Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth – Human & Pet Safe?


Diatomaceous earth (also known as D.E.) has become pretty popular within the last decade or so. In terms of its appearance, DE is a soft, siliceous compound that is composed pretty much entirely of sedimentary rock that is easily crumbled.

The final product looks similar to fine white powder and can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

About Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

According to information available online, it can be seen that Aspen Naturals is a ‘lifestyle brand’ that aims to provide users with a wide array of high quality superfoods and supplements.

The company prides itself on delivering high quality products that are especially made for people who are looking to lose weight, look attractive and stay fit in general.

About Diatomaceous Earth

Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an all new ‘high-quality body cleanser’ that is not only safe but also provides help to protect our inner organs.

In addition to this, DE is also completely free of any additives, contaminants or chemicals. It is also recommended that potential customers check out the studies that have been provided to prove the efficacy of the supplement.

Other key aspects of Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth include:

(i) Large Quantity Provided:

Each bag of the product is large and contains 3lb of the supplement.

(ii) Highly Efficacious:

When used on a regular basis, this product has the potential to help in the faster growth of our hair. Not only that, it also allows for our hair to look fuller and thicker.

(iii) Nails and Skin:

A very underrated aspect of DE is that it helps our nails become stronger. In addition to this, the product also maintains our skin and boosts our inner metabolic system. As a result of this metabolic shift, we are able to feel more energetic and vital.

(iv) Mood Enhancement:

Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has been clinically tested and shown to enhance our mood states so that we can remain happy and calm through the day. Other than that, it also helps us stave off carb and sugar cravings so that we don't put on extra pounds.

Other Key Aspects of Diatomaceous Earth

  • Safe Around Pets: the supplement is multifunctional and can be used safely around dogs, cats, horses and chickens.
  • High Quality: when we look at the label outside, we can see that Aspen Naturals DE is of the highest quality possible and comes from U.S. based production plants that have been cleared by the FDA and cGMP.
  • Full Refund Guarantee: each purchase of this supplement comes with a full refund guarantee that ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Easy to Consume: the powder is safe to mix with water for an internal detox. All one needs to do is mix the supplement into a solution and then sip on during the course of the day .
  • Nutritionally Packed: when looked at from a compositional aspect, we can see that DE is composed of many key nutrients like silica, calcium. Apart from this, there are no additives, contaminants or chemicals in the core mix.

What Are People Saying About Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth has received amazing reviews online. Based on more than 100 review, it has received an average rating of 4.3/5 stars.

Satisfied customers include Courteney P who says ‘Works great at treating fleas. I found a flea on my cat. So I searched for a natural way that didn't have harmful chemicals in it to kill the fleas. And this is what I found. I have yet to find a flea on my animals since I used this in the carpet.’

Similarly, James Baldwin says ‘Excellent product. It made me gassy but I felt much cleaner, less toxins and my face was fresh. I highly recommend you take this product then follow it with a Kombucha or some other high probiotic.’

Lastly, Patricia Sjoden says ‘I love how I feel when taking this! Helps GI issues , nails stronger, and curbs cravings!‘

Where Can I Buy Aspen Naturals Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth?

A single bag contains 3 LB of the product and is priced at $19.88. All orders can be placed on Aspen Natural’s official website. Payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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