BrainGear Brain Performance Formula – Real Nootropic Benefits?


The science of dietary supplementation has come a long way in the last decade. Health conscious consumers are now provided with an extremely broad spectrum of dietary additives and supplements that are able to increase vitamin and mineral intake, burn fat faster, increase lean muscle mass, boost energy levels, and help manage a wide range of diseases and health issues.

One of the biggest advancements in supplement technology, however, doesn’t concern the health of the body, but that of the mind. The practice of nootropic supplementation, or the use of supplements that are formulated to boost brain function, memory, focus, mental capacity, and overall mental energy, has dramatically increased in popularity over the last decade.

Nootropic supplements are now an integral part of many preworkout supplements and daily health drinks, and are available in a wide variety of formulas. The extreme popularity of nootropics, unfortunately, has led to the market becoming flooded with low-quality, poorly-formulated products that don’t deliver any measureable effects, and lack any kind of clinical evidence to support their ingredients. Finding a potent, effective, safe, and side effect free nootropic stack is now a difficult task.

A new nootropic supplement, however, is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley startups, Wall Street CEO’s, creatives, businesspeople, and university students all over the US. BrainGear is a revolutionary, highly transparent, effective, and potent nootropic that delivers a wide range of mental performance benefits with no negative side effects.

In this article, we’ll assess the BrainGear Brain Performance Formula and find out what makes it more effective than other nootropic solutions to help you decide whether it’s the right brain enhancing formula for you.

What is BrainGear?

BrainGear is a nootropic supplement with a difference- instead of having been developed by marketing teams or inexperienced “wellness experts”, the BrainGear formula is the product of intensive research and development by a team of internationally-recognized top neurologists. Designed to function as a highly nutritious “brain food”, the Brain Gear Brain Performance Formula has been created to deliver immediate, fast-acting clarity, focus, and concentration without the need for stimulants like caffeine.

In addition to offering a dramatic instant boost to mental performance, the BrainGear formula also supports overall long-term brain health, optimizing the structure of the brain in the long term and preventing the degradation of neural tissue. The BrainGear formula can be split into two separate effects- immediate action, and long-term action.

The immediate benefits of the BrainGear formula delivers instant focus and clarity, clearing away “brain fog” to improve concentration and overall well being, while the long-term benefits of the formula offers memory support, mood stabilization, more restful sleep, and cognitive support. Ideal for use by individuals from all varieties of intellectual pursuits, the BrainGear formula can be used by athletes, professionals, innovators, and the health-conscious.

The biggest advantage of the BrainGear formula, however, is that it contains ingredients that have been proven to actually work in scientific clinical trials. Each serving of BrainGear contains 1,825 mg of highly effective, pure, and proven ingredients. There are 13 active ingredients in the BrainGear formula, and each of them are individually recommended by medical professionals to enhance brain health and function.

The BrainGear Difference

BrainGear present their product in a different manner than most brain boosting nootropic supplements, with the biggest difference found in the way the product formula is presented. Instead of relying upon confusing “proprietary formulas” that hide the active- or inactive- ingredients of the product away, the BrainGear formula is open and upfront, with a full list of active elements and dosage available on both the product website and label.

All of the ingredients in the BrainGear formula carry GRAS, or Generally Regarded as Safe certification directly from the FDA. Importantly, BrainGear doesn't contain any stimulants. Many so-called nootropic supplements promise cognitive enhancement, but in reality only deliver a significant dose of powdered caffeine, providing only the illusion of mental enhancement.

The BrainGear formula does contain a small amount of caffeine- but it doesn’t come from caffeine anhydrous. The BrainGear formula contains a healthy dose of green tea extract, which, in addition to providing powerful polyphenolic antioxidant compounds that clear toxins from the brain, contains a small amount of caffeine.

The BrainGear Formula

The thirteen ingredients of the Brainear Brain Performance Formula work together in a synergistic fashion to significantly improve brain function, efficiency, and health. We’ll proceed to break down all of the ingredients in the formula and provide a brief summary of what they do:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: A highly bioavailabe amino acid that has been demonstrated to enhance mental alertness, mental focus, and concentration, and offers a powerful ability to cross the blood-brain barrier.
  • Choline: This component is a powerful neuromodulator and is used in the construction and repair of brain cell membranes. Choline supplementation is able to enhance overall brain and nervous system health.
  • Inositol: Functioning as a structural component of cell membranes, inositol works as a chemical messenger that links the brain and CNS.
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine: A key amino acid that promotes neurotransmitter production, enhancing mental clarity.
  • L-Theanine: Like L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine is an amino acid that promotes higher neurotransmitter production as well as healthy sleep.
  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea contains powerful antioxidants that clear toxins from the brain, as well as a small amount of caffeine.
  • DMAE: This biochemical precursor is used by the body to create key neurotransmitters that modulate brain function.
  • PQQ: This unique ingredient promotes mitochondrial action in the brain, enhancing energy levels.
  • Vitamin Stack: BrainGear also contains a potent vitamin stack that offers niacin and vitamins B6, B12, D, and E to enhance overall health.

The BrainGear Review Summary

The BrainGear formula is backed up by a massive amount of clinical evidence and is the only nootropic supplement available on the market that has been designed by neurologists. If you're looking for the ultimate nootropic supplement, the BrainGear Brain Performance Formula has you covered.

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