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Leptin is a hormone produced by the adipose cells of the brain to regulate energy. It functions by preventing someone from feeling hunger. Leptin resistance in obese people is the reason they have low restrictions on their food intake. It is known as the satiety hormone. It acts on the hypothalamus to regulate the appetite of a person. A deficiency or resistance of this hormone results in an inability to detect that you are satisfied, regardless of the large reserves of fats that have been stored in the body.

In recent studies, scientists established that the leading cause of leptin hormone resistance was mainly due to inflammation. This is what they are referring to as the silent killer. It has also been accredited as the cause of a myriad of other health conditions.

Also, the intake of foods that are high in fructose from a young age has been shown to be a contributing factor to leptin resistance. However, the results of these tests from which these results were drawn showed inconsistent results as some showed increased levels of the hormone.

Recently, experiments were conducted on leptin and lab rats. It was to show the effect of the interaction of leptin and amylin. In the experiments, obese rats were given leptin mixed with amylin. The result was a drastic loss in weight in the rats.

Leptin As A Starvation Hormone

Despite all this, leptin recently has been subscribed to as the starvation signal for the brain. The parts of the hypothalamus that the hormone triggers when leptin levels reach a certain threshold are the same parts that are triggered when the levels of leptin are low.

Leptin is the way your body tells your brain that the levels of fats in the cells are sufficient and there is no more need to take more food. Low levels of fat in the cells trigger the hypothalamus as the levels of leptin are lowered. This sends the message to your brain that you are hungry as the reserves of fat in the body are low.

So in case of a person’s resistant to leptin, the brain gets the message that your fat reserves are low and initiates methods to pull them back up. These are initiatives to get you to eat more. The brain also instructs your metabolism to store up more of these fats as the message is that there are insufficient energy reserves. The problem in this case is that your brain feels starved whereas your body is laden with fat.

Low leptin levels also have the effect of making food more rewarding. This makes the food more appealing to the person creating a large craving for the same food. In leptin resistance, the rewarding part of consuming the food does not make the person stop eating.


This is why you require a diet that is rich in leptin while you are on a diet. The hormone will tell your brain that the reserves of fats in your body cells is sufficient, therefore eliminating the feeling of hunger. You need to have a leptin rich food included in your diet. This leptin source can be found in:

The Life Bar

This product is produced by Evolv Health and is one of the most exciting products on the market. The product is sold in the form of a low calorie lunch bar that is laden with leptin. The bar is designed to reduce inflammation in the body by detoxifying it. This reduced inflammation has the effect of combating leptin resistance. The product is also acclaimed to promote digestion in the body. This will have the effect of attaining better health and increasing fat metabolism. The use of this product has been proven to be instrumental as long as the given guidelines are followed to the latter.

Reboot Your Body

The purpose of rebooting your body is to attain the optimal conditions that your body could ever be in. This can only be achieved by making the right dietary and lifestyle choices to support this. The goal is to return your body to the normal fat and protein metabolism. Typically, our bodies were designed to break down fat as the primary source of energy.

Modern day diets were not designed to promote this function. The compromise of this bodily function is what has recently resulted in an increasing numbers of overweight people. This occurs despite the huge budget of over 60 billion dollars a year that is spent on dieting and exercise. It has been shown by research that at least 95% of people that lose weight by going on a diet almost always regain it all back and even gain some additional weight.

This is the problem that Evolv Reboot desires to solve. They recognized that weight loss went beyond just calories in and calories out. The company recognized the importance of hormones in the body and decided to tap into this. One of the functions of hormones is regulating the burning of fats. The human body has a hormone that regulates when fats should be burned and in what quantities. The company therefore came up with Reboot, a product that offers a tasty and convenient way to increase the levels of this hormone. All you have to do is begin with a 28 day commitment.

Why They Are Needed

The number of people suffering from obesity is alarming, and this is a problem that not only affects the adult population, the number of children affected by obesity is higher than it has ever been in history. This is what has created the need for guaranteed methods to burn fats. Obese people find life quite difficult.

To begin with, they have a problem living in their own skin as their bodies are embarrassing. This makes them have low self-esteem. They also find it hard to move around as their bodies are too heavy. By producing a product that has the capacity to potentially reverse the effects of excess fats, the company is helping a lot of people globally.

The company has set out on a mission to eradicate childhood malnutrition. They use the profits they make plus request for donations from their partners to be able to achieve it. They are doing incredible work to feed the malnourished children of Mexico.


The main benefit is the product gives you an increased level of the hormone leptin. This makes your appetite drop drastically, resulting in decreased weight.


Doctors argue that the effect of taking leptin orally to curb obesity and weight gain is non-existent. This, according to Dr. Robert H. Lustig, pediatrics professor at the University of California, is because:

Leptin is a protein. As a protein, it is therefore fully digestible in the digestive system. So taking it orally is probably a waste of time as the protein will just be broken down. When it is broken down in the digestive system it does not reach the bloodstream. This means it does not reach the brain so no effect should occur as a result of taking it orally.

The doctor claims that most of these leptin supplements that are advertised do not contain leptin as they know there is no way it reaches the bloodstream. Instead, they contain ingredients that have been tested and tried and have been known to create a feeling of fullness. So this means that the Reboot product could amount only to false advertisement.

He also says that there is little medical research on uses of leptin in curbing weight as the research into leptin did not begin till 1994.

Even in the case of leptin injections to obese people, the effects were null. This is because in an obese person, the defect in almost all cases is resistance to the hormone. The hormone is produced by the fatty adipose tissue of the body. This means that the larger the adipose tissue the more leptin produced, so obese people generally have a high concentration of the hormone in their bloodstream.

They are, however, resistant to the same and hence injecting larger amounts to curb obesity makes no sense as the brain will still not recognize it. The only few cases where addition of leptin to the body has had positive effects in curbing obesity is in cases where the person’s body could not produce leptin. In these extremely rare cases, injection of leptin to the bloodstream caused feelings of fullness and burning of fats.


The Reboot product by Evolv Health is a product that is acclaimed to reduce the levels of fats in plus size people. However, the hormone they claim to be in their product cannot reach the bloodstream. Also, the effect in people with resistance to the hormone is not credible. Ultimately, it results in a tasty snack.

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