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Ketopia Review

Ketopia is a patented weight loss system that involves taking three Ketopia products during a 10 day diet.

Find out if Ketopia is the right choice for you today in our review or if there are better products and opportunities out there, such as Pruvit.

What is Ketopia?

Ketopia is a weight loss system created by a direct selling company called Forever Green. With Ketopia, you take three products during a 10 day weight management kickoff program.

Those three products include KetonX, Dough Bites, and FIXX.

KetonX is a blend of multiple raw natural ingredients designed to put you on the path towards nutritional ketosis and satiety. Forever Green claims the formula was studied and developed by a world-renowned doctor.

Dough Bites are pieces of cookie dough “formulated to complement KetonX”. They’re high in fiber and probiotics and designed to help you boost your energy and satisfy hunger cravings without sacrificing your dietary goals.

FIXX is a chocolate protein powder made from “cold-processed New Zealand whey from clean pasture-raised cows”, according to the product’s official packaging. Forever Green has also added 30 organic fruits and vegetables to provide a blend of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

You use these three supplements for 10 days while following the Ketopia diet plan. Ketopia claims that it’s “a lifestyle, not a diet”, because too many people fail at dieting and take too long to see meaningful results.

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How Does Ketopia Work?

Ketopia relies on the power of the keto diet, which is one of the most popular diets in the world today. Ketopia, however, has a bit of a twist. Here’s how the company describes its diet:

“Thousands of years ago, our ancestors lived predominately in nutritional ketosis by living off the land and sea. Eventually, shelf life and greed—also known as the invention of junk food—moved us to an era of foodless foods and lifeless drinks; “Mctosis”, not ketosis! Here in America we are the sickest generation ever, the heaviest generation ever, and the first generation predicted to outlive our children.”

Basically, by eating the right raw foods, we can put our bodies into a state of nutritional ketosis. When our bodies are in this state, they’re able to burn fat without burning carbs.

Ketosis is best described as your body’s natural metabolic state. When your body is in a state of ketosis, it burns fat for more of its energy instead of burning carbohydrates. Amazingly, fat has 300% more energy than carbohydrates.

In other words, Ketosis lets us burn away our fat, access a high-quality source of energy, and efficiently move carbs through our bodies without storing more fat. It’s an optimum state of nutrition.

When our bodies follow starvation diets or restrictive diets, they’re rarely in a state of ketosis, which means they can’t take advantage of this natural energy.

Ultimately, Ketopia wants to make it easy for your body to achieve a state of ketosis. Normally, you need to carefully plan your meals to enter ketosis. But with the help of Ketopia, you can enter ketosis more easily because all your meals are planned out for you.

The Ketopia Opportunity

Ketopia is a network marketing company. If you like Ketopia a lot, then you may want to sign up for the company as a distributor.

As a Forever Green distributor, you can sell far more than just Ketopia: the company sells a diverse range of other products, including POWERStrips, SOLARStrips, and BEAUTYStrips designed to be placed onto your skin for nutritional benefit.

There are also nutritional supplements like Azul, Frequensea, Pure, and Pulse, and weight management solutions like FIXX (included in the Ketopia plan) and Thunder.

The Forever Green opportunity consists of three separate pillars, including:

— FGXpress Products (the POWERStrips, SOLARStrips, and BEAUTYStrips mentioned above)
— Farmer’s Market (health supplements)
— U of You (a one day educational retreat led by CEO Ron Williams)

Other key features of the Forever Green direct marketing model including:

— Global Seamless Plan
— 87% Faststart Payout
— 62% Regular Payout
— Low Monthly CV Requirements
— Weekly Pay Plan
— Five Ways To Earn

Forever Green is open to people all over the world. Looking through the “Field Leadership” list, you’ll find associates based in all of the following countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Russia, Switzerland, Germany, Philippines, Austria, Peru, Malaysia, Morocco, Spain, Japan, Turkey, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and many more. Registration seems to be available to people from all over the world.

Who Makes Ketopia?

Ketopia is created by a company called Forever Green. That company was founded in May 2004 by current CEO and Chairman Ron Williams. Forever Green uses a direct selling model to sell products all over the world.

The company maintains its corporate headquarters in Lindon, Utah at the following address:

644 North 2000 West
Lindon, UT 84062

You can contact the company at [email protected] or by calling 1-801-655-1000.

The company also maintains offices around the world in six countries, including Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, and the Philippines. The Australian office is listed as a joint Australia/New Zealand office.

Forever Green is a publically traded company traded under the stock symbol FVRG on the NASDAQ.

Final Verdict On Ketopia?

While the science and benefits of Ketosis and Ketones is well researched already and only is only getting stronger by the day, the overall product and business opportunity as a whole, we see better opportunities elsewhere. We actually prefer a company called Pruvit with their product KETO-OS that lets you see results in 59 minutes or less.

That ability to show you that the product is working in that amount of time with a simple (and inexpensive) test gives the edge to Pruvit. And if you are in the market for an opportunity as well as a solid product, they have that covered as well. It is also based on an MLM structure, but their products are more accessible to people that simply just want to use the product without promoting.

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Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. Hi
    I tried the 7 day Ketopia kit, stretched it out to last to 10 days and easily lost 13 lbs. Cravings vanished, my appetite was comfortably suppressed and I had lots of energy. I also cut sugar and carbs and had one healthy meal a day at dinner. Amazing results. However, it is incredibly expensive, I dislike MLM and the packaging combos offered are very limiting. I would love to buy just the KetonX in a 30 day supply for a reasonable price. I am trying Keto-OS now (bought a tub for a decent price) and after 6 days – zero weight loss, though I have the same feeling of my appetite being suppressed, loss of cravings and good energy level as Ketopia. I’ve stuck with clean eating and a bonus has been less arthritic pain.
    So I will continue with Keto OS for another week and if no further weight loss results will then consider buying more KetonX packs, but the price and packaging (30 day tub please not all the other stuff I don’t want) needs to change or I’ll start looking elsewhere, like everyone else.

  2. Soothe ketosis morning drink is fairly disgusting I known that the gain is worth it. The dough bites are neither here nor there. I alternate the Fixx with Shakeology and my sugar cravings are completely taken care of. While it’s not the most tasty thing in the world I’ve had worse. By not exercising to compensate for a bad neck and such I have lost 3 pounds in 3 days. I found lots of ketosis meals,by using Pinterest. I’m excited about higher protein and fat vs carbs. I’m a bread girl and I have no cravings, thats fantastic. I have about 20 pounds I could stand to lose, 8 of which are post surgical from a ceevical spine fusion. I would like to get down 2 jeans sizes but I know hard work,and diligence pays off. I didn’t gain it overnight and don’t expect to lose it overnight.

    • Where is everybody?
      A year ago the stock price was at a low of $.70. Now it is trading in the $.30s. Sales of Ketopia were not the blockbuster that it was hyped up to be. Anyone ever heard of a Powerstrip? That was the big hype before but nothing now. There’s going to be a new blockbuster for a few months with a vitamin that has greater absorption. Whoever is left that wasn’t disappointed with the first two blockbusters can try the new vitamin. Good luck.

  3. I love this product! It’s helped me so much! I’ve tried every diet and have also tried doing low carb without it. The keto flu is no joke! This has made the process of getting into ketosis much more enjoyable! The raspberry is my fave, and the fixx I added heavy cream. 8pnds in 10 days I’m not complaining! You may be able to mix ur own ingredients together to get the same results, but who really wants to do that? We live in a world of convenience. I’m following a ketogenic diet right now and I’m on a mission! And yes I am now a rep cause I love it sooooooo much! Only complaint I have is that they don’t sell it in tubs! Lol :-)

  4. Wow- these replies are……not polite. I have tried both the Ketopia and the Pruvit products. I have been in ketosis before while in the care of a nutrition clinic that had me peeing on a stick every day so I went in having an idea what I needed to eat. The Ketopia product provided a delicious fixx shake in the am which made things easy since I could shake and go BUT my coach (can’t remember what her title was) soon recommended the addition of whipping cream which meant it wasn’t as portable- not insurmountable. I also really relied on the cookie dough as my “treat” at the end of the day with pink salt and whipped cream (I would bake it off first). Perfect way to t end the day. The orange drink did nothing for me. It didn’t help me get into ketosis and in fact that first week I barely made it into ketosis despite making the recipes that Ketopia itself released. Still I ordered another batch of the fixx and have ordered more cookie dough- however the fixx came in with most of the order slashed with what might have been a box cutter. It got all over my kitchen when I opened it and the product was unusable. Despite numerous emails to the company all they have done is sent me a couple of replacement packets- not even half of the amount that were ruined. This was only after repeated emails and them telling me several times that they had sent it when really they had not. I mentioned that the ketonox drink hadn’t even put me in ketosis and they said the strips they sent out weren’t working- I explained that I also used strips from the drugstore and had the same result- they never answered me back or replaced the remaining packets. I am disappointed becasue I really liked those cookie dough bites but It is difficult for me to purchase from a company with such poor service.
    Then I tried keto-os no caffeine. In six weeks I lost 15 lbs (more than half my 25lb goal). I could see the strip change the first day to heavy ketosis and though at first I couldn’t stand the cream sickle taste-partly bc I had been avoiding all citrus for decades due to a condition which I no longer have to cater my eating to as long as I take the keto os every day. Even though I was a bit unsure about the taste at first it was still better and not chalky like the ketopia was. Eventually I have come to like the taste and enjoy it- plus they came out with chocolate vanilla swirl. My inflammatory autoimmune condition is the best it has ever been and when the company accidentally sent me a full month’s supply tub in error they told me to go ahead and keep it so I wouldn’t have to go without while waiting for them to overnight my actual order. They were so nice about it. I really hope they start making some sort of shake and cookie dough- that would be awesome. I have no idea and I don’t care who has the patent- for my body Keto- os is the one that works and ketopia is the one that has been rude and served up little to no results. As far as being a rep I thnk I am technically a rep for both but I have never marketed to anyone- I sold keto os to a couple of my freinds because they saw all the weight I dropped and wanted it but I have never posted anything about it and never followed up with them- I have literally no dog in the hunt other than wanting to see keto os continue production becasue it has been so helpful for me medically.

  5. Hi All, We only have KetonX here in PH.
    Just want to know the replacement for FIXX and Dough Bites?
    Thanks in advance..

  6. This “system” is hilarious. The research behind it and the diet and lifestyle it promotes are spot on. What this does is it helps you make the transition in to a kerogenic diet/lifestyle easier which is wonderful. The problem is that you can buy medium chain triglycerides at any store that sells food or supplements, stay hydrated, and replenish your electrolytes and you’ll do exactly the same thing and have all the same energy, weight loss, and other health benefits without paying for an insanely overpriced, over hyped, MLM product with 3,4,5,6 layers of people profiting off of you and you won’t have to drink any nasty chalky drinks. Just do research on proper keto diet and lifestyle and you’ll see how easy it is to do it on your own.

    • Brandon, While what you say is true not everyone can successfully get through the induction phase without falling off. This gives you a way to stay low calorie and intake healthy essentials easily. I am not promoting the product, but hey sometimes paying up adds the responsibility to follow :D

  7. I have taken the kit for 10 days now. I lost some weight, not sure how much because my scale was broke. My question is this: after i drink the orange ketonx drink in the a.m. i always test my urine and it is in ketosis. At the end of the day its only half way there. I am following the strict no sugar/carb diet. Should i drink another ketonx drink later in the day?

  8. I would not have bought this product if I knew what it tasted like. I can not tolerate taste. I rather reach natural ketosis.

    • Good thing is, they enhanced the flavor now to a raspberry cream and better than ever orange…. Try again. If you are already a customer just order online.

  9. Ketopia totally has enhanced my life, both as a user and distributor. Folks can buy the product retail, or as a member or as a distributor. These products and the nutritional education offered by the company is excellent. One of the problems of ketones is that they taste terrible but Forever Green has made them more palatable. And yes, some folks still have trouble enjoying it but you can add coconut oil, cinnamon & ice to the morning Keton X drink to help it go down easier. I’ve been a carboholic my entire life and within 2 days the cravings were gone. All the supply issues are cleared up and in fact on Black Friday, starting at 12:01 am we are offering some awesome sales. Including 28 days of KetonX. I happen to love the Dough bites, and they are offering Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Dough bites as a special.. these have 18 grams of fiber and enzymes necessary for health. I went on Ketopia for 30 days straight, and then took a break. Ketopia is helping me make the transition to a fat-adaptive diet, which is the healthiest diet you can have. You can take advantage of the sale starting at 12:01AM Thanksgiving night as long as supplies last Black Friday.

    • Went on the site to order there r three product is the ketos the 30 can called 8 something (sorry bad memory )

  10. I wish I had read these comments before purchasing the product, it is disgusting. I could not get through 3 days.

    • Are you mixing it with at least 750ml of water and sipping it over 1 1/2 to 2 hours? It really isn’t that bad a taste I don’t think.

    • I just started the diet today and was told to add more water and blend it with ice and drink it slowly throughout the day and it was good. I actually mixed it with about 20 oz of water and kept a glass full of it and the remainder in the fridge and refilled my glass a couple of times. Keep it cold.

  11. I also find KetonX repulsive. So much so that yesterday and today I ate a regular high protein/fat breakfast rather than trying to down that drink one more time. I just got off the conference call with Michelle Thompson FGXpress, She said she eats breakfast then sips the KetonX for several hours. I might try that. It might be better on a full stomach.

  12. I am midway through the Forever Green reset and though I feel fantastic, the Ketonix Orange drink is the most disgusting thing I have ever drunk. Sorry, I like how I feel on this reset, but the Orange drink is vile.

    • Jennifer I totally agree. I am on day 5 and it took everything in me to get it down today. I can’t get past the chalky taste of it. The dough bite is ok and I actually add 2 oz of heavy whipping cream to my shake and it makes it taste better, but I am not sure what to do about the KetonX drink to make it taste better. :

        • I haven’t tryed this yet. Just been reading the comments. They have the sugar free flavoring maybe try that in it.

      • Add more water and drink it over a longer period of time. This keeps the body in ketosis for a longer period of time.

        • That taste is really bad.
          I mixed mine with tea as well. Thanks for the idea.

          I mix it the night before and put it in the fridge so it’s as cold as possible. It makes a big difference.

      • I’m on Day 6 and found the KetonX disgusting until I mistakenly added about 800ml of water – what a difference it made to the taste! Prior to this the drink made me gag ugh!Also, the raspberry is so much better than the orange. Good news is that it is definitely working and I’m finding that as each day passes, I become more confident about the evening meal which I found challenging as I don’t usually eat too much meat/eggs/cream as well as no pork, turkey, ham etc. I’ve moved to having more fish/tuna/salmon and find it more palatable.

    • Oh my. I am on Day 2. Jennifer, I completely agree!!! The KetonX is vile! I used some more colorful language when I realized I had to drink it every morning. Nasty!!! I was actually scared to try the chocolate shake– the FIXX. I will force myself to try it today. Cookie dough thing is ok. Not great but ok. After drinking the KetonX in the morning I spent a while searching the internet for advice. The info seems really controlled and filtered. Your assessment was the most honest!!!

  13. i have tried the Keto OS. What I don’t like about it is that it tastes horrible. Plus I have a lactose intolerance.

  14. Orders are shipping now and we expect to be caught up within the next couple weeks max. Now is the time to get involved, the wait is over. Mine and friends kits are on their way, yea!!

  15. The stock Forever green is around $0.70 near the 52 week low. The lawsuit seems to be hurting it. Check out Ron Williams on YouTube. He looks like a homeless bum. Not a CEO of a reputable company. Can’t afford a shave, buy a suit maybe? Hard to believe in a product with him running it?

    • The lawsuit hasn’t hurt much, they are in the drivers seat with the licensing . The truth is they have had supply chain issues which are almost completely resolved now. And Ron cleans up very handsomely for when it matters.

    • Sliver looks have nothing to do with what we are doing with this company,That statement you make is weak and in fear. As well as you should be. Ron Is an incredible man, I think and have a good guess here you have zero spiritual back ground and have hate running through your body. I set here and laugh at all these negative remarks that are posted by You folks that I seem to feel you are a Pruvit rep as well. Great that you are. Unless you meet this man and his kind loving side and excellent leadership of a very successful company (( and yes I have been with FGXpress/ForeverGreen )) for 2 1/2 years. Petty comments aren’t necessary. I have repeat orders of Ketopia, I and people that I have introduced to ketopia are having successful reports 100% from my clients. as well you all have success as well. This is good for the whole industry. What hurts this industry are weak fearing people that cant get out of their shell to develop people skills.

      • Today was my 10th day and I have not felt better I did not loose a great deal of weight but definitely 5+ lbs. I was in medium Ketosis. The Orange drink is the absolute WORST but the chocolate was great and I was rarely hungry… Now I am not sure what direction to go. My Trainer says not to stay on this but I know now no Carbs, removed Sugar and eat as clean as I can..
        Thank You FGX

      • Why are you attacking me? I just made an observation about Ron and how sloppy he is. He rather look cool than be a professional in the global market. Most countries don’t think a CEO who wears his baseball cap backwards and a soul patch and a sloppy sweater is professional. I am a distributor with Forevergreen. I know he is a nice guy but it would be a lot easier to get new associates if the CEO would wear a suit like all the other Fortune 500 CEOs. You were wrong on several counts but it’s ok. Go over your U of You training again. You will feel better. Best wishes.

        • just because a stiff puts on a suit does not mean anythingthe biggest most powerful liars in the world all wear suits

  16. The problem with “liking” Pruvit and their version of Ketopia is that they’re treading water by selling a product that they don’t have the rights to and are currently suing their supposed licensing partner, Access Global Sciences and Forevergreen.

    Look for Forevergreen to prevail under an examination of Pruvit’s frivolous lawsuits.

    • I agree Danny. Who knows what is going to happen to Pruvit as they only have a non-exlusive licence while FG hold the worldwide exclusive licensing. It will be interesting to see where this goes. I feel for the Pruvit people but glad I am with FG.

    • Why is Access Global Sciences not stopping Pruvit legally if Forevergreen is the “only” licensee? I think I’ll buy products from both companies and see which one works best for me. Its hard to recommend one company over another with this dark cloud lawsuit hanging over what appears to be the most revolutionary diet product of the decade.

      Hopefully, Forevergreen will single out the ketopia product from the expensive cookie bites and protein powder package so the unit price will be lower. $450 a month is simply just too much. A month supply of daily dose of ketopia should come in at around $100-$150 a month. That would be about what a person would perceive as fair and reasonable and be willing to buy on a continuous basis. Many network marketing companies put their monthly qualification price at around 100 points which translates into about $130 after shipping and taxes and factoring in the cute little trick of making a month supply of the basic product worth 98 points, falling a wee bit short of qualifying thereby forcing you to buy more stuff that you really didn’t want to buy……… ahh yes, network marketing logic.

      All that being said, forevergreen has a wonderful product to work with.

      • KetonX will be available as a stand alone product when the kit orders are fulfilled. A 30 day supply is $19, much cheaper than Pruvit’s product.

        • 30 day at $19? there must be a typo. First of all, FG does 28 day supplies in individual packets. They need to cut their prices because they are ridiculous. Their shake Fixx is more than twice the price of any other shake on the market. I have bought both and they also don’t offer a 100% money back guarantee. They charge you too much for shipping and 20% restocking fee. I have too many team members that have quit due to their terrible policies.

          • On your last sentence Ummmm terrible policies? Can you go int to depth on this. And for those who quit? how long have they been in your group. My suggestion for those who quit,NEVER quit. Weakness and fear still linger in their minds. Sounds like they still hang out at Walmart to much MAYBE . The mentality of weakness. Ketopia is a class program, designed to be followed for maximum results. If you don’t follow the program then you don’t get the results. Not a hard program to follow dear. Sorry to hear you lost people. Must rethink your leadership skills.

  17. Ketopia is not just a drink, it has the same ingredients, to get you into Ketosis, plus nutritional supplementation, with our dough bites (phantom carbs and 18 grams of fiber and so delicious) plus Fixx our chocolate drink that gives you incredible energy because of the healthy nutrients. For $129.00 for ten days, of 3 products well worth it, and a better price overall I believe. We know the orders are being caught up, I see the tracking numbers coming in, and it has been worth the wait, A great solid 11 year old company, that stands by their products and distributors and keeps us well informed each step of the way. We get daily updates from corporate and support has been incredible. We have other amazing products like no others. We are in 212 countries and territories with some of our products.

  18. The product works. The cost is about $12 per day for the 10 day reset. You will not be eating breakfast or lunch when you are doing the reset, so it’s really not that expensive! Your own results will promote the product for you if you decide to share the opportunity, and earn $. The cost to become a distributor is only $12 plus the cost of your product.

  19. I think it is great to have this new product, but it is so expensive most ordinary people will be unable to buy it.

    • It’s not really that expensive when you look at it day by day. Like someone else said, you don’t have to buy stuff for breakfast or lunch for 10 days. After that it’s not a whole lot more. Also, I’m an ordinary person. I live paycheck to paycheck like most people, but I know how to budget for things I want/need. I was able to get the 10 day reset. It’s harder, but possible! :)

    • Carolyn, Pruvit obtained a non-exclusive licence while FG has the exclusive worldwide license to the patents/formula. Pruvit has filed a claim against FG and the licensing company for damages. Time will tell and I do feel for the Pruvit people but very grateful to be in FG. They are an amazing company with amazing products and vision.

  20. This product will make history. I lost 13pounds in my first ketopia 10 day reset my body fat percentage dropped from 31.2 percent to 24.3 unbelievable results you will have way more energy . When you are in ketosis your body produces ketones which burns fat for energy. The easiest plan ever and you dont starve yourself.The kit will replace 2 meals a day . People say that at 129.00 plus tax and shipping less than 150.00 for the kit is to much. Well do the math if you eat breakfast a biscuit and a drink is 4 to 5 dollars lunch will cost you 8 to 10.00 thats a 140.00 to 150.00 for 10 days and i lose weight and inches . if you are your family is over weight you need this product.

    • Randy,

      Drinking two protein shakes during the day and a non carb light dinner or no or a third shake would have given you the same results . be honest here.

      • Greg nutritional ketones will get you into ketosis much faster than you can do on your own. This is not just a low cal low carb diet. Ketosis is the key and most people are unable to get there on their own. If you find it easy and enjoyable on your own, good for you:)

      • Randy, Ketonx has 90% of your saturated fats so you burn fat which gives you 250% more energy than burning glucose. Loads of protein leaves you bloated and doesn’t necessarily put you in fat burning mode. I’ve done shakes and end up craving carbs and sweets.

      • I went the Purium route and it did the same thing for me weight loss wise as this product seems to do. Then switched to lesser expensive protein shakes, 3 a day, with added fiber and a cherry juice with water drink at night. I was still able to eat things as I felt I needed them, like and apple or an avacado or a cup of greens and still lost the 12 pounds in 10 days.

  21. After the initial rollout of Ketopia on July 10th, orders have flowed in but due to the lack of forethought or the ability to anticipate such an overwhelming positive response, the product is extremely difficult to obtain. Orders that were placed the first week have not been filled or only partially. At this time there are some 9000 orders outstanding and this week after having finally received an ingredient from China that they needed to complete production, they were able to fill only 25% of those 9000. The word now is that in two to three weeks they “should” be able to catch up…but my experience tells me that this is near impossible at this juncture. Unless they immediately ordered 400% more of this ingredient, they will not be able to fill the existing orders and have any left for incoming current ordering. Ketopia is now sitting precariously on the edge, waiting to be rescued. Pivotal momentum has been lost and it will take more than filling backorders to get that back. Ron Williams is an exceptional businessman but for some unknown reason, this has turned into a production/shipping nightmare. While distributors hang on…coaxing themselves into believing the wait will be worth it, we cross our fingers and hope for a miracle. This product is expensive for the 10 day reset. My experience in manufacturing leads me to believe there could have been better resourcing for materials/ingredients that might have brought the pricing down to a more tolerable level. When you know you have a product and you have the opportunity to change the lives of others for the better with that product, you work to be able to market that product to the masses by making it affordable. At around $150.00 for a ten day supply when there will be those that want to use it for several cycles, would shake even the most stable home budget.

    • Dana,

      I think your comment is spot on. We have followed Forever Green since the beginning. They have had a lot of ups and downs as far as getting product out the door. I think in the end they will pull through as they did with other product launches, but they certainly need to get better at anticipating product launches.

      In the mean time, I would advise you to take a look at our Pruvit KETO-OS review we just updated the other day. They are launched a similar type product. The whole company is based around Ketones and actually prove to you that their product is making changes in an hour or less. Which is something that most supplements cannot do. It is gaining popularity quickly. And they are promising no backlogs for shipping.

      Anyway, take a look and let us know what you think about them.

      — Supplement Police

      • I think you are missing some important information, Supplement Police. Forever Green’s Ketopia also has Keto sticks which prove ketones are present and their KetonX is the same formula, different product/taste as Keto OS.

        Yes order fulfillment is a big issue and I have lost a couple people but most people are understanding of what actually happened. As usual there is much misinformation out there. FG has now secured a stockpile of the ingredients and has a local manufacturer, no longer in Canada. They did not forsee the problems with customs or with getting the salts from China right at the time of the explosion. Nobody could foresee that! Alot of things happened, it is what it is. But FG took the hits and worked night and day to ensure the raw materials and manufacturing are secure long term. ANd now we are shipping again and will be caught up before the end of the month.

        Pruvit is also more expensive over $150 compared to $129 for new people with FG ($109 on autoship) and they don’t seem to encourage any healthy eating plan, and say that you don’t need to change your eating. Just take 2 doses of the product each day which is way more expensive. FG is less expensive and you get food and nutrition included. I’m sure Keto OS is good also and I’m sure both work but FG has a program not a magic drink that you can use to wipe out the effects of an unhealthy diet.

        Unfortunately for Pruvit and their dedicated people is there is uncertainty as to what will happen with their licensing as FG holds the worldwide exclusive patents and license through Axcess Global, from what I understand. If Pruvit wins some part of its claim, the owners win but the distributors who have put their efforts into it will lose. Sad. Or maybe there will be 2 kids on the block? Time will tell… In the meantime, after being with FG for 2 1/2 years, I am thrilled that we are shipping and that I will be helping people with their health using Ketopia and other unique FG whole superfoods and supplements.

        • Pruvit is $144 for a “30 day” supply! Ketopia isn’t NOT less expensive, it’s more! The health benefits of using this product is sooo much more than weight loss. Weight loss is a happy byproduct! I will use my Keto OS every day just for the fact that my arthritis pain is gone! On a final note, I started with Forever Green to get this product and never received it. I cancelled and, to FG credit, I did get a full refund. I only hope. That Pruvit can win this licensing battle. They’re really a fine company with a great product. The real deal.

          • Mary,

            The shipping issue that you speak of is one that has plagued Forever Green since they launched this product. Ketones/Ketosis is becoming very popular. That is why Pruvit decided to cap their sales at $100,000 each day so that they could keep up with shipping and inventory. Until they can build up a stockpile and open orders. According to their page, they have been hitting the $100k limit pretty fast each day. But they are giving those that missed out an opportunity to place an order on hold.

            Just an idea of how fast… (Last week)

            — Monday – 131 minutes to $100K
            — Tuesday – 76 minutes to $100K
            — Wednesday – 63 minutes to $100K
            — Thursday – 58 minutes to $100K
            — Friday – 52 minutes to $100K
            — Saturday – 31 minutes to $100K!!

            They did warn people as well that it could take the page up to 10 minutes to load after hitting finalize order since there was so much traffic trying to buy.

            Hopefully with all the precautions they are putting in place that they won’t see the issues that FG had.

            When we ordered our Sample kit to try, we had the kit in less than 7 days from the date we placed the order.

            — Supplement Police

          • How many samples did you purchase? I hope at least 6. You’re supposed to start with 1 serving per day for 2 days then go to 2 servings a day after that. Many people, such as myself, feel a marked difference within hours after taking the first time. Some, because we’re all different, may take up to 4-7 days.

            An added note concerning the Pruvit VS Forever Green product line is this…I never wanted cookie dough or nutritional drinks! I just wanted the ketones and I want to take them every day! I have written Forever Green asking them when they will offer the Ketonix, alone, and in a 30 day supply. They did get back with me and said they were looking into doing that but not right now. This is another reason I chose Pruvit. My money buys me ketones not cookies!

        • Lou, The keto sticks can be bought at Walmart for $19. I’m thinking that keto-os and ketopia prices are going to level out and be pretty close to one another in the end. it looks like around $150 a month is where they are headed. Don’t kid yourself. Both companies want you to lose weight and support healthy diet planning. Forevergreen offers more packaged goods for you to purchase while Pruvit lets you fill in the other food by yourself. If you really compare apples to apples here, both companies ask you to drink one shot of their ketone inciting product a day and combine that with two protein shakes during the day, and then have a light dinner. You are looking at about 1500-2000 calories a day depending on your dinner habits. Forevergreen sells you the protein powder and Keto-os expects you to buy that from your local store which is probably a little bit cheaper than forevergreens product. The cookie dough stuff is interesting but one could eat some raw vegetables or half an avocado for the fat contract and get the same effect for less money. Do you have an ALDI store near you? Fruits and vegetables are very inexpensive there.

        • I was just at FG in London UT and spoke with the sales marketing manager. He said that FG will not be caught up until mid to late October with Ketopia products. The sad part of all this is they, FG, continue to take money while they still have no product, or at least very little product. FG should inform their clients that they will not get any product for at least two months. Then let the customer decide if they want to buy or not. My inclination is to buy from Pruvit now and wait and see if FG provides it’s product.

    • Ordered it on August 4th. No confirmation email and no tracking number. I am so disappointed. I have done Keto through whole foods, but was looking for a product that helps me get through that 1st week. I am so disappointed. I am hoping I get my money back.

  22. the stock is around $.80 now near the one year low. If the product works and word gets out where will it go? Ron Williams the CEO needs to get a shave and buy a suit. He looks like a homeless bum. Look him up on you tube. You will see what I mean.

    • I watched his video, and to me he looks like an average everyday person like you and I. Why should he wear a suit and have a shave to sell his product, he looks honest down to earth and trustworthy. Who says you have to dress the part to sell the product?

  23. I am a distributor for Forever Green – I joined to help people with pain utilizing our ‘all natural’ pain patch called Power Strips — these all natural patches rip away the pain! My coaches had the Ketopia products day 1 and are having fantastic results – natural ketosis is an amazing state!

    Any one in the US or Canada can buy the Ketopia product — any oven in the world can buy the Power Strips.

    Contact me if you are interested in more info –

    • The Ketopia product is only available in the US and Canada – but we are looking to expand very soon…we have our other products in over 200 countries. I would love to get you to try our all natural pain patches called PowerStrips!

    • Look up on face book. If you find a distributor they may order the product to their home and then ship it to you. Shipping is not cheap to the UK. All in all cost me 200 dollars for a 30 can. I think that converted to 160 pounds. Great product but you do pay for it

  24. I am on day 7 of my Ketopia restart program and I have lost 6 pounds. It is working for me!! VERY IMPRESSED! Message me if you have questions

      • I’m on day 10 and lost 8 pounds and inches. I have fibromyalgia and run a busy salon working as a stylist and I have to say that not only do I have energy but my pain is reduced immensely. Even if I didn’t loose an ounce the reduction in pain was well worth it. The only thing is now I’m done and I’m kinda worried about how I will do without it. When will they be coming out with the drink alone and on a 30 day supply … Thank you FG for changing my

      • Can you eat in between the 3 Products? (Ketonx, Dough Bites, and Fixx) Please advise because I just started my first day and once I drank the Ketonx I felt nauseous due to an empty stomach so I ate some carrots to help take the nauseous feeling away. I am not sure what I am suppose to do as far as eating in between the product.

        • You can if you feel the need to. You may use things like string cheese, jerky(nitrate-free), hard boiled eggs, celery, cukes, nuts, nut butters are some options. These are lean protein options. snacks should have little to no carbs. As you get more into the reset you may see a decline in the need to snack, I did.

  25. Can someone tell me if the Ketopia products are NFR (not for resale) or can I sell them retail out of my store to customers…Thanks.

  26. IS THIS TRUE…I was told that most people who are overweight are in an acidic balance…are there any concerns with this? By introducing Ketosis, will this drop our pH levels lower and create higher levels of Uric acid in the blood? What about diabetics?

    I would like to take this info to my naturpath doctor but there is no info to review the actual list of ingredients on this 10 day kit….why is that? The Whey is from New Zealand, is it registered with the New Zealand government?…what is in their 24 carat chocolate consist of..what are in their probiotics?..we should be able to know what we are putting in our bodies before consuming it…to much HYPE going on about losing weight vs. can there be any side effects like Ketoacidosis..

    If diets really worked, why is there always a new one coming out. Why are people more overweight than ever?? Living off of cookie dough, a Whey shake, and a drink for 10 days at $129 US $$ plus shipping and taxes In Canada, with our $$ so low, is going to cost over $200 and if you get the 40 day pack it is over $800.. that’s if you sign up as a distributor.

    How can they say this is a Lifestyle,…do you live off of cookie dough forever and do a urine test to see what your Ketosis level is….what happens when you get off this program…what have your learned about eating properly….you will put all the weight back on and more.. it’s just another fad to suck in people to make a lot of money. ….the Atkins diet was based on Ketosis and it took a lot of flack…..check with your doctor before taking this product

    • You’re right about that Mark.
      We live in a LaLa-Land push-button synthetic world (majority), and the truth hides in plain sight.
      Some are loving the ride with blinders on.
      Some just don’t know what’s happenin’…

      It’s our job to share real messages with real results… Triamphs being conquered by those who do the necessary work and gain discipline and balance over time.

      God bless America, either way!

      • i am in nursing. Only you are in control of your diet. With diet and regular excercise, you will lose weight. I lost 150 pounds with no gastric bypass or no help. Please get rid of all this crap

      • The weight will stay off if you maintain the ketogenic lifestyle. This is a 10 day reset to help you get over the “hump” of putting your body into ketosis (can take up to a week or more normally, by following a ketogenic diet). You need to be committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Of course the weight will not stay off if you go back to old (unhealthy) habits.

    • You continue with a lifestyle eating plan of 65%fats 25%protein and 10%carbs. You can add the 10 reset back in anytime you like or need to. Use my fitness pal to learn how to create the right portion and quantity control with your meals.

  27. and what do you do after the 10 days? go back to normal eating and gain it all back like other fads? 150 bucks for 10 days of drinks and bites but then what?

    • It seems like alot of questions are not being answered here so if it isn’t too late, maybe I can help. Sue, your cravings will be gone and you won’t want to go back to your “normal” unhealthy eating. The program is meant to help you change your habits, including exercise. It’s a metabolic reset. If you choose to go back to your old habits, even without cravings, you may want to get counselling:) The eating plan during the 10 days is a ketogenic diet made easy. Less than $15/day and you make one clean healthy meal with protein, good fat and lots of greens and low carb veg. The start of your new habits. Your choice. If you screw up the odd time or want to indulge, you know you can get back into ketosis easily. Everyone is different as to how their body resets and what carbs will kick them out of ketosis. Something to play with.

      Also this is definitely no fad. This is a patented, medical breakthrough and they are using nutritional ketones in clinical applications for seizures, brain injuries, neurological diseases like Alzheimers, ALS etc, and cancer. Forever Green has the exclusive worldwide licensing and has been around for 11 yrs and is a publicly traded company. They don’t do fads.

    • Despite not having to lose a lot of weight, I decided if I was going to promote it, I was going to see how effective it was on me. The taste is very good. In fact the dough bites are really delicious. I’d like to buy them on their own. LOL I’ve been using the product for 3 days and I’m not hungry. You get to eat one healthy meal a day. So really not a big deal.

    • Rebekah . . .Ketopia is not advised for pregnant or nursing women. Your body is designed uniquely for the maximum amount of fats and nutrients going to your baby. Once you are done nursing, would be happy to help you.

  28. Hello
    Has anyone used the Ketopia for the 10 days, now? I want to see a review of someone or a few that have used it. It would be nice to have an outsiders review, too. Not a person already involved in the business. It costs a heck of a lot of money for 10 days and I do not want to spend the money if it is just another weight loss gimmick.


    • Lizette, some members were given the product before the launch so they could test it. Now that more people have been on it the results and testimonials are starting to come in and it WORKS. Science backed products are wonderful!

      • This product has cookie dough and fruit. That is a lot of carbs and will not put you into ketosis. If you lost, not eating as much and probably the protein and chocolate powder helps. Use the Atkins diet, original. Then you will go into ketosis and not be hungry and loose weight.

        • Mary . . the Dough Bites have 1 net carb. They contain 19 grams of fiber and 9 grams of protein. Nice to have on hand as a snack or meal replacement whether or not you want to be in ketosis. While it is possible to go into nutritional ketosis, for some it is very difficult due to keto flu and sugar cravings. I applaud you for going into nutritional ketosis with diet alone. Not everyone can do that.


  30. Hello folks! I’m Diane, a Forever Green distributor, and I just returned from the fly-in for the Ketopia release. Wow this system is out to change the health of our country! Seeing the beta testers in person was believing! Slim, and the ENERGY! I was able pre-order Ketopia and will be among the first to have product in hand to take and share. Thrilled!

  31. And … What is the verdict ? I love ForeverGreen … Been watching them for years and years and I finally think I’m ready to join them with this new Ketopia Lifestyle system. Awesome !

    • Dear Joe Doc Terry,
      KETOPIA is going to be one of the best opportunities you will ever have in life.
      Be one of the first…

        • Hi Julie,

          If you have any questions, please comment.
          We are here to assist you every step of the way! Jo Ann

          • I just finished my Ketopia reset today and it was life changing. Mental clarity, energy, no joint pain, my vision is better. I lost 6lbs and inches all over but I don’t even care about that. The energy is the best part! I am extremely picky about ingredients and am very impressed. I am staying on the keto path!

    • Hey there Joe, I’ve been with ForeverGreen for about a year now. Great company with a tremendous CEO Ron Williams. If you haven’t jumped in yet, now is the time. In 10 days they are Launching Ketopia and this has the potential to spread like wild fire. All their other products are EXCELLENT(raw, whole, organic products). We have an INCREDIBLE TEAM in CT. If you want to talk give me a call, text or send me an email. Whatever you do, don’t delay. You are at the right place at the right time, seize the moment! Steve

    • Joe, I am four positions from corporate and partnering with the top money earner in the company. The group you join does make a significant difference. We have an easy to follow, step-by-step, “yellow brick road”, to help you drive your business to whatever level of success you desire. And, the new Ketopia line of products will propel you even quicker.–Joe Ellis, Thank you.

    • Hey Joe, What’s your verdict? You In Yet? If not what’s holding you back? Like Joe Ellis I am in close to close to corporate as well partnering with the same top money earner in the company. Joe is correct that we have an easy to follow, step-by-step, “yellow brick road”, to help you drive your business to whatever level of success you desire. Ketopia.–Joe Ellis, Thank you.

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