offers user a huge library of workouts organized by desired fitness goals.

Whether people are looking to increase their speed and tempo or want guidance in helping them rest and recovery post-workout the app makes it simple to follow along with a virtual personal coach.

By following pre-set workout plans users can take the guesswork out of their exercise routine and know that the work they are putting in will deliver optimum results.

There are over two hundred different workouts to choose from. The metrics collected include speed, distance, time, cadence, calories burned, acceleration, velocity and more.

Unlike many fitness apps the Boltt program goes deeper into the specifics of what can make or break an athlete’s training routine.

In addition to giving users comprehensive data it also helps people make sense of the data by offering a post workout analysis that is easy to follow and use to make informed training decisions.

The Boltt App is not yet available but will be available soon for download through both Apple iOS and Android systems.

Boltt Product Line

In addition to the activity app, Boltt also offers a small line of accessories to help athletes get the most out of their training.

-Connected Shoes: This product will be available soon and is an innovative way to give athletes real-time insight into their workout stride by stride.

Designed to give runners the comfort and performance demanded out of high quality running shoes but with the embedded technology of a Boltt Sensor which tracks data step by step. The sensor works with the Boltt App to collect data regarding pace, distance, speed, acceleration rate, workout efficiency, stride length, and calories burned.

-Fitness Trackers: Many consumers will be familiar to products similar to this wrist tracker. The Boltt product tracks both daily movements as well as sleep patterns.

Users can set alarms to help them stay active after being sedentary for too long, receive social media alerts, and use in tandem with the Boltt App to get customize coaching. Consumers can choose between four varieties the Boltt Beat, Verve, Ace, and Luxe.

-Stride Sensor: Designed to give both athletes and coaches invaluable insight into not only workout data but also metrics involving form. The sensors are highly sensitive allowing users to get accurate metrics in not just running applications but also sports that involve multidimensional movement like hockey, baseball, and soccer.

Company Details

Based in Uttar Pradesh, India. Led by a team of technology specialists and athletes, Boltt is dedicated to offering innovative product that will help both athletes and their coaches take their training to the next level with informed metrics and tracking.

Boltt Technologies offers products throughout the world. Interested consumers can view the entire product line and learn more about the App at

Product Pricing

Consumers will soon be able to download the Boltt App through either the Apple Store or Google Play. Users simply decide if they want to subscribe to one month, three months, six months or twelve months of service.

  • One Month Subscription: $6.00
  • Three Month Subscription: $12.00
  • Six Month Subscription: $22.00
  • Twelve Month Subscription: $37.00

iOS users will get access first followed by Android users.

Currently Boltt is offering special pre-order prices for all accessories.

Each Fitness Tracker is available for $21.00 to $50.00 depending on the style and App plan chosen.

The Stride Sensors can be pre-ordered for $29.00-$46.00 each depending on length of App subscription chosen.

All orders of the Connected Shoe come with twelve months of Boltt App support for $62.00 per pair. There are six different shoe styles to choose from.

Boltt Sports Review Summary

People who love the newest technology or are looking for a step up from the current athletic tracking devices will want to check out Boltt Technologies.

There are many activity trackers and apps currently available and Boltt appears to offer a few things that are new and different. Full product information is available through the company’s website at

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