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Nowtropic Smart Supplement Stack

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Nowtropic neuroenhancement nootropic intelligently identifies itself as an innovative “smart supplement stack” which boasts a balanced blend of brain boosting biohacking benefits due to a robust lineup of specialized ingredients and functional foods' extracts. Let's see why we are putting complete confidence in this cerebral concoction and cognitive chemical cocktail.

Here at SupplementPolice, we see it as our digital duty to put in the desired due diligence required to rank and rate all of these daily dose smart pills accordingly and are proactively providing literally hundreds of high-profile nootropic reviews.

We have never witnessed such a prolific portfolio of powerful top-shelf proprietary ‘nootroceutical nutrients' that promise premium purity and professionally proven potency.

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Whether it be smart study drugs for college students, geeked-out silicon valley hacker enthusiasts, aging baby boomers, late-night video gamers or midnight-oil burning entrepreneurs – there is one thing in common – that everyone can squeeze and milk more cognitive juice out of their brain on a daily basis.

But do not be so caught up in all of the marketing hype and hoopla associated with these allegedly alpha-brain type products that promise to take you from regular ol' Clark Kent to Superman overnight.

While it is true that nootropic brain supplements can influence vascular and neuronal functions that increase cognitive clarity and alertness, not every smart drug pill is created equal.

This is where we want to draw the line as we have personally tried and shared Nowtropic and have received fantastic feedback with real responses in the form of increased mental potential and mind sharpness.

What’s in Nowtropic Nootropic Stack?

Before we discuss the brain bliss of user-friendly healthy herbal helpers and electrifyingly exotic extracts found in Nowtropic (free of crash-crazy caffeine and superficial stimulants), it is important to illuminate each individual ingredient's qualities and properties respectively.

nowtropic ingredients list

What makes Nowtropic so powerful is its’ blend of natural ingredients, many of which are clinically proven to support cognitive enhancement. In total, there are 15 ingredients in Nowtropic, including many functional foods in the form of natural vitamins and minerals known to support brain functions.

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Let's look at all the neuroenhancement nutrients found in the Nowtropic ingredients list:

Cognizin®: is a clinically tested [1, 2, 3, and 4] proprietary form of citicoline that increases an importance subtance known as phosphatidylcholine which is critical for proper brain functionality. Essentially, Cognizin helps to increase choline levels in the body, which is said to improve memory recall, alertful attention and fast acting focus for better overall motor skills.

AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC: Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline (A-GPC) is touted and universally recognized as the “premier choline donor” and AlphaSize® has superior bio-availability which boosts acetylcholine levels in the brain. AlphaSize is strongly considered to be one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world and is found highly regarded sports nutrition formulations for its ‘mind-to-muscle' attributes. You can see a recent press release on its' effectiveness. And just to show you how trustworthy this brand of Choline is, AlphaSize® Alpha-GPC has also been on the FDA's GRAS list since January 2013.

Ashwagandha: One of the most studied and analyzed Ayurvedic herbal root extracts of our time, ashwagandha helps combat stress and fatigue while maintaining consistent energy levels all day long.

Huperzine A: known to help inhibit the enzyme acetylcholinesterase which breaks down acetylcholine in order to maximize memory recall and boost performance for learning and productivity levels.

DMAE: Dimethylaminoethanol is an organic amino acid compound that naturally occurs in the brain and is associated with being a mood-elevating smart nutrient and commonly comes from various seafoods. It is also recognized for its ability to increase lucid dreaming by sleeping soundly throughout the night.

Bacopa: Bacopa monneri is a herb that studies suggest can improve memory, and reduce mental decline. The exact mechanism is unknown but it appears that bacopa has neuroprotective abilities, which would prevent mental decline.

GABA: GABA is a brain chemical that acts as an “inhibitory” neurotransmitter to prevent over-excitement. GABA helps to counteract the stimulant effects of other ingredients in Nowtropic.

Vinpocetine: Vinpocetine is a herbal extract that increases the brain’s utilization of glucose, increasing the amount of ATP available to the brain. It is also said to improve critical thinking and reasoning as well.

Rhodiola Rosea: Rhodiola is said to calm the body’s nerves, and it may improve mood and relieve anxiety. Some evidence suggests it may improve focus and energy levels as well.

— Vitamins D3, B6, B12:
Oat Straw:
Niacin Inositol Hexanicotinate:
Folic Acid:


As you can see, Nowtropic neuroenhancement smart stack supplement contains one of the most complete and comprehensive lists of brain boosting ingredients ever assembled.

Most products we have reviewed in the space over the years do not even list their supplement facts or amounts of each extract shown. This is yet another reason why we have put Nowtropic ahead of the 100s of nootropic smart pills currently available online.

Benefits of Nowtropic

Cognitive enhancement refers to a level of improvement in overall cerebral ability in normal healthy individuals.

nowtropic brain booster benefitsSo what exactly can you expect to feel when taking Nowtropic? What are the actual benefits of Nowtropic? Here are some of the REAL benefits we found when talking to dedicated users of Nowtropic:

— Longer Attention Span
— Greater Awareness
— Improved Concentration And Focus
— Better Memory Recall
— Increased Energy Levels
— Improved Critical Thinking
— Better Reasoning
— Better Overall Productivity

Best of all, most Nowtropic users experience these benefits from day one. Nowtropic was formulated with a fast-acting blend of ingredients, so you don’t have to wait weeks or months to see any results. Most users see results from day one and not only do they feel results on day one – they feel results within hours!

Nowtropic originated and is produced in an FDA-certified GMP laboratory based right here in the United States and also promises a 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.

Any Known Side Effects, Warnings, Issues?

nootropic side effects

Now that we know the benefits of Nowtropic, we have to look at the potential side effects of Nowtropic. Are there any side effects of Nowtropic?

Based on the ingredients label, there are no ingredients in Nowtropic that are overly concerning. Nowtropic users seem to tolerate Nowtropic very well and they haven’t complained of any major side effects whatsoever. Some of the ingredients in Nowtropic are known to cause minor side effects when used in high doses, but the doses in Nowtropic are low enough that there should not be any side effects.

Based on what we’ve got available here, it’s safe to say that there shouldn’t be any side effects to taking Nowtropic. If you’re a healthy adult over the age of 18, you shouldn’t expect any side effects whatsoever.

How to Buy Nowtropic

Nowtropic is available for purchase directly on the Nowtropic website. It is not currently listed anywhere else yet, but I would keep an eye to see if it becomes available on Amazon.

There are currently three packages you have to choose from, depending on your needs:

— 1 Bottle: $44.97
— 3 Bottles: $99.97 (Buy 2 + Get One Free)
— 5 Bottles: $129.97 (Buy 3 + Get Two Free)

Nowtropic does NOT put you on any shady rebill or autoship program, so you shouldn’t expect any random or out of place charges. You will only be charged for your order, which comes with a 30 day money back guarantee, which is more than long enough to determine whether or not Nowtropic was right for you or not.

You can also contact and communicate with them directly at [email protected].

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Should You Buy Nowtropic or Try Nootropics?

Nowtropic is a new nootropic supplement designed to effectively enhance your cognitive abilities using its’ blend of natural vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts. It is intended to provide you with the ultimate upgrade for cognitive enhancement.

limitless brain pillFor those of you waiting for Mr. Limitless Pill debate-fire-starter and sparker himself appear here as some form of hyped-up representation to validate or verify the veracity of all these versions of nootropics (like you see elsewhere on the internet) or are tired of seeing fake stories and news broadcasts about NZT48, you will not have none of that nonsense here.

We call those glorified “the light is on but nobody is home” sales pitches. A ‘please keep the change' mentality or no bueno amigo.

buy nowtropicAs you can see in our review about Nowtropic, it is currently our #1 rated nootropic supplement for a variety of reasons. Based on everything we have in front of us, Nowtropic is 100% the real deal.

Nootropics are an up and coming field of specialized interest and Nowtropic feels as if it is on the forefront of the nootropic industry by offering an honest, highly effective and reasonably priced nootropic product backed by scientific research and purity of sourced ingredients (and full transparency).

If you’re interested in experiencing REAL cognitive enhancement without the nasty side effects of prescription drugs, then you absolutely SHOULD order Nowtropic to experience and enjoy the savvy skill in a pill that helps you “OWN the NOW.”

Supplement Police
Supplement Police
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  1. hi,
    i have been reading your reviews about other products too. everywhere you have mentioned ideal dose of vinpocetin to be around 15mg – 60mg daily. this nowtropic has however only 5 mg and you have rated it top. howcome ? can you explain your review here ?

  2. Supplement Police,

    I was looking at your review of Neurorise and end up in this other brain booster. In the Neurorise supplement you present the daily dose. I would like to know the daily dose of Nowtropic as I would like to buy it. On the other hand, I would like to know if you have found some side-effects confessions about any asthmatic consumer.

  3. What dose is recommend for a very healthy kid around 8 years old used in order to help treat patients that suffer from cognitive function or motor function problems or more specific: SPD Sensory Processing Disorder ( formerly known as “sensory integration dysfunction”) of course as a supplement.
    Thank you very much

  4. I currently have my daughter on Neu b’Calm, a natural supplement for focus due to ADHD and anxiety. She has been taking it for almost three years. Can she take Nowtropic in conjuction with her current supplement, or will Nowtropic take care of this and she can stop with the Neu b’Calm? This product seems like it will do a better job for her while in school.

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