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Unaltered Athletics is a company that produces food supplements under the unaltered brand. The company seeks to provide performance driven supplements to Natural Athletes so that they can attain their fitness goals within a competitive environment. This means that although the company’s products can be used by anybody leading an active lifestyle, they give optimum benefits to the Natural Athlete participating in a competition.

As a brand created by Natural Athletes for Natural Athletes, Unaltered Athletics promises high-quality efficacious formulations that guarantee the greatest results. The values that drive the unaltered brand according to the company are quality, integrity, education, customer service, transparency, team work, and fun.

The company was begun by the Natural Athlete father-son duo of Oscar Muñoz and Zach Muñoz. Oscar is a three time Mr. Puerto Rico. He has also won numerous other awards in various competitions. Zach has also won accolades right from his college days. Unaltered Athletics arose out of the shortcomings the duo noticed after using various supplements in the market for a number of years.

Being natural athletes themselves, they decided to carry out public and scientific research on supplements in the market. They discovered that athletes were not getting the correct ingredients in proper doses for them to achieve the highest possible results. Seeing that the supplements in the market were not catering for the elite natural athletes, they decided to begin Unaltered Athletics to give support to the supplement needs of natural competing athletes.

Unaltered Athletics Products

Unaltered BCAAs

BCAA stands for Branched Chain Amino Acids, which amounts to 10 grams of this product. It gives higher strength and recovery by providing a 5:5:1 ratio to the industry’s standard ratio of 2:1:1. Leucine and isoleucine are two of the amino acids used in muscle energy and recovery. Iso-Leucine assists in activating protein synthesis. Its counterpart Iso-Leucine facilitates the uptake of glucose by the muscle cells. This gives them the energy they need for those heavy jobs.

Unaltered BCAAs contain twice the amino acids in other similar products. It comes in a natural lemon and lime flavor that supports the formula’s potency. This blend of unaltered BCAAs helps the natural athletes maintain lean body mass while supporting the loss of body fat. Since the athlete or competitor is ripping muscle tissue on a regular basis, unlike the average gym-goer, the need for speedy recovery and new muscle growth cannot be gainsaid.

Unaltered Athletics Fat Burner

This product is comprised of several ingredients. It spreads over five capsules that have to be taken daily. Mostly, fat burners should have no negative effects, yet some of this product’s ingredients might cause some problems. The product contains natural ingredients which include fat burning herbs. Some of the ingredients include:


This is a common day to day stimulant that helps boost metabolism, burn fat, boost energy, and reduce appetite. It also aids in increasing the effects of other metabolism boosters like green tea and bitter orange. Caffeine has also been used to help increase alertness, longevity, and endurance by athletes and non-athletes alike.

L- Carnitine

This is an excellent ingredient for a healthy heart, including the heart rhythm and blood vessel health. It is highly beneficial for people with high triglyceride count and cholesterol.

For an athlete, L-Carnitine is useful for optimizing their performance and helping them burn fat. It is always better taken in higher doses as a supplement.

Green Tea

Green tea has recently become very popular among health and fitness fanatics. When combined with caffeine, it has been found to boost metabolism better than when using caffeine only. Studies have shown that green tea can actually raise your metabolism to appoint where you will be able to burn an excess of 200 calories daily without incorporating exercise.


Cayenne pepper contains capsaicin, which offers a warming effect and has great effects on blood circulation in your body. It has been proven to aid in burning calories, too.


This is also known as bitter orange. It is commonly found in the unripe fruit of Citrus Aurantium. It has the same effects as those found in ephedrine without the conversion to methamphetamines. Its role is to raise the metabolic rate, help in breaking down fat, and decrease your appetite. When combined with other stimulants, it can cause some side effects.


This ingredient helps in increasing inner strength, power, and vitality due to its effects on libido for both men and women.

It is a great appetite suppressor and has an ability to target all the stored fat, making it a great weight loss supplement.

Unaltered Whey Isolate Protein

Whether you are trying to lose weight or maintain lean muscle, this whey protein will definitely help you achieve your goals. It is packed with 30 grams of natural digesting protein with very minimal fat and carbohydrates. This 100% Whey Isolate is the best pre and post workout drink.

It contains no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Unaltered Whey Isolate Protein has a sweet taste, making it a great protein drink. This drink is easily digested and therefore perfect for a naturally active athlete.

This protein drink is also gluten free, lactose-free, and contains no banned substances. Basically, anyone can consume this drink.

Why Buy Unaltered Athletics Products?

  • Unaltered products are manufactured using natural ingredients, and they are safe to use without the fear of consuming harmful chemicals or even Genetically Modified Organisms.
  • Their products are a great source of vitamin D3, which many people have a deficiency of. Vitamin D3 is helpful for healthy bones and boosting men’s testosterone levels.
  • Their products offer value for your money as you get a big sized product, unlike other companies whose packages are almost half empty.
  • These products will help you cut all the unwanted fat, thus getting a leaner and fitter body.
  • Since unaltered products are heavy stimulants, you get a great burst of energy which is very crucial for any athlete.
  • Green tea, which is one of its ingredients, has been found to increase metabolism thus enhancing the burning of body fat.
  • For any athlete, having a lean and fit body is mandatory, and this is where the need for supplements comes in. Unaltered Athletics products promise to give you such a body, which is very beneficial for any athlete.
  • Their products are gluten free, naturally sweetened, lactose-free, and contain no banned products.


Their product comes in a huge size that is well over five capsules. Some people might find this to be too much, but the aim is to give you the best results since you will be able to spread the dose throughout the whole day.

However, do not mix their dosing of synephrine with any other stimulants as this might lead to negative side effects.

Side Effects

  • Yohimbine has been found to have limited benefits and have some negative side effects.
  • The possible side effects caused by Unaltered Athletics Products may include nausea, headaches, and anxiety. What causes these side effects is the presence of Synephrine, which is a stimulant.
  • The caffeine and green tea which are also stimulants found in their product are in low doses. They might not give you enough kick.
  • Taking five capsules per day is a lot. It is advisable to test Unaltered Athletics first before taking it to avoid the possible side effects.

Unaltered Athletics Conclusion

The product is good as it contains great ingredients for any athlete. However, the downside of Unaltered Athletics products is their use of Synephrine, which is a negative ingredient where the natural fat burning process is concerned.

Although you will most likely get your desired results, taking five capsules per day should give you concern about the possible side effects, especially when you consider how much money you have invested in this supplement. Consider whether it is worth the risk.

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