Scalar Energy – Legit Healthy Electomagnetic Wave Healing?


Scalar energy was first discovered by James c. Maxwell in the 19th century and proven by Nikola Tesla. Scalar energy is a new form of electromagnetic waves discovered a few decades ago. These waves are called longitudinal EM (electromagnetism) to aid in differentiating them from the transverse EM that we are fond of and use in our day to day lives.

These waves exist in the empty space or vacuum that is found in-between atoms. When harnessed, these waves would provide an infinite source of energy. Since they occur in the empty space of a vacuum, they are referred to as energy of absolute nothingness that existed before the world began.

These waves modulate in the 4th dimension, meaning they modulate in the direction they are going, axis of time. Scalar waves are created by a pair of identical waves that are in phase spatially but out of phase temporally. This means that the two waves are identical in every aspect but 180 degrees out of phase in terms of the time factor.

They can be tapped into the 3rd dimension and provide energy that can be used to power various machines in transport and other sectors, heal the body of various ailments, and also provide electricity. These are just a few of the capabilities of scalar energy and the new world of electromagnetics.

How to Benefit From Scalar Energy

Products and objects can be embedded with scalar energy. The frequency tends to remain in the product or object indefinitely unless a higher frequency is directed towards it which will displace them. Charges usually hold better in biomaterials, so objects containing volcano lava are more than suitable for scalar charging.

At all times our bodies generate a complete spectrum of energies and frequencies. What the reflecting products do is selectively block the beneficial frequencies from escaping the body, focusing and concentrating them before feeding them back. The not so beneficial frequencies are allowed to exit the body. However, for this to work the frequency must be right, which is an 8Hz resonating frequency.

These devices are convenient, offering day to day health benefits, and are also cost effective and durable. You can apply healing energy to the body through one of the following ways: using devices or wearing objects such as a pendant that draws selected healing frequencies, the direct application of energy to the body, embedding energy in objects, the frequencies generated by the body itself, and also the laying of hands.

12 Benefits of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy can be applied in the health sector in numerous ways. Some of the benefits of the energy in health include but are not limited to:

1. It can be used to greatly reduce inflammation in the body and its organs.

2. We are sometimes exposed to external electromagnetic radiation. With scalar energy, we can be able to neutralize these radiations which pose many benefits to us health-wise.

3. What is fascinating about the application of these waves is that they can be used to facilitate the entry of nutrients into the body cells and at the same time enhance excretion of waste products of cell metabolism, therefore, increasing the energy of every one of the cells in the body.

4. These waves have the ability to convert water into micro-molecules which in turn would render them with the property to better dissolve through tissue and provide better cleaning and healing powers.

5. Our brains will receive a major boost with scalar energy application since they increase mental functioning by enhancing focus, creativity, and aid in calming the mind. In addition to these, they also help in balancing and stimulating brain waves.

6. It can be used in improving one's sex life as it is a natural libido enhancer.

7. Treats insomnia

8. Helps in boosting one's vision acuity

9. Speeds up the rate at which the body detoxifies

10. It prevents the development of cancer cells and restores the cancerous cells to normal functionality.

11. Scalar energy helps in preventing our DNA from damage by strengthening the hydrogen bonds that hold DNA intact.

12. Improves our endocrine and immune systems drastically.

Scalar energy is of significant importance in the human health sector and can provide a basis of major advances in the pharmaceutical industry as well

Scalar Energy Top Products

Scalar energy pendants are wearable jewelry which are usually handmade from special Japanese volcanic lava that contains more than seventy naturally occurring minerals that constantly emit energy beneficial to the body.

The pendants are processed under extreme temperatures and later molded at low temperatures to the required sizes and designs. The pendant restores our natural body balances which are altered by external radiations.

In addition to the pendants, there are also bracelets which have been used to regulate blood pressure from the scalar energy produced.

Side Effects of Scalar Energy

Scalar energy products are neither electrical, magnetic, nor radioactive. Some people have reported feeling strange or having a feeling of uneasiness during the first few days of using scalar energy products. It can be symptomatic in some instances and it is recommendable to wear the products at first for fewer hours as the body adjusts to the changes that come with it.

In other instances, the symptoms may escalate. This is referred to loosely as “the healing crisis”. The increase in symptoms is usually temporary as the body detoxifies or cleanses at a faster rate than it is used to. The symptoms may occur immediately or take some time before manifesting. Past conditions may also arise depending on the capability of the body to handle them. Symptoms usually pass a few days, but on rare occasions do they take several weeks.

Scalar Energy Review Summary

Scalar energy goes a notch higher in the electromagnetic field of study, bringing with it major benefits that were once obscure to humankind. Scalar energy demonstrates that matter itself is compressed energy, leaving us with the conclusion that we have at our disposal immense or infinite stores of energy that can be tapped.

The energy produced is environmentally friendly and should cause no fear of global warming. In addition to all that, the benefits in human health are tremendous and server as a stepping stone in the advancement of pharmaceutical innovations. Scalar energy is the future.


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