Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System – Lose Weight By Breathing?


Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System Review

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System is an interesting new diet system that promises to help you lose weight by breathing. Here’s our review of this unique program.

What is Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System?

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System promises to help you lose weight using specialized breathing techniques. Breathing in a specific way helps you work multiple muscles at the same time, giving you an easy full-body workout that can burn calories.

The program takes 8 minutes a day to practice. It promises to be an entire body workout, including working your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, chest, abs, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

The workouts are delivered in the form of DVDs. You also get a physical delivery of a tape measure, lung testing device, workbook, and other bonus items.

Breathing is the first part of the program: the second part is called High Volume Eating.

High Volume Eating involves eating your favorite foods while still controlling calories.

The program is priced at around $20 and comes with seven 8 minute workouts delivered in video form.

So you’re telling me you can lose weight by breathing in a special way and eating as much as you want? That sounds too good to be true. Let’s find out how Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System works.

How Does Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System Work?

The Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System consists of a series of 7 video workouts. Each workout lasts 8 minutes. You do a different workout every day of the week.

The workouts are led by a woman named Greer Childers. The 69 year old woman created the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System.

The workouts consist of using specialized breathing techniques and slow muscle movements to kickstart your weight loss goals.

If you’re in good shape already, then the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System probably won’t help you lose weight. You’re literally standing up, performing basic body weight exercises, and breathing in a funny way – that’s it.

However, the program isn’t designed for people who are already in half-decent shape. Instead, it’s designed for overweight people who want to become healthier. The sales page is filled with pictures of people who have dropped from 300+ pounds or bigger down to a healthier weight.

When I say “breathing in a funny way”, I mean it: Greer’s unique breathing techniques were recently featured on the YouTube channel TheBetaSociety, which took one of Greer’s old VHS workouts. In that video, she showcases a move called The Lion which involves taking a really deep breath, exhaling loudly, and then rolling your eyeballs into the back of your head while sticking your tongue out and opening your mouth as wide as possible. I’m not kidding.

The second half of the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System consists of eating as much as you want through the High Volume Eating program. This specialized eating program promises to help you “eat more volume, enjoy your favorite foods, control your calories and still lose weight and size.”

All Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System purchases also come with a 30 day supply of a fat burning supplement called Greer’s Essential Boost Fat Burning. That awkwardly-named supplement doesn’t list its ingredients online – but it’s purported to help you lose weight. My guess? It’s a caffeine pill.

What Else is Included with Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System?

Other things included with the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System include:

— 3 extra 8 minute workouts explaining how to work your Upper Body, Lower Body, and Abs

— Free access to Greer’s Oxygen 8 New Members website, where you can learn more tips and tricks for weight loss success

— Extra bonuses like a Success Book, Success Tracking Chart, Tape Measure, and Lung Fitness Tester (which is a device you blow into) to track your success

All of these items will be shipped to you after you purchase the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System online.

There’s also an Advanced Workout DVD available through a separate ordering form for $20. If you’ve already completed the Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System program, then the Advanced Workout DVD promises to help you maximize your results.

How to Buy Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System is available in two different products: the Main Kit and the Advanced Workout DVD.

Oxygen 8 Main Kit: $19.98 (or two payments of $9.99) + $12.93 shipping and handling ($32.91 total)

Oxygen 8 Advanced Workout DVD: $19.99 + $3.99 shipping and handling ($23.98 total)

The Advanced Workout DVD includes extra workouts and more advanced breathing techniques that you can practice after you’ve mastered the basic breathing techniques.

Who Makes Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System?

Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System was created by a woman named Greer Childers.

Greer Childers is a 69 year old woman who has become relatively well-known for her workout DVDs – including programs like BodyFlex. BodyFlex used similar breathing systems to the ones featured in Oxygen 8 Fat Loss System.

Greer’s online workout training program sales center is based at the following address:

PO Box 8349
Van Nuys, CA 91409

You can contact the company’s customer service hotline at 1-800-320-7784 or by email form here: Oxygen8FatLoss.com

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