Boltt – Healthy Smart Wearable Fitness Tracking Running Shoes?


Boltt is a device that wirelessly connects the available shoes and wristwatch to give you an accurate measurement of how many calories you use while working out. The product is presently available for pre-order, as it has not been officially released.

What is Boltt?

Getting a good workout can be difficult, especially when you don’t know how well you’re doing. However, there are many brands in the fitness industry have created apps and devices that help you to track your movements, workouts, steps, and more. These options make it easy for you to feel good about your progress, but there’s one major flaw in these programs – they can only estimate.

Their programs are generalized in a way that they predict the calories you burn by taking the number that the average person burns. However, you can get a number that is more accurate with Boltt.

Boltt is a combination of a pair of sneakers and watch that tracks the way you move. As you run, jog, or even walk in the shoes, the connect wirelessly with the watch to determine how many calories you’re burning.

To improve this set even more, the data is stored in an app that you download onto your phone. The project is so new that it has not even begun the Kickstarter campaign that is needed to help fund it.

Most workout regimens are designed to help you burn calories effectively, since that’s the only way to truly lose weight. Your body requires a certain number of calories in your day to support your physical activity, but it’s hard to determine what you need when you don’t know how much you’re spending.

By choosing a device that tracks your caloric intake, you can improve your physical health and your workout regimen.

However, when you use Boltt, you can get an accurate measurement of everything you do as you move through your day, even if you just want to know how many calories to account for.

How the Boltt Set Works

There are a few components that make it possible to track your calories in a healthy and safe way. These devices are all wireless connected, requiring that you remember to download the app for your phone to connect them via Bluetooth connection.

The sneakers that are available from Boltt, you will find a sensor located on the side of the shoe. This sensor picks up your movements, heart rate, and steps to calculate an educated estimate on how many calories you use. You can wear them during any type of workout, while still collecting the data that you need to improve your performance.

The sensor on the side of the sneaker is called a Stride sensor, which you can purchase separately as well. It captures the above-described data in every single movement. In fact, it goes as far as to record how fast you move, the rate at which your feet take your steps, and more, giving you a full understanding of the way your body looks.

When you wear the shoes, you can also wear the Smart Band. The Smart Band looks like a wristwatch, and is lightweight and comfortable. When you connect it, you can view the normal date and time, but you will also track your movements and caloric output.

While you may have used other data collection programs in the past, the creators behind the Boltt system decided to push the program one step further.

Rather than just giving you the information to do what you want with it, you are given live prompts for what you can do to improve your routine in that exact moment. It senses each movement you make, and a gentle voice will play to tell you what you should do differently.

With these products and the information that gets stored on the app, you will be counting the days until the Boltt merchandise and technology is released to the public.

Pricing for Boltt

Even though Boltt is presently not being distributed, you can still submit an order now to get it as soon as it’s released. The price upon release will be $58, but ordering it earlier will allow you to take advantage of the low price of $45.

You won’t have to pay anything today, but you will receive email updates regarding updates about Boltt, along with when you can make your official purchase.

Contacting the Creators of Boltt

Since Boltt is so new, and the website only discusses a certain amount of information about the product, you probably have additional questions that you would like answered before you make a purchase. That’s why the customer service team can be reached by checking one of their social media profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Boltt Review Summary

Boltt features a type of technology that simply is not offered by other companies at this time. You want to give yourself the best chance at improving your body, and that can only be done by using technology that gives you the right information. If you’re ready to see how far you can truly push your body, Boltt is the key.

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