Burn Calories Fast – Top 6 Bizarre Ways To Lose Weight Naturally?


About Top 6 Bizarre Ways To Burn Calories Fast

Everyone wants to lose weight, and while there are numerous ways of doing this, all of them involve burning more calories than usual. It is a well known fact that the two most common ways of cutting calories are exercising and watching your diet.

But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways of burning calories. Though lesser known, these methods are also effective.

Here is a list of 6 of the most bizarre solutions that can help burn calories fast.

1. Donating Blood

Why say no to a solution that will help you kill two birds with one stone- burning calories while helping out those in need?

Whenever you donate your blood, your body temporarily increases the number of calories it burns. This is because after every blood donation, the body is forced to synthesize replacement blood components such as red blood cells and proteins, and it use energy to do this.

It is a precise science; your body will burn about 650 calories after you donate a single pint of blood, according to researchers at San Diego’s University of California.

Naturally, you are only going to do this occasionally since it is recommended that you wait for about 8 weeks before donating again. This is to give your body enough time to replenish its blood supply.

Apart from burning calories, donating blood also reduces your risk of heart disease, increases anti-oxidant activity and lowers inflammatory markers. Blood donation is a sure way of giving your body a calorie burning boost among other health benefits.

2. Exposing Yourself To Cold

Whenever you expose your body to cold, it initiates brown fat activity. This is a process that helps increase your metabolic rate.

Most of the fat in the human body is “white fat.” However, a small amount of it is “brown fat.” These 2 types of fat have different effects on your body.

White fat is the bad kind o fat. Its presence leads to insulin resistance, inflammation, and encourages more white fat to form. It is the brown fat that helps you body burn more calories. This makes brown fat activity ideal for anyone looking to lose weight.

Brown fat is more common in lean people than in overweight people, but according to studies, chronic exposure to cold can change white fat to brown. This significantly increases the amount of fat available for burning, leading to weight loss.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to be extraordinarily cold before white fat starts browning. According to a recent study, staying in a 66ºF environment for two hours can significantly increase calorie burning.

So how can you expose your body to more cold? Take walks on cold days, take cold showers, and lower temperatures while at home.

3. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum increases the rate at which your body burns calories in a number of different ways. First, it promotes satiety. You snack less when you feel full, and hence, you consume fewer calories. Moreover, chewing gum bumps up your metabolism.

Researchers wanted to know the number of calories a man with normal weight burns after eating. The study found that people burn more calories when they chewed gum for 20 minutes after consuming their meal. The calorie burning effects of chewing gum continued well into the next morning.

If you opt for this method, stay safe by choosing a sugar free chewing gum.

4. Drinking Cold Water

There is no better choice of liquid than cold water for anyone looking to quench thirst. Moreover, studies conducted on overweight children and adults concluded that drinking water temporarily boosts metabolism.

In a separate study on you adults, it was observed that drinking 17 ounces of water increased calorie burning by up to 30 percent for the first 90 minutes.

While the increase in metabolic rate varies from person to person, drinking water certainly boosts it.

5. Laughing

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but besides helping with your memory, being good for your immunity, and improving your arterial functions, did you know that laughter can also help you burn calories fast?

In a study of 45 couples who were told to watch movies together, it was found that the metabolic rate among participants increased by 10 to 20 percent when they laughed while watching comedies.

Laughing on a regular basis throughout the day can therefore have a positive long-term effect on your weight loss goals. Not only does laughing make you feel good psychologically, it also improves the rate at which your body burns calories significantly.

6. Fidgeting

We know that virtually all forms of activity can help you burn calories, and this includes that subtle physical movement called fidgeting. Your body moves restlessly whenever you fidget. During the process, your leg may bounce up and down and your fingers may tap against a surface.

According to a recent study, individuals who fidget, whether while seated or while standing, burned 5 times more calories than when they were sitting or standing still. It was also noted that individuals with high body weights benefited the most from the fat burning effects of fidgeting.

When combined with other types of non-exercise activity such as walking and standing, fidgeting has been found to help burn close to 2,000 calories per day. Thus, it is recommended that you incorporate various forms of NEAT into your daily program. (NEAT is an acronym for Non-Excercise Activity Thermogenisis.) Fidgeting is especially useful for overweight individuals since it increases the amount of calories burnt without requiring the individual to expend much effort.

However, it shouldn’t be the sole weight loss technique but should be combined with active forms of exercise such as walking, running, lifting weights, and other forms of physical activity.

Top 6 Bizarre Ways To Burn Calories Fast Review Summary

There are many other effective yet little know ways of burning those extra calories. Choose a few you can combine according to your circumstances. They will give you that extra boost you need to achieve your fitness goals.

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