Zija Protein Bar, Comfort Cream, Deodorant, Mints, Ripstix & Améo Oils?


About Zija New Products

Zija International is a company that prioritizes the creation of products that deal with health, wellness and beauty from a natural perspective, delivering products to over 50 countries around the world. The company has continuously grown through the years, and was even awarded the accolade of “Fastest-Growing Company in Utah” by a local business magazine.

Recently, Zija was part of two Life Unlimited Regional Events, which were hosted in Orlando and Las Vegas. These events were setup by Zija themselves to show the assorted products they have added to their company this year.

Read on below to find out more information about the Zija New Products ten newest formulas added.

Core Moringa Plant Protein Bar

The Core Moringa bar offers plenty of delicious and natural ingredients to deliver protein without the use of meat. The main sources of protein include moringa, pumpkin seed, peas, brown rice, and peanut flower. The protein bars only contain four grams of sugar and three grams of fiber.

Pricing for this protein bar is not yet available.

GenM Arctic Cool Comfort Cream

The GenM Arctic Cool Comfort Cream is meant for consumers that have sore muscles, which is primarily for consumers that are active or that frequently use their muscles to cause exhaustion. As it works into the skin around the muscle, it both cools and warms to reduce the inflammation experienced. These features are possible with the use of essential oils.

To purchase this treatment, consumers will cover a $37.00 price tag.

Body Block All-Natural Deodorant

This type of deodorant features activated charcoal, which is known for its purifying effects. All the toxins in the underarm are absorbed, eliminating the odors that perspiration causes. There is no aluminum or parabens, which are common in other deodorant. Sine there is no extra fragrance, the same stick can be used for men or women.

Pick up a single stick for $16.00.

GenM Surge Breath Mints

With the GenM Surge Breath Mints, consumers use a combination of essential oils and moringa to eliminate odor causing bacteria. It also helps with the defense of the teeth enamel to create a healthy environment in the mouth. There is no sugar needed in the mints, and they offer a delicious flavor that is just the right amount of refreshing.

The mints are priced at $8.00 for a single box of 30 mints, and $22.00 for a three-pack of the mints.

Améo Spearmint Essential Oil

Spearmint essential oil helps to increase the energy of the user, while also giving them an improvement in their overall mood. It can be consumed orally for the support of the digestive system and stomach pain. Since it does not have a high level of menthol, it is safe for children to improve their breathing and the minor tension in their mind and body.

The treatment is available for purchase for $39.00.

Améo Lime Essential Oil

The Lime essential oil is meant to improve the complexion of overly oily complexions, which is why many people include this type of essential oil in skincare products. If the product does not currently include the oil, it can easily be added with the right concentration.

It features a sweet and citrusy scent, since it comes from the peels of ripe limes. Along with the improvement of the natural oils in the skin, the essential oil helps to eliminate impurities, enhance calmness, and improve energy levels.

This essential oil is offered for $18.00.

Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood essential oil is a helpful stress reducer, since it is meant to achieve a peaceful ambiance over the body and mind. This oil is commonly found in scented cosmetics and skincare products, but it is possible to use it on its own to relieve nervousness and anxiety.

To get a bottle of the cedarwood essential oil, the cost is $18.00.

German Chamomile Essential Oil

The German Chamomile Essential Oil helps consumers to improve many areas of their health, due to its calming effect. Whether the user applies it topically to the skin or uses a diffuser, the sweet scent triggers a healthy respiratory system and improves the way that the immune system works.

The bold blue oil is available for $51.00.

Ripstix Supplements Hydrate – Pomegranate & Glacier

The Ripstix Hydrate formula is a supplement that helps to improve electrolytes in the body. Electrolytes are crucial to the health and development of the muscles in the body. This remedy is available in Pomegranate and Glacier, and offers a blend that is safe for everyone.

The full tub of the supplement in powder form is available for $67.00.

Contacting Zija International

With these new products, and more coming out frequently, consumers may want to learn more information about Zija International. The customer service team offers both a phone number and an email address, which are:

Zija New Products Review Summary

Zija International creates Zija New Products all the time, and the ten products above are just a taste of what the company will offer.

Consumers that want to explore more of the essential oils or other skincare options with their online shop, since there are many different Zija New Products for the ailments that consumers naturally treat.

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