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Age Rewind Review

Age Rewind is a new anti-aging skin care product that promises to be one of Hollywood’s best-kept secrets for reversing the effects of aging. Here’s our review.

What is Age Rewind?

Age Rewind is a recently-released anti-aging skin cream that claims to increase collagen production by a whopping 95%.

The cream is available through a trial offer online. It also claims to have been featured on major media networks like Cosmo, NBC, Lifetime, Bravo, and The New York Times.

Amazingly enough, this magical cream claims to use nothing but the world’s most natural and highest quality ingredients.

The cream is priced at $95 for a one month supply. What makes Age Rewind such an expensive skin cream? Does it actually live up to its wildest promises? Is it worth a purchase? Find out today in our Age Rewind review.

How Does Age Rewind Claim to Work?

Age Rewind claims to work in a similar way to Botox – just without the injections.

Instead of physically filling your skin with Botox – which is a toxin that effectively freezes your skin in place and prevents the formation of wrinkles – Age Rewind claims to use natural ingredients to achieve these same effects.

At this point, most reasonable people will ask, “well, what are those ingredients and how do they work?”

That’s where Age Rewind’s sales copy and product packaging mysteriously starts to get really vague. Instead of explaining anything of that nature, the manufacturer simply makes bold claims about how “essential vitamins and antioxidants” will “brighten and enhance” the appearance of your skin.

They also claim that the formula is “proven to smoothen and repair your skin.”

Reputable beauty product manufacturers make detailed claims about their ingredients and how those ingredients work. Clearly, the makers of Age Rewind have taken a totally different approach. That seems to suggest that Age Rewind is a low-quality skin cream backed by very little real science.

The maker of Age Rewind has also not mentioned any clinical trials or third party tests that have been performed on the cream – which is never a good thing if you’re expecting to get maximum results from your $100 skin cream.

Age Rewind Ingredients

The manufacturer of Age Rewind has chosen not to list a single ingredient in the skin cream. Instead, it only lists vague “categories” of different ingredients, including:

— Antioxidants
— Vitamins
— ??????

Beyond those two ingredients, we really have no idea what’s inside Age Rewind. It could be a bunch of synthetic formulas produced in a lab. Or it could be a bunch of herbals and botanicals. Since the manufacturer refuses to describe its full ingredients list, we just don’t know.

Age Rewind Pricing

Age Rewind is surprisingly expensive given the fact that it has never been tested in a clinical setting, it’s not available in any retail store or third party website, and it doesn’t list a single ingredient.

Typically, skin creams with those qualities are sold for $5 to $15.

Age Rewind, however, has chosen to price itself at $95 for a small vial.

Making matters worse is that the full price of Age Rewind is hidden behind a free trial skin cream scam. Instead of listing the full price upfront, the manufacturer of Age Rewind silently pre-authorizes your credit card for a $95 purchase, and then tries to sneak through that charge 14 days after you order your trial.

Age Rewind isn’t the first skin cream to try to pull this scam. Here’s how it works:

— You sign up for the Age Rewind trial through the cream’s official website.

— The trial is advertised as “free”, although you still need to pay a $5.95 charge for shipping and handling

— After paying that fee, you’ll receive a full-size jar of Age Rewind in your mail within 3 to 5 business days

— 14 calendar days after your order was processed, you’ll be charged the full price of $89.87 and you will automatically be enrolled in the monthly autoship program

— That monthly autoship delivers orders of Age Rewind to your address every month until you cancel while also charging your credit card $89.97 + $5.95 shipping and handling every month.

— All of this information is hidden in light grey text in small font at the very bottom of the Age Rewind ordering form. So you’re legally agreeing to these terms and conditions – although the manufacturer has taken very obvious steps to try to hide this information from legitimate customers.

Ultimately, this is another dishonest trial scam that can leave you with hundreds of dollars in credit card debt within just 30 days of your “free” trial order.

Who Makes Age Rewind?

Age Rewind lists its address as:

7486 La Jolla Blvd Suite 280
La Jolla, CA 92037

You can contact the makers of Age Rewind by phone at 1-800-958-4073 or by email at [email protected]

If you search for that phone number and address information, you’ll find that it’s been associated with a number of other skin cream scams in the past – including DermaFi Cream.

There’s no information about where the cream is made, the manufacturing conditions for the company, the ownership, or anything else. This company seems to prefer keeping a low profile.

Ultimately, Age Rewind is a low-quality skin cream that never lists its ingredients, methods of action, or any information about clinical trials. It’s also priced at a ridiculous $95 for a one month supply. For all of these reasons, Age Rewind is one skin cream you should definitely avoid buying.

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  1. I have tried cancelling the auto shipping and got such a ran around. First I was offered 25% off, then I was offered double the amount, then double the amount and 25% off, then 50% off and finally 75% off. I kept saying no cancel my order do not ship me anymore. Then I was told they would put my account on hold! I stated several times to “Cancel my order Do Not Ship me any more”. I thought I had finally got it thru the operator that I talked to tha (had to go thru 2 before they got my account up) that I didn’t want anymore…end of story. The call to cancel was over 25 days ago and come to find out they have shipped it AGAIN! I am so displeased with this company and will make sure everybody I know about their customer service and how if you ever start with them you can’t quit. I will now have to go and stop payments thru my bank to get this to stop…The product is simply not worth the effort

  2. They got my husband who did purchase the scam creams but after he called and cancel the account on Feb they still sent two more stupid creams and charged ours account again, when we called last night they said not return and all sale are final… can you believe that?
    I called my bank to close the card and dispute the charge, let see what happen…

  3. I do not want anymore of this i called and canceled I do not want anymore money coming out of my account thank you

  4. I disputed the charge with my credit card company because the site I went to said nothing about a trial period; it said a sample and I agreed to nothing. The company provided information to the credit card company stating I agreed to the trial period and did not return the sample and my IP address from where I ordered the sample and the credit card company refused to refund the money. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau and am trying to find as many sites as possible to spread information about this scam. I am extremely disappointed with my credit card company for paying this vendor. I provided proof that the website I went to did not have anything for me to agree to and the site is at this time, still up and running :

    It concerns me that the credit card company says the vendor has authority because they could provide my IP address as any website I visit can do that and make up whatever agreement they wish. I will greatly reduce my online shopping using this credit card.

  5. I too was taken in by this company but I am working with my credit card company to dispute the charges.
    We need to get on social media so we can spread
    The word about the scam.

    • I called the c card as soon as I gotcmyvtrail, because no more trial instruction was given. My c card made note of my concern. Now I received another jar in mail which I didn’t order. I madevthem promisecto refund the 188.00 they charged and they gave me a fecund ID. I will see if I get the email confirmation tommorowwl. And still have my cell card company on top of this.

  6. Has anybody got a refund? I got a refund number this morning after a 30- min fight. Also can my bank block them? I have direct deposits and have had my account over 20 years and don’t want a new card. I should have known better and I’m sure they are overseas

  7. I too was scammed by Age Rewind and Luxe Skin trial offers. No where on the web does it mention that it was a subscription or that a charge would be made in addition to the postage and handling of $5.99 per bottle. Later, I was surprised to find to find that $89.95 was charged to my credit card (twice, so total of $179.90) and that the following month, they charged $95.94 per bottle (twice, total of 191.88) for another shipment. Notice that the price had increased without them ever informing you. After a long debate on the phone with their customer service, where they continued to question me on my skin care routine (and I refused to answer), my account was cancelled. They also offered 50% and 75% off to entice me to keep the subscription. Now, I am working with my credit card company to dispute the charges since I never authorized them. The company, Derma Beauty, sent fraudulent screen shots claiming that I had clicked on a website that I never went to and had agreed to their terms. These people are scammers and liars. I am still working with my credit card company to end this mess!

    • I called this morning and forced them to cancel my account. The guy tried to ask me what my goal was, meaning skin care, I told him my goal was to cancel my account. I went back and looked, and they do make you agree to the terms and conditions, which mention their intent. I told him that I agreed to their terms, now he had to honor their conditions. He tried to tell me I had to call back on the 23rd, I refused, and told him either my account was closed and they were to send me an email documenting that, or I would contact the BBB. HE QUICKLY CHANGED HIS TUNE.

      • Thanks for your post. These people are horrible. I had to be incredibly aggressive and threatening. I used your post info and finally got a cancellation. I can’t help but think this isn’t over. I feel like a fool.

  8. The day after I ordered, my new debit card came in the mail. So, technically I’ve already changed my card. Should I be concerned? I’m a little freaked out now.

  9. I also have been duped by the ads of this product. I just called to cancel and they kept insisting that I wasn’t using the product correctly and that I should be patient with it. I was on the phone for over 25 minutes trying to get my account cancelled. The representative continued to asked me questions about my goals and what part of my face I was trying to improve. I told him it was not his business and that all I want to do is to cancel my orders. It wasn’t until I threatened legal action and demanded they discontinue charging my account that they finally provided me with cancellation identification and assured me that I would receive an e-mail within 48 hours as confirmation. Be very careful when signing up for “free trials” and then having to provide your credit card for shipping charges.

  10. Call 1-866-976-0034 for customer service. I was on the phone for 38 minutes before they finally agreed to refund me for $99.97 and $99.99. I keep calling the 1-800-961-4708 number. No one answers. They state you have to cancel within 14 days. Be persistent and demand a 100 percent refund. To not settle for 50 % or 75% that they will offer you. Report the issue to consumer affairs as well. Don’t let this company steal your money. Be persistent and cancel your order asap

    • Same EXACT thing happened to me. They are argumentative, misleading and I could not even find the website where it came from until the $92.99 & $92.97 charges showed up as a debit on my checking account. I DID settle for the 50%, as he told me it was the VERY best could be done and conveintly, there was no supervisor available. SO, based on what you said, I need to continue to call, speak to someone and continue until it is agreed upon that I get the full refund? Please let me know if this is what you feel I should do.
      Thx so much for sharing your experience. Clearly, there are many this company has preyed upon. Any further advice is greatly appreciated!

      • Hi I am going through the same thing and I am trying to get my money back it seems that they said they would give it back but I see every month they’re taking out 90 something dollars

  11. Should of checked this out first before I ordered. Now I feel like a fool for ordering the product. I am calling tomorrow to cancel further shipments. Scammed again.

  12. I knew right away it was a scam. been new products every year saying the same stuff. And the before and after pictures are a joke. from 75 year old severely wrinkled to looking like a smooth faced 40 year old. Come on, if you believe that then you deserve to get ripped off!!!! JUST DON’T FALL FOR ANY OF THESE PRODUCT Scams! Shame on Dr.OZ for being involved in these traps. I use to like him, now I see he’s just another phony.

    • Dear Nikki:
      Guess all of us who “deserve to get ripped off”, well… guess we just aren’t as smart as you. Your smart assed comment are not cute, funny or warranted. Clearly, you do not understand the anger we feel, only to get scolded by someone who was (self proclaimed) too intellingent than to fall for this scam. I am TRYING to find a way to get 100% resolution, obviously not wanting to hear someone make comments as you did and to be honest, quite surprised someone has not before now, spoken directly to you for your attitude as I am doing. Not taking into consideration the rage we feel for this atrocious and insulting crime. We do not need your juvenile gloating. So please keep the smart ass comments to yourself!

  13. I have to add that I actually feel sort of foolish that I got scammed by this product. I used it religiously just as prescribed and It did absolutely nothing. I can’t even say that it worked badly, because it didn’t work at all!! I missed the extremely fine print, even though I really tried to find it as I suspected that it might be one of these automail the next order things. I truly wish our government would bot spend so much time regulating things that don’t need to be regulated and serve the buying public by regulating these people. It’s a disgusting situation. Bottom line, if you read any of these comments and still purchase this product, then you must have $$$ to burn!

  14. I too am having problems. Does anyone know where in there info does it say it will be auto ship? I couldn’t find it and then when they did ship it to me there was not an invoice so I didn’t even know how much they were going to charge. No where in the free sample did they mention how much it cost. I cancelled this in writing and they still just notified me of another shipment. This is crap!!!!!!!!!!



    • How were you able to get the full refund? Please share, as I was not just charged for one product, but 2. I stupidly and unknowingly, did the “free trial” whre I only paid for the shipping, but on 2 different products, clearly only one compnay, as “John” was able to take care of both, but “the best he could do” was only 50%. Please advise what you would do!
      Thx so much for your post!

      • I know it’s a little late in year, but I did the same as everyone else. I went into my bank, discussed it with them, went through the FRAUD Dept. and it was settled, I got a full refund and my so called order was canceled. I never heard fro them again! Yay!!! Good Luck!

  16. I see a lot of comments about the cc charges and issues there, but does anyone have good or bad experience with the product. Does it work?

  17. I had the same experience. I checked my credit card bill and found the $89.97. I was in shock. I Ordered it on 1/23/16, received it about 1/27 and was charged on 2/05. Not long enough to know if I even liked it. I also didn’t like the fact there were no ingredients listed on jar, nor, where it was manufactured. I called this morning and told them not to put another charge on my cc. I said you have a very deceptive web site. She said, what do you not like about the product? I said, the $90 bucks. I don’t have enough wrinkles to pay $90 dollars. I wouldn’t go to a dept store and pay $90. My call was disconnected and I had to call them back. The next person said my account was canceled and I would not be charged again. I will make sure of that.

  18. I knew that there was something amiss when I opened my package and the $95.00 jar of anti wrinkle cream had the glue on label placed on the jar crooked….live and learn

  19. I also am very upset about this company and their unscrupulous practice of promising no more charges only to have them show up on my credit card anyway. Their scripted representatives just keep saying the same thing over and over again no matter what you say. I finally gave up and went straight to my credit card company to dispute the charges and hopefully, prevent any more from being added. I am sure before it’s over, I will be required to change my card number.. Jeez. There are so many crooks out there waiting to take advantage of consumers. Be careful — just pass on this supposedly great deal. The only thing great about it is the great big headache you will have dealing with getting your hard-earned money back.

  20. When you call to cancel, they go on, and on, and on. I eventually had to tell her that she was being rude and ignoring my requests before she agreed to cancel the account. Be persistent!

    Even if you call to cancel, report your credit/debit card lost and request a replacement.

  21. Caught in the autoship trap! Ordered the free trial, and was debited for the “shipping & handling” of 11.94. Then on the 12th of February had another debit of 179.92 for the product. Have made 3 different phone calls to try and cancel this rip off, but so far haven’t been able to do that. Stay toned: worse case: will cancel the debit card and have them issue a new one! Be warned: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!

  22. I returned the first jar after I was charged $90 2 weeks after receiving it, and my credit card was never refunded. So I called them on 2/5/16 (tracking of my package indicated they received my return on 1/25). The guy I spoke to, Kobe, would only give me back 35% because I didn’t call first and get an RMA number. NOWHERE in their info do that state that an RMA is required. So when I called the day I received a 2nd one, I asked for an RMA number. The chick Cassey, who also spoke broken English, wouldn’t give me one! She had no idea what an RMA number was! Finally, after threatening to report them to the FTC, she said she had refunded my entire cost and gave me a transaction number that I could give to my bank. And she told me to keep the jar…Really?

    I’ll call my bank tomorrow to see if this transaction number is legitimate. Stay tuned.

  23. I have been tryin to cancel any further shipments from Luxe Skin and rewind and haven’t been successful! Am frustrated and pissed!!!!

  24. I called this morning to cancel and I got the same sales speech to discount future orders. 40% , 60%, 75% off and to put a hold on future shipping in order to keep using product. After about 20 minutes Jordan final my got my message to cancel the account and before I could respond to see about my refund he hung up. This company miss represents itself.

  25. I only wanted the free trial and paid for the shipping. please cancel this. My account was debited. They do not disclose you are automatically enrolled and will be billed.

  26. I ordered this product, and with it something called luxe-skin, which was suggested as a suppliment for a nominal fee, which I fell for. After reading all the above $ problems (i too thought it was a shipping fee also, I need to know how to get ahold of the luxe-skin people to cancel it also. There is no indication of how to use it, or what its for????

    • I also bought this sAme product you’re speaking of. I have no idea how to use it either, so I think I will pass on using it. I used a gift visa card to buy this. So thank,goodness I do not have to call and cacel anything. Good luck to you.

  27. I have tried cancelling the auto shipping and got such a ran around. First I was offered 25% off, then I was offered double the amount, then double the amount and 25% off, then 50% off and finally 75% off. I kept saying no cancel my order do not ship me anymore. Then I was told they would put my account on hold! I stated several times to “Cancel my order Do Not Ship me any more”. I thought I had finally got it thru the operator that I talked to tha (had to go thru 2 before they got my account up) that I didn’t want anymore…end of story. The call to cancel was over 25 days ago and come to find out they have shipped it AGAIN! I am so displeased with this company and will make sure everybody I know about their customer service and how if you ever start with them you can’t quit. I will now have to go and stop payments thru my bank to get this to stop…The product is simply not worth the effort

    • I paid for the trial sample and my account has been debited for the luxe skin and age rewind product. There was no paperwork included stating I would be automatically enrolled after 14 days. The product is not worth that amount. Please cancel and do not ship any items to me.


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