Bulletproof Exec Coffee Review


Bulletproof Coffee Review

Bulletproof Executive is a website dedicated to improving yourself and your lifestyle. It claims to help anyone reach “The State of High Performance”.

While in The State of High Performance, people experience a higher IQ, healthier sleeping, better energy, and greater productivity at work.

Bulletproof® – also known as Bulletproof Executive – sells a lifestyle. Today, we’re going to explore that lifestyle and explain what it means in our BulletproofExec.com review.

What is Bulletproof®?

Bulletproof Executive was founded by a guy named Dave Asprey. Dave’s story is published in full detail on Bulletproof®.

Here’s his story: Dave was able to lose 100 pounds with minimal exercise and increase his IQ by 20 points. He also claims to have learned how to sleep “less than five hours a night” while still staying healthy. He became a better entrepreneur, a better husband, and a better father.

How did Dave do it?

He claims to have used certain natural techniques and supplements which “supercharge” the body, upgrade the brain, and ultimately help anyone become “bulletproof”.

On Dave’s journey to become bulletproof, he spent a whopping $300,000 on “personal self-experiments” and visited over 120 world-class doctors, biochemists, and nutritional experts.

At Bulletproof®, Dave claims to have distilled all of this expensive knowledge into a collection of techniques that are easy-to-read and easy-to-follow. More importantly, these techniques are published for free online.

Some people call these techniques “biohacking”. Others call them “life hacks” or just “smart dietary choices.” Whatever you call it, BulletproofExec.com features a wide-ranging collection of these unique techniques.

Currently about half a million people follow Bulletproof Executive on various social media services. Asprey himself has approximately 130,000 likes on Facebook while Bulletproof’s fan page has about 17,000 likes. The @BulletproofExec Twitter account has a total of 43.5k followers at the time of writing.

What Can You Learn at Bulletproof®?

Dave Asprey’s story seems astonishing. How exactly does he plan to teach other people to follow in his footsteps?

At BulletproofExec.com, you’ll find a collection of self-help articles, life hacks, and other information. There are hundreds of articles and product reviews posted on the site. These articles cover a wide range of topics, including fitness, diet, and health supplements.

When you visit the site for the first time, you’re directed to a series of the “Top 10 Articles for First Time Visitors.” These articles provide a good snapshot of what you can expect when joining the Bulletproof Executive website.

The articles contain names like:

— “14 Steps to Eating the Bulletproof Diet”

— “6 Biohacks that will Change Your Life Forever”

— “Maintain Your Body’s Hardware: Bulletproof Your Diet.”

— “Improve Your Sleep

— “Six Ways to Hack Your Nervous System to Consciously Manage Stress”

— “Learn How to Use Your Body”

As you can see, these articles follow a common trend: they talk about optimizing your body and mind and achieving maximum physical and mental performance.

What is the Bulletproof® Diet?

After browsing through the site for a bit, you’ll find plenty of references to something called the Bulletproof Diet. This diet was created by Dave Asprey after his expensive consultations with nutritional experts from around the world.

The diet is surprisingly unique and has different rules and restrictions than most modern diets. Rules of the Bulletproof Diet include:

— Eliminate All Sugar, Including Fruit Juices And Sports Drinks

— Eat More Healthy Fats Like Grass-fed Butter And Coconut Oil

— Eliminate All Types Of Gluten From Your Diet

— Remove Grains, Grain-derived Oils, And Vegetable Oils

— Eliminate All Synthetic Additives, Including Colorings And Flavorings

— Eat Lots Of Grass-fed, Pastured Meat Including Beef, Lamb, Bison, Eggs, Fish, And Shellfish

— Eliminate Legumes Like Peanuts, Beans, And Lentils

— Eliminate All Processed Forms Of Dairy (the Only Acceptable Form Is Full Fat, Raw Whole Dairy From Grass-fed Cows)

— Aim To Achieve The Following Nutritional Ratios In Your Daily Diet: 50% To 80% Fat, 5% To 30% Carbs, And 10% To 30% Protein

— Switch To Grass-fed Meats And Wild-caught Seafood

— Eat No More Than Two Servings Of Fruit Per Day

Obviously that’s a lot of rules and restrictions to follow. For most people, that diet is simply unattainable. It’s too expensive or difficult to follow.

Others, however, appear to have experienced success with the diet – at least according to reviews on the official Bulletproof website.

Benefits of the Bulletproof Diet include:

Weight Loss
— Better Energy
— Low Inflammation (And, In Turn, A Reduced Risk Of Disease And Illness)

Think the diet is too difficult for you? Asprey doesn’t have much sympathy. He says the following to people who “whine” about the diet:

“’I don’t have time’ is not an excuse. Nourishing your mind and body is not optional…If you don’t make time to take care of yourself now – you’ll have to make time to be sick later. Eat Bulletproof. Be Bulletproof.”

In other words, you’re either fully committed to the diet or you shouldn’t bother trying it.

Bulletproof Products and UpgradedSelf.com

You don’t have to read many articles on BulletproofExec.com before you encounter links to a website called UpgradedSelf.com. This website sells a wide range of health supplements, foods, and tech accessories. There are also recipe books to help you follow The Bulletproof Diet.

Here are some of the most popular products available on UpgradedSelf.com

Upgraded Coffee: Upgraded Coffee seems to be particularly popular. One 12 ounce bag of ground Bulletproof Coffee beans costs $18.95. Unlike normal coffee, this coffee claims to help you avoid jitters by using an antioxidant-rich blend of ingredients. Asprey actually recommends mixing this coffee in a blender with grass-fed better to create an energetic “power beverage.”

Cacao Tea: Cacao Tea is available for $10.95 for a four ounce bag of loose leaf tea. It consists of the shell that grows around the cacao bean. Rich with antioxidants, Asprey claims this tea will give you a natural relaxation effect.

Brain Octane Oil: Brain Octane Oil is one of the stranger products sold at UpgradedSelf.com. This oil comes from a combination of coconut and palm kernels. Asprey claims that this tasteless cream can be mixed with foods to enhance cognitive ability, making you smarter. If you don’t want to use grass-fed butter to make Bulletproof Coffee, then Asprey actually recommends using Brain Octane Oil.

Bulletproof Whey Protein: This whey protein powder costs $39.95 for a 16 ounce bag. It promises to boost recovery times, improve immune system functionality, and increase energy levels. It contains unique ingredients like colostrum. It also claims to be created from cows which were raised on grass free from pesticides and chemicals.

MitoQ: At $119, this anti-aging cream isn’t exactly cheap. It’s designed to support “beautiful, healthy, younger looking skin in as little as 30 days.” Its secret power lies in its use of natural fats, fatty alcohols, glycerin, potassium sorbate, and other unique formulas.

You can view full scientific explanations for all of these supplements at UpgradedSelf.com. Unfortunately, very few of these products have been backed up by peer-reviewed scientific research: instead, Asprey seems to rely on clinical trials which often come directly from the manufacturer.

Ultimately, it comes down to whether or not you believe Asprey really distilled knowledge from “$300,000 worth” of nutritionists from around the world.

When you go to order the products, you’ll find that many of them are available as a “one time purchase” or as a “subscription.” You’ll also get free standard shipping on all US retail orders over $135.

Conclusion: Who Should Follow the Bulletproof Executive?

The Bulletproof lifestyle is an interesting collection of lifestyle tips and tricks. You can learn alternative theories about diet, exercise, sleep patterns, and virtually everything else that goes on with your body.

All of that information is available for free online. But obviously, Mr. Asprey isn’t running a charity here: his website needs to make money somehow.

He makes money by recommended dozens of different products on the Upgraded Self website, which is also run by Dave Asprey.

Those products include cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements, coffees, teas, and even tech accessories. Some of the products are backed by strong science and research – like the unique coffee formula which is rich with antioxidants.

Unfortunately, many products – like the coconut oil you’re supposed to eat to improve brain power – have limited peer-reviewed scientific evidence.

If you’re fully committed to the Bulletproof lifestyle, then you won’t necessarily need scientific evidence to purchase these products. In that case, these products may be able to give you the physical and mental boost you need.

Whether you read the free blog posts available at BulletproofExec or you purchase hundreds of dollars of supplements from UpgradedSelf, its sister site, the Bulletproof Lifestyle is an interesting view on life that is just beginning to take form.

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  1. We love bullet proof coffee. However, since using it for the past seven months my husband has a very distinct bad breath all day and night. He never had an issue with this before drinking bullet proof coffee. Mouth washes and mints do not remediate this problem. Can you explain why this happens and how to remediate it without giving up the coffee.

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