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Genie Hour Glass Review

Genie Hour Glass is a body shaping “waist trainer” that promises to help you look 2 sizes slimmer. Here’s our Genie Hour Glass review.

What is Genie Hour Glass?

Genie Hour Glass is a “waist trainer” sold as part of the As Seen On TV product lineup.

The waist trainer promises to slim down your waist, helping you look two sizes smaller. It’s meant to be worn under your clothes.

It’s called the Genie Hour Glass because it gives your body that coveted hourglass shape.

How Does Genie Hour Glass Work?

Genie Hour Glass is made from polypropylene material. You wrap it around your waist to tighten your core and push your skin closer into your body.

By smoothing out your body’s rolls and bulges, Genie Hour Glass claims it can make you look 2 sizes slimmer in seconds.

The device also promises to continue shaping your waist the more you use it – even when you’re not wearing it.

To wear the Genie Hour Glass, you follow this two step process:

— Step 1) Fasten the compression shaper around your torso
— Step 2) Adjust the training bands to your preference and size

Waist training has been around for decades. As the name suggests, the process involves training your waist to get in better shape. For years, people have been wearing corsets and similar devices to tighten their body. Some people even resort to extreme measures – like wearing a corset all hours of the day and night – to shape their bodies the way they like.

The Genie Hour Glass is meant to be worn only for short periods of time. It can be worn overnight, but the manufacturer doesn’t advertise it in that way.

That means after you take off Genie Hour Glass, your body will return to its normal size.

Is Genie Hour Glass Safe?

All waist training devices come with some major risks.

Basically, you’re restricting a big part of your body to make yourself look better. Depending on how extreme your waist training gets, this restriction can cause some serious health issues, like:

— Difficulty breathing
— Fainting
— Reduced bowel functionality and digestive problems like heartburn
— Damage to internal organs, including liver, spleen, and kidney damage
— Skin damage around the applied area

The creators of Genie Hour Glass don’t advertise or warn consumers of any of these dangers. However, when you use the device according to their instructions, your chances of experiencing any sort of injury remain low.

Genie Hour Glass Features

— 80% polyester, 10% polyamide, 10% elastane material (with polypropylene support)
— Hand washed only
— Small/Medium size fits waist lines 23” to 31”, or pant sizes 0 to 6
— Large/Extra-Large fits waist lines 32” to 39”, or pant sizes 8 to 16

You can get Genie Hour Glass in sizes up to 4X.

Genie Hour Glass Pricing

Genie Hour Glass, like many As Seen On TV offers, is priced at a 2 for 1 deal whether you like it or not. Here’s how the pricing breaks down:

— 2 Genie Hour Glasses (one nude color and one black): $19.99 + $15.98 shipping and handling

All purchases come with a 60 day refund policy, although you won’t be able to get a refund on your shipping and handling charges.

The $16 shipping and handling charge on Genie Hour Glass is a lot of money to pay for a couple small garments. Since you don’t get a refund on shipping and handling, it appears that the manufacturer wanted to dissuade you from returning the product – which is a common tactic in the As Seen On TV product world.

To request a refund, you’ll need to call the Genie Hour Glass customer service hotline at 973-287-5133.

Who Makes Genie Hour Glass?

Genie Hour Glass is made by a company named Tristar Products. That company holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has over 1,000 closed complaints through the BBB.

Tristar is a giant in the As Seen On TV industry. They’ve also released a number of other products under the Genie name, including the Skinnie Genie, Ankle Genie, and Genie Zip Bra.

The company has faced many similar complaints over the years, including that the products are made from cheap material or they don’t work as advertised. Many complaints also revolve around poor customer service experiences.

The company also has a rating of 1 star out of 5 on Consumer Affairs, although there are only 26 ratings for the company.

Tristar is based in New Jersey at the following address:

Tristar Products
490 Route 46 E Ste 492
Fairfield, NJ 07004

In addition to the Genie lineup of products, Tristar has produced products like Power Juicer, X-Step, Aqua Rug, Ab Coaster, and HealthMaster Elite over the years. As mentioned above, they’re a pretty big deal in the “As Seen On TV” industry.

Ultimately, Genie Hour Glass is a waist training product similar to most other waist trainers on the market today. When you wear it, you can slim down your appearance by 2 dress sizes. However, don’t expect it to give you any long-term results: this isn’t a solution for weight loss or looking thinner.

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