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Vitality Air Review

Vitality Air is a new bottled air product that comes in a durable aluminum bottle. We know what you are thinking… Is this a joke? – Well it started out that way. See what actually transpired out of this gag. Here’s our review of Vitality Air.

What is Vitality Air?

Vitality Air is a bottled air product that comes in a sturdy aluminum bottle. The bottle is designed to be taken anywhere you go: like when you’re working out, playing sports, or going on a hike.

As you may already know, the human body cannot function without a regular supply of high-quality oxygen. We can live without food and water for weeks, and without sleep for 7 days, although we can’t live without oxygen for more than a few minutes.

By supplying customers with fresh, clean air, Vitality Air promises to rejuvenate your oxygen levels, leading to benefits like:

Better Energy Levels
— Reduced Hangover Symptoms
Better Mental Alertness
— Better Athletic Performance

Vitality Air is bottled in the Rocky Mountains of Canada in Banff and Lake Louise. The air in the mountains is remarkably clean. In a sales description for Vitality Air, the company discusses how thousands of trees, clean water, and clear skies all contribute to what makes Vitality Air special.

The bottles of air are priced at around $20 for a 3 liter bottle (with 80 breaths). the company actually differentiates between its Banff and Lake Louise air supplies (they’re sold in different bottles). However, their pricing is identical.

According to a report in August 2015 by the Calgary Herald, the company was selling about 300 bottles per month over the summer. The company only started selling the bottles in June 2015.

The company actually has interesting origins: the two founders originally started selling bags of Canadian Rocky Mountain air on eBay. They sold their first bag for 99 cents. They sold their second bag for $160 USD. These were literally just Ziploc bags filled with air.

Today, Vitality Air uses a little more intense of a bottling process. The company can fit more air into a canister of compressed air.

How Is the Air Bottled?

Vitality Air bottles its air in two locations: Banff and Lake Louise, Alberta.

In the Calgary Herald interview above, the founders of the company claim to sit out at a location “for about 10 hours gathering all the air” before taking it back to their headquarters and putting it all into the bottles bottles.

When the interviewer asked how exactly they bottled the air, they claimed that they couldn’t disclose that information because “it’s a little bit of a trade secret”.

How to Use Vitality Air

Each bottle of Vitality Air comes with a two-in-one cap/mask device. The goal of the mask is to lock out the air you’re currently breathing and ensure you’re breathing nothing but fresh, clean, pure Canadian air.

You pop the bottle off the air, place the mask over your mouth, then breath.

The air is particularly popular in polluted cities around the world. The founders claim that they have primarily targeted markets in China, Dubai, and India, where pollution is a major health concern that isn’t going away any time soon.

Vitality Air Pricing

The company sells air from Lake Louise and Banff separately in bottles ranging from 3.3 to 7.7 liters. Pricing is identical across both types of air. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

— 3 Liter Bottle of Banff or Lake Louise Air: $20
— 7.7 Liter Bottle: $32
— Twin Pack 7.7 Liter Bottles: $59
— Twin Pack 3 Liter Bottles: $32
— Premium Oxygen 3L: $18.99
— Premium Oxygen 10L: $28.99
— Twin Pack of Premium Oxygen 3L: $27.99
— Twin Pack of Premium Oxygen 10L: $48.99

How much air do you get with each canister? A 3 liter bottle claims to contain about 80 breaths of fresh air, while the 10L bottle contains about 200 inhalations.

The Premium Oxygen, by the way, contains 95% pure premium oxygen and is different from the core Vitality Air products.

You can purchase Vitality Air from the official website at or from

The air is also sold at gas stations across Alberta, at retailers in China, and in select retailers in the United States. To view a list of retailers in your area, you can visit the Vitality Air official website store finder on their website:

About Vitality Air

Vitality Air was founded by two guys named Moses and Troy in 2014.

These two made it their goal to create a company that gave everyone fresh air – regardless of where they lived. The company originally started as a gag gift (as mentioned before, the pair originally sold 99 cent Ziploc bags of Canadian air on eBay). Today, however, it’s blossomed into a successful business with hundreds of monthly bottle sales.

The pair of founders grew up in Alberta and the company is currently headquartered in Calgary. You can contact Vitality air on their website for more information.

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