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Health Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

If you haven’t heard of Matcha Green Tea then you must be living under a rock. For over 1,000 years, matcha green tea has been a staple in Chinese medicine due to its’ healing and immune-boosting properties.

Nowadays, Matcha Green Tea is primarily consumed for dozens of reasons thanks to the powerful antioxidant properties in matcha green tea. Let’s look into this miracle health supplement a bit more:


What is Matcha Green Tea?

Japanese tea leaves grown almost exclusively in the shade to increase the chlorophyll content. The leaves are then handpicked, steamed, dried, and ground into a fine green powder, which is what makes up matcha green tea.

However, instead of using a tea bag, the entire powder is added to boiling water so you consume all of the tea powder. This is the primary difference between matcha green tea and the green tea you often see in stores.

Benefits of Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is so powerful because of the incredible antioxidant concentration. Matcha green tea contains antioxidant levels that are approximately 6 times the amount in goji berries, 7 times greater than dark chocolate, and 17 times that of blueberries.

However, the high antioxidant concentration is just one of the dozens of benefits of matcha green tea. Some of the other benefits of matcha green tea include:

Cancer Prevention: Matcha green tea contains an special kind of antioxidant called catechins, which remove cancer causing free radicals from the body. EGCG, one of the most powerful antioxidants, is found in matcha green tea with a 137x greater concentration than regular green tea.

Lowers Blood Pressure And Cholesterol: A 2011 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that matcha green tea could significantly lower total cholesterol, which improved circulation and blood pressure.

Weight Loss: Several studies have documented the weight loss benefits of green tea. Some studies estimate that green tea can increase the rate of thermogenesis by 8-10% during resting periods. However, a recent study also published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that matcha green tea use increased the rate that fat was burned by 25% during exercise. In other words, matcha green tea can help you burn fat while your resting and while your exercising.

Improved Brain Health: L-theanine, a powerful amino acid found in matcha green tea helps to improve alpha wave activity in the brain. In other words, matcha green tea can help improve brain health, relieve stress, and improve a variety of brain functions.

Increased Energy Levels: Matcha tea is an amazing energy booster because it helps to constantly supply the body with energy. Much of this is due to the thermogenic properties of matcha green but the other nutrients in matcha green tea also help support energy levels.

Side Effects of Matcha Green Tea


Like conventional green tea, there are no real side effects to taking matcha green tea. While matcha green tea does contain some caffeine, there is not enough caffeine to cause the “jitters.”

Even if you are very sensitive to caffeine, you still will not likely feel any negative side effects.

With that said, it is not recommended that you consume more than two or three cups per matcha green tea per day. This is simply because there is enough caffeine in green tea to cause potential side effects if you consume too much green tea per day. If you do, you might end up feeling jittery or might develop a headache or heartburn as a result.

However, if you stay at the recommended dose and consume only a cup or two of matcha green tea per day, you should feel no side effects.

How to Take Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea can be made like any other green tea, although for taste purposes you should let the water sit and cool for roughly five minutes. This will improve the taste of matcha green tea, which should have a slightly sweet flavor.

However, there should also be a clear vegetal taste as well. You should also whisk the powder into the water until the powder is fully dissolved so you texture is almost like a broth.

Matcha Green Tea Final Thoughts

Matcha green tea is a superstar in terms of benefits and impacts on your health. Matcha green tea can pretty much improve every aspect of your health in some way or another and it is one of the few health supplements on the market that has been thoroughly studied.

We recommend buying matcha green tea only through one of the many retailers selling 100% pure, unsweetened matcha green tea. This will ensure you buy the strongest, most beneficial matcha green tea for you and you’ll enjoy the taste much better.

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