Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Water – Hair, Skin & Nails Benefits?


Collagen Beauty Water is a beverage that helps you to improve the current state of your skin and joints from within, rather than applying a remedy topically.

You can choose from three different flavors to work with your preferences.

What Is Collagen Beauty Water?

Collagen is a substance that you produce naturally in your body, though it is with greater abundance in your younger years. It helps to support many different parts of your body, cushioning the friction between your joints and making your skin look supple and glowing. However, as you age, your body can’t produce it at the same rate.

To help with the deficiency that you don’t have any control over, you can start drinking Collagen Beauty Water.

Collagen Beauty Water isn’t another product to add to your skincare treatments, and you don’t have to swallow a huge pill.

Instead, you will be blending this powder into your drink to enhance the nutrients you receive. You can’t stimulate the production of collagen without consistency.

That’s why, by taking this remedy on a regular basis, it can:

Treating your skin’s surface with collagen is the least effective way to deliver the needed nutrition to your complexion. You don’t end up absorbing the full amount of the remedy, and its’ effectiveness will solely depend on the clarity of your pores when you begin the treatment anyway.

Consuming the Collagen Beauty Water makes it easy for your body to process it through your digestive system, delivering the nourishment to the parts of your body that need it the most.

How Does Collagen Beauty Water Work?

The reason that the Collagen Beauty Water is so effective is due to the different ingredients that help you absorb the nutrition that your body needs. You can’t change your complexion without the right formula, and the Collagen Beauty Water makes it easy to absorb into your system.

The water is comprised of:

Based on the flavor that you choose, there are a few other ingredients that contribute. However, those three ingredients are the primary substances in every variation.

Read on below to find out more information about these substances.


Collagen’s benefits and needs were discussed above, but it’s presence within your body is crucial for feeling young and radiant again.

It will help you condition your body beneath the surface, preventing you from dealing with the pain of arthritis, or the embarrassment of wrinkles

Hyaluronic Acid

Due to the lack of collagen that your skin has been supplying, your skin can find it difficult to maintain moisture, which is why the Water needs hyaluronic acid.

The acid helps to trap your moisture in your skin when you apply it topically, but it may help you to improve your supply of hydration from within. This substance is crucial to your radiant skin, and ingesting it makes the effects more potent.


Probiotics are commonly included in dietary supplements for weight loss of colon health, since it can clear out the bad bacteria in your body that clog your digestive tract.

By improving the flora of your body, your immune system works more efficiently to protect you from disease. It’s inclusion also improves your ability to accept new ingredients and their benefits.

Using Collagen Beauty Water

To prepare the water, there’s not much to do. Measure out the powder into a level scoop and blend it with your current drink.

Water is the recommended beverage of choice, since the formula comes with several different flavors, and you don’t want to blend its effects with another type of drink.

If you don’t notice results, you can speak with the customer service team.

Pricing For Collagen Beauty Water

Your total cost for the Collagen Beauty Water mix will be $49.00, but you will have a few options that you need to decide between.

First, you’ll need to determine if you want to purchase the 9-ounce canister, or if you want the 14 individual packets. No matter which one you choose, the price remains the same.

You can choose from Lavender Lemon, Melon Mint, and Cucumber Aloe.

Contacting The Creators Of Collagen Beauty Water

Whenever you want to introduce something new to your routine, you want to make sure you have as much information as possible. The customer service team is a great resource for this information, which is why they offer both a phone number and email address to consult with them.

Calling will usually get you the fastest answers, when you call (224) 544-9110. However, if you want to communicate with the team electronically, you can send an email to [email protected].

The Vital Proteins brand also has a consistent social media presence, so you have the option of contacting them through the Facebook page at

Collagen Beauty Water Summary Review

Collagen Beauty Water is the next step in maintaining the youthful appearance that no one wants to let go of. You may still be in the early days of your aging, but you can still benefit from the protection and support that the powdered blend offers.

You want to gracefully age as you transition into your senior years. Luckily, with the Collagen Beauty Water, that desire can easily become a reality.

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