Oxygen4Energy Review

Oxygen4Energy is a unique natural supplement which contains 95% oxygen and 5% ambient air. It comes in a canister of compressed air and contains no sugars, stimulants, or calories.

You take Oxygen4Energy by holding the canister up to your mouth and pulling the trigger, which delivers a burst of near-pure oxygen directly into your body.


Priced at around $15 per canister, Oxygen4Energy claims to offer a number of powerful benefits, including better energy, reduced dehydration, and superior athletic performance.

Today, in our Oxygen4Energy review, we’re going to find out exactly how Oxygen4Energy works and learn if it actually has any real benefits on the human body.

How Does Oxygen4Energy Work?

Each can of Oxygen4Energy contains 50 to 60 shots of 95% oxygen. The manufacturer actually avoided using 99% oxygen because they found it was detrimental when used for prolonged periods of time without a prescription.

You hold the canister up to your mouth, press the top button to release, and get a small burst of 95% pure oxygen delivered directly into your body.

To put that 95% number in perspective, our air is primarily made up of nitrogen (78%) and oxygen (21%). The remaining 1% is made from trace gases.

After entering our bodies, Oxygen4Energy goes directly to the lungs, where it’s absorbed by your body and passes to the cells.

Ultimately, Oxygen4Energy works by delivering 500% more oxygen to your lungs than you would typically get from a standard breath of air.

It’s estimated that about 90% of our body’s energy comes from oxygen, with only 10% coming from food and water. When oxygen enters the body, it undergoes a chemical reaction to produce Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the brain’s primary energy chemical. Oxygen also plays a key role in our metabolism – which is used to turn food into energy.

It’s important to note that Oxygen4Energy doesn’t contain anything but 95% oxygen and 5% ambient air: there are no stimulants, artificial ingredients, or other weird things in it. It’s just oxygen and air.

Benefits of Oxygen4Energy

Oxygen4Energy claims to provide a number of powerful benefits to athletes, students, and those in competitive workplaces. Here are some of the suggested benefits of using Oxygen4Energy:

Improve Mental Clarity And Focus
— Relieve Tiredness And Fatigue
— Relieve Stress
— Enhance Athletic Performance At The Gym Or When Playing Sports
— Relieve A Hangover
— Improve Natural Sleep Cycle
— Aid Breathing At High Altitudes

Buying Oxygen4Energy Online

Oxygen4Energy can only be purchased online. It retails at a price of $9.95, although you’ll typically have to pay about $5 for shipping and handling (even when you order through Amazon).

You cannot fly with Oxygen4Energy (or any canister of compressed air) due to the explosive risk. As a result, Oxygen4Energy can only be shipped by ground, and you can only order it in the continental United States.

Oxygen4Energy actually uses an MLM-style compensation plan, which means you get rewarded for every product you sell while also getting a cut of all the sales in your network. Like most MLM businesses, there are different commission structures based on your personal volume and group volume.

Conclusion: Who Should Use Oxygen4Energy?

Oxygen4Energy’s marketing claims that this product is for serious athletes. The company actually has a number of different athletic sponsorships in place with track and field athletes, triathletes, and bodybuilders.

Taking one burst of Oxygen4Energy for is like taking 5 deep breathes in a row: each burst delivers 500% more oxygen than you would typically get from a breath of fresh air.

With that in mind, Oxygen4Energy will be particularly useful if you find yourself short of breath. Some people keep Oxygen4Energy in their car and use it after leaving the gym, for example, to boost recovery times.

Others find that Oxygen4Energy helps in high-altitude cities, like Denver, Calgary, Salt Lake City, or various ski towns. Take it on a hike, for example, to avoid feeling short of breath.

At a bargain price of just $10, Oxygen4Energy may be worth a try if you’re constantly feeling tired or have headaches.

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