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FATwater Review

FATwater is a new water-based beverage created by Bulletproof, the same company that created Bulletproof Coffee. Find out what you need to know about FATwater today in our review.

What is FATwater?

FATwater is a water-based beverage that uses patented oil nanoparticles to increase the body’s ability to absorb water.

This superpowered water follows in the footsteps of Bulletproof Coffee, a nutrient-rich coffee beverage created by the same company.

Both FATwater and Bulletproof Coffee were created by a company called Bulletproof, which was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Dave Asprey.

In a recent interview, Dave said the following about his new FATwater product:

“Everyone knows oil and water don’t mix…We knew that if we could pull this off we could change hydration forever….It was a challenge to mix oil and water and make it taste and feel great, but we were up for it.”

Dave claims his company has been working on FATwater for three years.

How Does FATWater Work?

It’s true that FATwater mixes oil and water together. The “oil” in FATwater is something called Bulletproof XCT Oil, which was created by the company as a health-supporting oil food product.

XCT Oil is a medium chain triglyceride fat primarily made from coconut oil. It’s made with no artificial sweeteners or caffeine: just plain fatty oil.

Each serving of FATwater contains 20 calories and 2 grams of fat. The oil molecules purportedly “hook up” with the water molecules to carry hydrating compounds exactly where they need to go in the body.

The science behind this is a little hazy: Dave Asprey claims that the body soaks up XCT Oil more quickly than water because it processes XCT Oil as fuel. When water is linked to that XCT Oil, your body processes both like fuel, which purportedly leads to better hydration.

FATwater Ingredients

FATwater separates its ingredients into three different categories, including:

Bulletproof XCT Oil: Nanoparticles of coconut oil

Purified Water: Water that has been purified through “particle filtration, charcoal filtration, and reverse osmosis, according to the official site.”

Flavor: FATwater contains “all natural flavors from real fruit extracts” with no sugar or artificial ingredients. There is, however, xylitol and Stevia for sweetness.

How to Use FATwater

FATwater is currently only sold as a concentrate. You pour one full concentrate packet into 8 ounces of chilled, purified water. Stir and enjoy the effects.

The manufacturer recommends using FATwater to boost athletic performance, increase hydration throughout the day, and recover from general activity. Basically, you use it during all the times you would normally drink water.

After you mix FATwater with water, you’ll notice that it’s not completely clear: the fat content makes the mixture cloudy.

How to Buy FATwater

FATwater is sold as a concentrate at the Upgraded Self online store at: UpgradedSelf.com/fatwater

You buy it as a concentrate in one of four different flavors:

— Unflavored
— Berry
— Orange
— Lemon

There are 16 10mL packets included in each package.

The product doesn’t officially launch until August 31, 2015. So when you order from Bulletproof today, you’re going to have to wait a little before your order officially ships.

You can buy a package with all four flavors (four of each flavor), or you can buy a package with all of one flavor.

FATwater is priced at $29.95 for one box of 16 single serving packets.

Who Makes FATwater?

FATwater is made by a company called Bulletproof. Bulletproof sells a variety of nutritional supplements under the “Bulletproof” lineup, including Bulletproof Coffee, coconut charcoal capsules, and protein powders.

The company was founded by an entrepreneur named Dave Asprey who famously spent $400,000 over the past 2 years discovering the best healing techniques and medicines from around the world.

Bulletproof lists its address as:

24 Roy Street, Suite 756
Seattle, WA 98109

You can buy Bulletproof products at the company’s official online store, UpgradedSelf.com

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